Face up to your fears and you’ll discover they aren’t real

LAST week marked another milestone in my life’s journey – presenting my clinical trials research at the prestigious International Public Health conference in Milan!

Although I’ve come a long way since my first large audience presentation in Dubai in March, the revelation that I would be the opening speaker brought familiar fears rushing back.

Up until three years ago I had never even done a Facebook live – that’s how bad my fear of “not being good enough” was.

But here’s the thing about fear – it’s something we all grapple with, be it standing on a global stage or taking the first step in our weight loss journey.

face up to your fears

My big presentation is about to begin – and I’m so confident I can’t stop smiling

The fear of failure, of not meeting expectations, can be crippling. But, just like that moment before stepping on to the stage, it’s essential to harness that fear, to face it and to use it as a catalyst for breaking barriers and achieving what we once thought impossible.

There are so many negative emotions surrounding our individual weight loss journeys and they DO hold us back from succeeding.   

But we CAN smash through our mental boundaries.  We CAN do it!

In Dubai and then Milan I did what I’ve advised countless Slimpod members to do: I faced the fear head-on, relying on proven techniques to transform anxiety into a force of empowerment.

The result? Not only a successful presentation but an invitation to lead a panel discussion later on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital healthcare.

Me chairing the conference discussion on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

This was an honour and a testament to the power of overcoming personal barriers!

I’ve now learned that the magic is on the other side of my comfort zone.

Whether you are embarking on a life-changing health journey or facing personal or professional hurdles, remember that taking that first step, despite the fear, is often the most crucial part.

It’s not just about the success we achieve but the personal growth and self-confidence that blossoms from facing our fears.

I returned from Milan with a reinforced belief in the transformative power of overcoming fears, a lesson I hope to instil in every person who embarks on a journey to rediscover themselves through Slimpod.

To everyone out there with dreams and goals, remember: making your first step, however fearful, is the gateway to unimaginable achievements.

As we get older, facing our fears can become more complicated.

Fear is a basic human emotion designed to motivate us to avoid danger but your subconscious mind’s interpretation of danger can often be totally different to reality. 

Challenge those fears!

I’d love you to leave a comment to let me know if this blog has rung any bells with you.

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32 thoughts on “Face up to your fears and you’ll discover they aren’t real”

  1. Brilliant blog Sandra. Congratulations on another wonderful achievement. It’s true that we simply have to just step over the line and it opens up a whole new world for us. The first step is hard but so, so worth taking. The little negative voice in our head never gives up but neither should we. What a fabulous example you are.

  2. We are born with two fears, that of loud noises and falling. Every other fear is learnt.
    I try to remember this as I face the numerous irrational fears I have collected over the years. The fear of success is my biggest fear, coming second is acceptable but to win brings many other, sometimes unwanted, reactions and complications. I need to master this if I want to succeed at learning a healthy relationship with food and therefore with my weight.
    Your blog has brought this to the fore and reminded me of this deep seated fear. Thank you

  3. I think as you get older it’s easy to lose confidence and be intimidated by younger, more eager to please colleagues. It has been difficult for me to feel confident in pushing my ideas forward or speaking at meetings. However by ‘forcing’ myself into these uncomfortable positions I have realised that alongside my knowledge I also have a wealth of life experience to share and this has given me the confidence to realise my worth and that no matter who we are, we all have something relevant and interesting to bring to the table.

  4. This blog and one of your recent coaching videos has really got me thinking about ‘are you afraid to lose your fat’ and ‘in what way do I think it is ‘simpler’ to hold onto fat than to be slim’ – and that if I can overcome this, then the magic is on the other side for me too.

  5. Only a week in and already feeling more confident about my food choices. It’s unbelievable. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago but inevitably put it all back on. I can remember how much more confident I felt when I was slimmer and healthier. At last I believe that Slimpod will help me feel like that again and the weight will stay off as not feeling guilty about my choices. Confidence is a wonderful feeling. Thank you.

