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Slimpod customer reviews tell a remarkable, impartial story

Slimpod customer reviews tell
a remarkable, impartial story

Slimpod has been transformative. It’s an easy process – just listening to brief recordings on my problem areas, such as weight loss and exercise. I initially felt intimidated seeing pictures of slimmer women, but I committed to the journey, even sharing my own photo in the private Facebook group. I discovered an empathetic community there.

In just 12 weeks, I lost 19 pounds and gained invaluable self-esteem. People noticed changes in my body, and my confidence grew each day. I’ve embraced experimenting with fashion and even dropped clothing sizes – I’m certain I’ll reach my weight loss goal by Christmas.

No longer afraid of my image, I’ve shared my photo publicly. With Slimpod I’ve learned I’m beautiful just as I am, and my future looks bright.”


“I have stopped weighing myself as weight is just a number and looking down at the changing numbers weekly isn’t actually a clear indicator of how I am doing and how I am feeling. Muscle weighs more than fat does so when exercise is included the scales do change and it’s not always in the direction we want it to go.

Measurements: OK here goes, since January to date I have lost: waist 7 1/2 cms, hips 4 cms, thighs 3 1/2 cms, bust 5 cms.”

It has been a very long time since I was happy wearing tight fitting clothes yet here I am and the new outfits I am choosing are mainly figure hugging ones.”


“When I started my Slimpod journey, my focus was on weight loss. Now, as I finish the 12-week program, that’s not my primary concern. I’ve achieved my main goal – feeling comfortable in my own clothes. Despite losing my measurement records, I’m not worried; I’ve noticed a significant fit improvement.

Food doesn’t dominate my thoughts anymore – I eat what I want when I want without all-day snacking, a huge shift for me.

With the Chillpod, I’ve managed my anxiety during significant life events, including a successful job interview. As for my weight and size changes, I’m not sure, but I’m not bothered either. I know I’m on the right path. And, I secured the job!”



“For the second time this week I didn’t have sugar on my Weetabix – it’s a 40 year old habit that is being broken! My belt’s gone in another notch too”

– Becky
“I tried on loads of jeans that haven’t fitted in ages and out of 10 pairs 9 fitted!!! Also went into mcd’s with the girls earlier for lunch and I didn’t want to eat anything!!!!”
– Laura

“I have received what feels like my own body weight in chocolate gifts and I am home alone. Normally a recipe for a feast. However, I’ve not even wanted a piece”

– Deb

“You know what’s great? Making sensible choices without realising you are doing it! I look back at the end of the day and realise I’ve had smaller portions, no snacks etc but at the time I’m not conscious of it. That’s why this is a great life change for me”

– Annwen

“The major positives I’ve noticed are that I’ve started cooking from scratch, so I’m in control of what goes in. My portion sizes are so much smaller than they used to be and I’m leaving food sometimes too. I’m enjoying a wider variety of food and invested in a smoothie maker this afternoon and finally and most importantly for me, I know that if I go out for dinner, I can completely enjoy it without guilt, because that’s what ‘normal’ people do!”

– Diane
“Realised I have not had bread in nearly a week despite being on holiday at all you can eat places which placed rolls on the table at each meal. Was really surprised by how little I ate when still enjoying myself and feeling satisfied”
– Laura

“I am eating better and less than before. I’m sleeping better than i have done in years and i can feel my whole mindset changing around food”

– Lorraine
“What have you done to me??? Loads of good tasting food on offer like pies, Chinese and fish & chips and here I am with chicken, jacket and loads of salad and happy about it!!!!”
– Laura

“Was in the shops all on my own this morning and completely ignored everything in the sweetie aisle. Go me! Had a nice brisk walk last night and ended up holding my trousers up as they were trying to make a bid for freedom!”

– Diane
“I am just finding my children wanting to try healthier stuff after watching me do it for a couple of months”
– Kate

“Sat opposite my “double trouble” twins, both had large muffins and I was happy with a coffee, wasn’t even tempted!”

– Deb

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