A good night’s rest is scientifically proven to be best for weight loss

A LONGER night’s sleep can help you lose weight. That’s the fascinating finding of a research study just published in America. It’s particularly good news for everyone who’s on my Slimpod programme, because it’s well-documented that listening to a pod helps most people get a better night’s sleep.

In fact, in Level 7 of the Gold programme there’s a video I’ve made on this very subject!

Researchers at Chicago University took 80 people who were overweight and who get less than 6.5 hours of sleep a night and randomly split them into two groups.

One group were told to maintain the same sleeping habits and the others were told to increase their sleep to 8.5 hours.

After two weeks, it was discovered that the group who got more sleep consumed on average 270 calories fewer than the other group.

Because there’s no need to count calories when you’re on the Slimpod programme, you may have forgotten how much 270 calories actually is…

About the same as three chocolate digestive biscuits or a bag of Macdonald’s fries!

When I first read about the study in the Journal of the American Medicine Association, I was a bit puzzled about how the scientists in Chicago were able to work out the calorie consumption of the two groups.

sleep weight loss

It turns out that by taking urine samples last thing before sleep and again on waking, it is possible to run tests that determine how the body is processing energy.

In an echo of what I tell podders in the Slimpod Gold programme, the study found that everyone is different.

While the average drop in consumption was 270 calories, the results varied from person to person. One of them increased calorie intake by nearly 500 calories, while another one’s consumption decreased by over 750 calories.

What conclusion can we draw? Esra Tasali, a co-author of the study, says: “Getting sufficient sleep could be a game-changer in our battle with the obesity epidemic .”

“I think another important message is that something as simple as limiting electronics close to bedtime can help you get more sleep.

“Getting sufficient sleep is not only important for your brain functions but also for your body, your metabolism and your weight.”

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33 thoughts on “A good night’s rest is scientifically proven to be best for weight loss”

  1. First night with Slimpod and I had an amazing sleep last night and feeling good today been up a few hours and this is the first time I’ve thought of food

  2. Lack of sleep is a big problem for me and is probably the reason why I’m just plodding instead of ‘Slimpodding’ so I will be watching and listening.. I know what to do, I just need to find my ‘mojo’ motivation.. I personally think it left when the insomnia arrived..

  3. Patricia Margaret Lewis

    My problem is I wake at approximately 3am and can’t sleep again until about 5am so therefore I dont get enough sleep on any night.

    1. Hello Margaret, If you regularly wake in the early hours you might want to try listening to your Chillpod at that time. It always sends me back off to sleep 🙂

    2. I’ve taken to slimpodding when I wake in the wee hours, after a short pee break. It puts me back to sleep like a charm most nights.

  4. I have been sleeping so much better since listening to my Slimpod…it’s been brilliant and I feel so much better in myself…not sure about losing any weight though but early days.

  5. I am getting more sleep since I started listening to the Slimpod every night. I rarely hear the end of it as I fall asleep – I hope my sub-conscious is picking it up!

  6. It’s so easy to advise people to increase their sleep, but not so easy for some of us to do so. I can’t sleep for longer than about 5 hours, and that’s on a good night. I follow all the advice re electronics, TV etc . Pods don’t help me sleep although they do help in other ways.

  7. I really can understand this. My sleep was so bad.. less than 4 hours some nights and I was exhausted all of the time. Since joining Slimpod, it’s like a miracle has happened. I regularly sleep 7hrs, occasionally more, and feel so much more alive, brighter, less brain fog. More energy.. and so much more. I’m just so glad I stumbled across you. I honestly don’t know how much longer I could have carried on like that.
    You have literally saved me. ????????????????

  8. I’ve been a Slimpod member since New Year, and I’ve monitored my sleep daily for the last 18 months.
    My average sleep since NY is 7hrs 14mins per night, and for the exact time frame the month or so before, my average was 5hrs 45 mins. Proof for me that Slimpod has had more benefits than I expected … super pleased with this result!

