Real people, real results

Meet some of our super Slimpodders. They’re losing weight – so can you!

NHS nurse Laurabeth

“People bring thank-you presents of biscuits and chocolates into the ward but I’m not tempted at all by them any more.”
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Size 18 to size 10

Sammie Axton

“The transformation's been incredible. I was a size 18 going on 20 but now I'm in 10s and I've kept the weight off for eight years with ease"
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Jo Hallam

“I was hooked on sugar, drinking 160 cans of Coke a month. Within two days on a Slimpod I instinctively chose to drink water instead. I’ve easily lost 50lbs and kept it all off for 10 YEARS without willpower.”
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Kept it off for 10 years

NHS nurse Janette

“I feel fantastic! I feel healthier, fitter. One of the worst people to get a compliment out of is my husband but even he’s had to hold his hands up and say ‘Wow, you’ve lost lots of weight’.”
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Smirti Kotecha

"I've lost all this weight without even thinking about it. My husband's very happy - he says I look years younger. I've kept all the weight off so easily for over six years."
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Darin McCloud

"Throughout my life every diet I’ve tried has always failed. Slimpod’s made it easy for me to lose almost 80lbs and keep it off. I’ve actually been taken off my medication for diabetes!"
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kept it off for 8 years

Caroline Lockie

“Almost immediately I noticed a difference! On day one of Slimpod I didn’t have chocolate. On day two there were no cravings. On day four I had lots of Yorkie biscuits in front of me and I didn’t want them!”
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Size 22 to size 14

Moira Mackenzie

“When I started listening to my Slimpod I weighed 220lbs and was a size 22 heading for 24. In three years I was a size 12. My appetite reduced, my eating habits changed and I stopped bingeing."
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kept it off for 5 years

Beryl Turner

“I’ve lost over two stones, which is great, but the best thing of all is I’ve kept the weight off for six years without any effort. I’m really having the happiest time of my life.”
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kept it off for 6 years

NHS nurse Elaine

“All I buy now is healthy food. Without really trying I’ve lost 26 lbs in 14 weeks and today I’m under 13 stone for the first time in 10 years.”
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Lost 26lbs in 14 weeks
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