Imagine being slimmer, happier and in control of your relationship with food in just 12 enjoyable and stress-free weeks. You can try Slimpod free for 10 days with our no-risk trial then get a special discount of £48. Best of all – Slimpod’s not a diet!

It’s time to be kind to yourself, improve your mental wellbeing and end your fights with diets for ever! What if you could lose weight without dieting or willpower – and you could keep it off for good? Wouldn’t it be great if you could live a life where consistent healthy eating is second nature, day after day? 

In just 9 MINUTES a day of easy relaxed listening, our medically-recommended and clinically-proven Slimpod Gold programme – which featured in Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well series and on ITV Tonight – will retrain your brain so that healthy eating becomes an automatic habit…giving you lasting freedom from food and dieting. 

Slimpod is no overnight fad. Over 35 years of expertise and experience have gone into our cutting-edge neuroscience-based technique, which had a 95 per cent success rate in clinical trials.

In other words, success with Slimpod is not just achieved by a few lucky people, but by almost everyone who uses it.

For a limited time only, you can try Slimpod free for 10 days and get a special discount of £48. And remember, this is NOT a diet. There’s no calorie counting and no special food – Slimpod is completely different to every other weight loss method.

No obligation to continue when trial ends, no  contract to tie you in.

Give me 9 minutes a
day and I can give
you freedom


Slimpod programme details

12-week transformation programme includes...

No obligation to continue when trial ends, no  contract to tie you in.

Trust our customers, not just us

Five gold stars

“It’s not a quick fix, a faddy diet or a magic pill. It works, it really does. I’m finding that I’m not looking for sweet snacks and I stop eating when I know I’ve had enough now.”

Five gold stars

“It was so refreshing not having to think about food all the time, weighing and measuring and thinking I’m not allowed this or that. I found I was able to cut out all the snacks quite easily.”

Five gold stars

“Slimpod is not a diet! It’s a little bit of magic that nudges your subconscious into wanting to eat for fuel rather than for pleasure or comfort! I’m losing weight without dieting! Win!!”

Slimpod Gold is split into three phases where you will be guided through 12 weeks of motivational coaching, helping you to change your eating habits.

No humiliating weekly weigh-ins, just gentle guidance, expert advice, essential knowledge, unrivalled support and more than 100 healthy recipes – although we never tell you what to eat!.

With the online coaching programme working with you at a conscious level and the brain-retraining pods working on your subconscious, you’re on to a real winner!

Slimpod Gold’s a unique, fully-inclusive programme you download to your smartphone or tablet with no barriers to age or gender.

No risk, no obligation trial

Experience the power of Slimpod today FREE for 10 days. When you continue after the trial, you’ll pay just THREE monthly instalments of £33. NOTHING MORE TO PAY – Slimpod is yours for life! And it’s risk free – you can cancel at any time. Buy today and you’ll be saving £48 off the original £147 price of the programme.

With our 30-day no-risk money back guarantee on your first monthly payment, you’ll experience the powerful transformation a Slimpod can make to your life.

The four pods and full access to the programme are yours for as long as you need them with nothing more to pay.


The programme won’t work if you don’t follow the guidelines and listen to your Slimpod and other downloads consistently. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we’ll take care of your refund!

🙂 No Quibbles. No Hassle. No-Brainer 🙂

No obligation to continue when trial ends, no contract to tie you in.


Weeks 1 - 4
Phase One: The Slimpod weight loss pod gently trains your mind and body to work in harmony. As Slimpod works on the inside, bad old habits are broken and healthy new ones are created. Coaching videos arm you with the vital knowledge about why you eat the way you do. Soon the results begin to reveal themselves on the outside...

Weeks 5 - 8

Phase Two adds in our powerful “Beat that sweet toothpod which gives you the bonus of extra help, enabling you to lose interest in sweet snacks without willpower, cravings or that feeling of depriving yourself. More videos provide guidance.

Weeks 9 - 12

Phase Three gets you revved up with the Fitpod exercise motivator. You’ll WANT to be more active because exercise becomes a pleasure, not a chore as you notice you have far more energy.  All movement is exercise so you’ll be doing a lot more of it!  Have you got a gym membership you pay for but never use? All that will change dramatically!

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Set weight loss goals that work
Take the emotion out of eating
PLUS: Control your hunger & your portions

Never fall off the wagon again
Lose weight without willpower
PLUS: How to beat those cravings

Stop sugar hijacking your brain

The foods that combat stress
PLUS: Overcome self-sabotage

Lose fat around your middle

Superfoods that boost your body
PLUS: Food to help your fat loss

No obligation to continue when trial ends, no  contract to tie you in.

In independent clinical trials carried out by a researcher at City University London, 95 per cent of people using a Slimpod lost weight. “You should be proud of your results,” the researcher wrote. The test group also reported they were able to manage their overeating in two high risk situations – when they were stressed and needed to cheer themselves up; and when they were socialising.

With Slimpod, you’ll go from being obsessed with food to only thinking about it when you’re hungry. If you struggle with emotional eating, comfort eating and self-sabotage or if you want to quit sugar, then this solution with its online video coaching is for you.

Sammie Axton

“The transformation's been incredible. I was a size 18 going on 20 but now I'm in 10s and I've kept the weight off for eight years with ease"
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Imagine what life will be like in 12 months’ time if you don’t enrol in a Slimpod programme. You’ll still be in the same miserable place, trying diet after diet and still not keeping the weight off.

Food will still control every waking moment, with cravings and snacks filling you with guilt and that awful feeling of failure.

You’ll be a few more pounds closer to those health dangers you dread, like diabetes and heart problems.

This is the choice facing you today – take an exciting risk-free step towards a better future 🙂 🙂 🙂

Or stay stuck in the same old rut for ever 🙁

Have a 10-day free trial PLUS
30-day money back guarantee


Jo Hallam

“I was hooked on sugar, drinking 160 cans of Coke a month. Within two days on a Slimpod I instinctively chose to drink water instead. I’ve easily lost 50lbs and kept it all off for 10 YEARS without willpower.”
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Kept it off for 10 years

Slimpod success by numbers

Slimpod success by numbers


of NHS staff stopped snacking in one hospital


of people lost weight in Slimpod’s clinical trials


of our Trustpilot reviews are Excellent or Good


years Slimpod has been available to the public