  6. My progress is slow but loads of change happening no results on scale but very much in my body shape I can see the changes and all of the pods are so helpful thanking you so much I feel no I know I can succeed this time because I know it will take time and I am happy with that little steps as they say

  7. Hi I would like to ask if their route other than instagram to tap into the daily help advice and motivation as I am not on instagram. I am a VIP member would that have a link somewhere. Im also a technic phobic thank you.

  8. Hi Sandra, I am in my first week of Slimpod and I am hooked, thank you!! This blog struck a chord with me, as I am trying to regain my former horse riding confidence… I have a fabulous but particularly testy steed, who has the ability to unseat any jockey, through sheer exuberance and peskiness. At 55 and with too many past injuries to mention, I don’t want to come off!!
    On day 3 of Slimpod, I had a flat work riding lesson on said horse, who had enjoyed a 4 week layoff, so it didn’t bode well. However, I felt such overwhelming determination, I faced the fear head on and had an awesome hourlong session. Both horse and rider worked their what-sits off and there were plenty of shenanigans from himself, but I absolutely loved it!!
    I know it’s early days so I can’t say it was help from Slimpod, but I do feel like Slimpod is already a strategic partner in my daily life!!
    Thank you Sandra!!

  9. Goodness, this definitely hit a nerve!
    The little village where I live is only accessible via narrow, single track lanes. I’ve been so afraid of meeting an oncoming tractor that I’ve just stopped driving and am now too fearful to start again……. Sadly, I am not the only lady in the village suffering from this! But……..
    we are putting plans in place, baby steps at first, to conquer our fears and regain our confidence.
    Wish us luck!

  10. Sandra, inspired by your performance in Milan, a few nights ago I faced my fear head on and walked in the dark and rain to a friend’s house. I had dreaded it, due to a lifelong phobia of earthworms which for years made me terrified of walking in or after rain, especially at night. Happy to say, I nailed it and felt very pleased with myself afterwards!

  11. Hello, I have started to think more positive about my way of thinking. Thank you. I’m not used to all the changes with technology being 71 years old. Have a friend who will help me more in the next few days.

  12. Thank you. This is so inspiring. Well done to you on a wonderful achievement. You look so relaxed in the photos. 🌸

  13. Last week I did a mile long zip wire over a Welsh quarry. I am petrified of heights and speed. I loved this. I was inspired by a friend who is now receiving end of life care but has lived her last couple of years to the full, she and her daughter did this as one of her bucket list.
    Overcoming this fear of heights and speed was exhilarating. I was pushed so far out of my comfort zone.
    I’ve come home with a different mindset and signed up this week to slimpod. I can do this! I ‘listened’ to my first pod last night and so much resonated. This is not just about weight loss but self esteem and confidence building. Onwards and upwards ( well no plans yet to sky dive!!) xx

  14. Facing fears & continuing a positive life when widowed seemed unattainable. It’s been 17 long years but I am living a different but happy life. Fears still surface but I try as one publication said to “ face the fear & do it anyway “
    I’ve lost no weight on Slimpod but it constantly reminds me of the old adage to count my blessings which I have in abundance. My health being paramount & needing all the help I can get.

  15. Yes , It’s rung a bell.
    I face the technology fear !
    But I try, sometimes I can make progress but I’ve also learned to ask for help .
    I recognise my technical limitations! 🤣

  16. Hi Sandra,
    This arrived right on time for me today. Before Covid I studied for my teaching English as a second language qualifications. I passed the course and received my certificate. Then Covid hit and everyone was teaching online and suddenly I lost all confidence and was sure that I couldn’t do it. Move on to this year, I found slimpod and I started to do things I haven’t done for years. Today I took my first online students from for different countries. I loved it.
    Thanks to techniques you’ve taught me and the power of prayer I did it. I faced my fears and they disappeared.