  9. I fall naturally into intermittent fasting if I have a good night’s sleep, but if I have a bad night, I end up having toast in the small hours and then also need a breakfast. Os this resonates with me

  10. I listen to my Slimpod before I go to sleep each night and it has significantly improved my sleep as well as helping with my weight loss. I feel more relaxed when I listen to it and am sleeping better than I have for years.

  11. I work nights as a Nurse and notice that my hunger increases after a shift when I am only able to sleep for 4-5 hours during the day.

  12. Is it about the time you sleep or the quality , I usually have between 7 and 8hours but very little deep sleep and never wake feeling refreshed

  13. I was averaging 4 hours solid sleep in all 5.30 max just before I joined. I was doing deep breathing exercises as l laid in bed . But listening to Slimpod I am very relaxed and soon off, getting around six hours now . Oh and I fancied a snack never even thought till after it was not a penguin it was a handful of blueberries!

  14. Agree with this. 3 months broken sleep for puppy training made me feel unwell. Self inflicted I know but I did eat more to try and keep going.

  15. I did a new goalmap recently that included “I sleep well” as one of the side goals. A few days later I noticed that I was going to bed earlier because I felt tired. I’m retired so frankly I can go to bed and get up at any time I fancy so it was interesting to note it. It’s new behaviour so let’s see how it goes and what effect if any it has

  16. stevepc99@gmail.com

    How can you be sure its the extra sleep thats reducing the calories, it may be because they have 2 hours less time to eat as they are asleep longer!

  17. Sleeping much better since Slimpod, was unable to fall asleep until 3am now falling asleep with earphones in!
    Thank you

  18. Mrs Jane Kennedy

    Hi Sandra
    I wish I could get more sleep, but alas I have sleep apnoea , so this is a difficult one for me. But I just wanted you to know listening to Slimpod on going to bed does somehow make me feel more relaxed. But my sleep is very hit and miss. However I am trying my best , and that’s given me some hope. Despite my health issues, which actually are numerous sadly! I was going to do the Zoom call last night, but it was 2 years yesterday that I lost my beloved Mummy and just not in a good place. I will try a Zoom sometime, and also I have never done Facebook so appreciate your emails and advice in other ways. Best Wishes JK

  19. Christine Kellett

    Quite prepared to believe this, but for me the trick is getting that amount of sleep. It does doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, I wake up between 5 and 5.45. That’s OK if I go at 10.00pm, but not so good if it’s 1.00am. No problem going to sleep with Trevor!

  20. Four days on slimpod and the programme is magically helping me stop mindless snacking. I have trouble getting enough sleep and hope the slimpods and avoiding looking at my phone before bed will help me get to sleep better and stay asleep for longer.

  21. I literally havent slept well in years! I am 3 times a night for a wee, tried 4 different lots of tablets from the doctor and it hasnt made any difference. Also tried ALL the other suggestions, no phone, decaff drinks, etc. And none of it helps. I am always tired , its exhausting. I am sure that doesnt help my weight loss journey or lack of it.

  22. Lesley Cartwright

    The Slimpod totally relaxes me and I get to sleep quicker. I really look forward to listening to it every night.

  23. I really struggle to go to sleep and remain sleeping. On average I will get at least 4-5 hours sleep which I know is not good for my health. I just wish I could find the motivation to listen to my Slimpod as I have been a member since 2015

  24. I’m now on Week 14 of my Slimpod Journey and can definitely recommend listening to the pod just before sleeping. I always fall asleep to Slimpod and it’s only 9 minutes long! I have had some great nights’ sleep where I don’t wake up until my alarm, which makes me feel refreshed in the mornings, similar to other affects of Slimpod!

  25. Trouble is like a lot of people my husband snores, and I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep.

  26. Mr Ian Wrightson

    I get very little sleep most nights. I spend my days dozing in bed or on a chair. I feel tired all the time. Slimpod does not seem to help with this problem.

  27. Falling asleep isn’t too bad, it’s staying asleep that’s the problem. My sleep hygiene has always been great, my room is pitch black (you can’t see anything!) no electronics, no tv, no traffic noise etc Slimpod so far hasn’t changed anything sadly.

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