Slimpod v Slimming World:
What's the difference?

Slimpod creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis, a Harley Street weight loss specialist, explains the facts to avoid confusion

There are so many options for weight loss plans that it’s helpful to have some facts on the main differences between Slimpod and Slimming World to sort out confusion. 

Probably the most important difference is that Slimming World is a food plan – a diet by another name.

Slimpod is NOT a diet, it uses the science of unconscious persuasion to gently change your mindset about eating.

Slimpodder Louise O’Leary knows both programmes inside out – she used to run a Slimming World group but gave it up because the weight she lost just kept going back on again.

In just over a year on Slimpod, Louise has dropped from a size 22 to a size 12 and has lost more than 60lbs (27kg).

The BIG differences


Slimming World

Slimpod effortlessly changes your eating habits

So let’s look in detail at the major differences between Slimming World and Slimpod. Slimming World works with the conscious mind, which means you have to put conscious effort into following a food plan and changing your behaviour.

It uses psychology but you have to spend time focusing on changing your behaviour and beliefs etc. A lot of people feel happy with doing it this way because they feel they’re in control and that’s fine.

Slimpod works with your whole mind and some of your brain too! Yes, it works with your conscious mind through the video coaching in the programme.

But importantly and uniquely it works with your subconscious, which is where habits are generated and processed and your automatic and instinctive behaviours are ‘stored’. The subconscious is also where limiting beliefs and emotions are stored.

Slimpod gently changes your behaviours without you even knowing much about it. You are effortlessly changing your eating habits. Also over time Slimpod REVERSES your limiting beliefs and bad habits that you’ve accumulated over the years.

It also helps to take the emotion out of eating to give you a fighting chance to take back control.

With Slimpod, you naturally WANT to eat healthier

Slimming World focuses on food. With an emphasis on good and bad food. Slimpod doesn’t include a food plan because we believe deep down inside you’ve learned what’s healthy and what isn’t, you’ve just stopped trusting yourself.

There’s a lot of confusion about food, but Slimpod gently guides your subconscious to help you WANT to choose healthier and helps you lose the desire for the snacks and sweet stuff, naturally and automatically. Slimpod helps put food at the back of your mind so that you’re not thinking about it morning, noon and night.

Slimming World asks you to step on the scales as a way of tracking your weight loss. Slimpod asks you to stay away from the scales unless you find they motivate you. For the vast majority of people the scales become a trigger and interfere with your mood.

At Slimpod, we believe there are plenty of other ways of tracking how you’re doing that don’t trigger emotions.

Just look at the big
difference on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, Slimpod scores an average of 4.7 stars after more than 2,000 reviews and is rated Excellent. Slimming World has 442 reviews and is rated 4.1 stars.

Of the Slimpod reviews, 78 percent give us five stars and 10 percent four stars. Slimming World has only 48 percent five star reviews and three percent four stars.

Only four percent give Slimpod a one star review. Whereas 34 percent give Slimming World a one star review.

Slimpod really is weight loss without willpower

So in summary, Slimming World has a food plan where you have to think about what to eat and what not to eat. This takes willpower to be consistent.

Slimpod retrains your brain using a proven scientific technique to have a new relationship with food. What you want to eat instinctively changes without you having to think too much about it. No willpower required.

Slimming World will help you lose weight but you have to stick to the plan for the rest of your life.

Slimpod works with your subconscious, where habits are created, and makes deep-rooted changes to the way you think and feel about food. These changes become automatic and therefore can last a lifetime.

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