  17. Wise words, thank you. I have struggled with imposter syndrome most of my working life.
    It feels good to have let it go and concentrate on just being and doing my best.

  18. Congratulations on your brilliant achievements!
    I’m a great believer in facing fears by stepping out of my comfort zone. We don’t do it often enough- it’s easier said than done! But with baby steps I’m getting there. And thank you for the inspiration and tools you provide to enable this.

  19. I have always felt not good enough, and that has carried on from childhood to adulthood., from parents to boyfriends, so being big has become a survival mechanism.
    I feel ready to leave that all behind and at 62 stop thinking about what will make others happy and think what makes Lynda happy
    Be well fellow travellers.


  20. Thank you Sandra everything you say resonates with me. Ive just started on the Slimpod journey but am feeling positive. Even though I’ve had a successful career I’ve always had imposter syndrome, going into big meetings to give feedback on my findings always made me nervous but I did it. In the last 2 years, I’ve got divorced, changed my career and relocated to another part of the country. All things I never thought I would be able to do, but have. The next step is to lose weight and become fitter and healthier. With Slimpod and your help I’m confident that I can do it!

  21. Congratulations Sandra. Big high five and a pat on the back.
    Not sure I’ll ever get over my fear of Spiders, although I’ve found feather dusters are a good tool for removing them from the house!
    Particularly at work I’m one for leaping into the unknown or giving something a go and despite being nervous you, as you say, you grow and become more confident.
    Your blog has made me consider whether I have any other fears lurking, so thank you for that.
    Love the outfit by the way.

  22. My confidence in life has taken a hard knock following the death of my husband nearly two years ago.
    Now the doctor tells me that I have pre-diabetes and must lose about two stones.
    Don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

  23. I love what you said about the magic being on the other side of my comfort zone.I think it will become my new best friend. I’m 4 weeks in but was on holiday for 2. So I’m giving it a 💯 now

  24. Hi sandra I have had this app for about 2 years I would love some new affirmations to listen to a night And so wish I could down load them as if I can’t get WiFi when iam away i can’t listen to them and I just one more thing i live the videos but as a top up everyone and then wish I could here them back to back as would have them I at night to listen to go to sleep
    Have a great day sandra x

  25. Hi Sandra
    I have been following Slim Pod for a while & have lost 2 stone which is wonderful. I chose to take it slowly & sometimes, especially with the dreadful stress at work, I slipped back to less healthy eating habits, but that’s OK. Now at the age of 60 I have signed up to do an online english teaching course in January, heading towards a complete career change & steep learning curve!! It seems crazy on one hand but so totally right on the other, I have fear as it is such a challenge & out of my comfort zone but the rewards are huge. So this article resonates 100%
    Congratulations by the way.

  26. I am almost 40 days into the programme and to be honest my attention has unwittingly ended up being more on inner personal growth than on my food.
    I’ve gone through a few impactful self realisations during these past 39 days, the most impact full being a decision to put myself forward for a much more senior role and one which would have really stretched me. After applying for it and then been offered an interview I had a complete meltdown one night through which I realised something which had affected all the decisions I had made throughout my adult life. A lack of self worth.

    This came as a complete shock to me as I’d always thought of myself as super confident, always being the first person to stand up for the underdog and be the life of any social gathering.

    I realised through the meltdown that despite all this I had no sense of real self worth and was fearful of being judged. I traced it back to my childhood and relationship with my father whose expectations of me were very high and from whom I rebelled against.

    The point to this long story was that with my realisation came a great release. I felt something had been cleared up and set right. Though I didn’t end up being offered the job. I know now and am confident that I am capable of alot more and I am no longer afraid of putting myself forward FOR ME!

    As a side note, I know I’m not meant to be weighing but yesterday I jumped on the scales expecting a huge weight gain as I really have not been putting effort into what I have been choosing to eat. Have even been eating sweet popcorn by the bucket loads. Guess what? I lost 3 pounds!! That’s frigging crazy!

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