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Here’s a tiny selection of the impartial reviews bloggers have written about us. If you want to see more, simply Google “Bloggers Slimpod Reviews” – there are hundreds!


“A week ago I paid for and downloaded my Slimpod, half expecting it to be a complete waste of money. But bloody hell, it’s true. This works. In a week I’ve lost 7 lbs. Yes. 7 lbs. In 7 days.

“And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been eating. Whatever I feel like. It’s just my portions are smaller (a lot smaller), my appetite has reduced and I don’t snack. There are definite changes to my eating habits and definite weight loss. If this works, and it really does seem to, then the likes of Weight Watchers must be very worried indeed.”


“I have now lost the two dress sizes that the Slimpod said I would. I am over 12 kg lighter, almost 27 lbs of weight loss. I still have a way to go but I can finally admit that I am losing weight with help…because it’s working. It really is.

This is the best money I have ever spent on myself. And the savings I have made not buying wine and other sweeties has paid for the Slimpod over and over and over.

I have never lost this much weight without trying before.


“I am losing weight and I am not on a diet. I don’t have to think about it or make any deliberate choices. I just get full quickly when I eat and I don’t feel like snacking very often. When I do snack, 2-3 mouthfuls later I don’t want any more.

The other morning I took out a pair of trousers from my wardrobe and put them on. They fitted fine. I found a receipt in the pocket that was from 2003 Start weight: 15st 11 lbs. Weight after 7 months of my Slimpod: 11st 0lbs. Starting size: 20/22. Size after 30 weeks 14.”.


“I am gobsmacked with the results. Another 2.5 lbs off which brings my 21-day total to 7.5 lbs Pretty amazing, non? Before I started the programme I also took some measurements – of my waist, hips, thigh and upper arm. I re-took those measurements this morning. Bloody hell, are you ready for this? I have lost half an inch from my waist. In three weeks I have lost TWO INCHES from my thigh. TWO INCHES. I have lost one and a quarter inches from my upper arm. 


“I’m in no rush and it’s all happening without me doing anything in particular, even when I haven’t got a moment to think about sorting out a healthy meal. And weight loss is only one factor. Even in those weeks when the numbers on the scales didn’t budge, I found I could suddenly fit into clothes that didn’t fit before. Still can’t get my head around that one to be honest, but the proof is there. That’s all I need to know to keep a smile on my face.”


“It’s not just changes in what I’m eating that I’ve noticed. I feel slimmer. Dresses I bought in the sales are already hanging off me, making me wish I’d bought a smaller size. The size 16 skirt I bought at the beginning of January is loose, almost to the point of falling down, and a tighter skirt I bought as an investment to slim into now fits perfectly. Of course the thing that has me most excited is that I’m now back down to my pre-pregnancy bra size. I thought it would never happen.”


“The massive thing for me is that before I got pregnant I was a size 14, and now I am a size 12. I have put all my too big jeans away and brought out over ten pairs of jeans that I have not worn for many many years, so I am ecstatic about that. It’s incredible how Slimpod works – in fact I have been discussing it on twitter today. You can even eat ‘bad’ foods, because you know you will stop when you’ve had enough, so you never overeat.

“It’s like magic, it really is. Doing Slimpod and MuTu has been the easiest way ever to get fit and lose weight. Really, they are worth every last penny – for the weight loss and especially for putting my child-torn body back together again, in a better shape than it was when I began.”


“Will I keep using it? Definitely! I am not a fan of faddy diets and denying yourself foods that you love/like etc just to lose weight. This is a much healthier way to lose weight and fits in easily with your lifestyle.”


“This is a programme for life, it is permanent and not just a faddy, quick fix scheme. Last night I listened to my Slimpod. Today I feel really positive. I’ve had no urge to snack today and didn’t even look at the cakes when I was in Tesco. I also didn’t finish Freddy’s lunch leftovers which I usually do without even thinking.”

Three months later: “I want to be able to eat something delicious from time to time, having factored in the calorie content. I want to enjoy it, relishing the indulgence, but confident in the fact that one will be enough. I want to live my life without feeling that I can’t go out anywhere because I’m afraid of temptation. This door has finally opened up to me…I am at last free.”


“It really is easy. You just listen to them each night before you go to bed. Nowadays I rarely make it past the first few minutes before I am in the most delicious deep sleep. This has got to be a much healthier way than the constant yo-yo dieting I am used to. As a Mum to two gorgeous little girls, I want to set a good example to them by eating a healthy balanced diet. Don’t just take my word for it though. You really should try them for yourselves.”

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