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You’re probably telling everyone about Slimpod already – so why not be rewarded for doing it? Our Slimpod Partner affiliate programme is our way of thanking you for recommending us to others – friends, family, clients, people who read your blog or visit your website. Even people who follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.

Millions of companies use affiliate schemes to help sell their products and services because it’s a win-win situation for everyone: The seller earns a commission on every product sold through their affiliate link – and we get a sale we might otherwise not have had.

There is no cost to become a Slimpod Partner – all you need to do is apply and you can begin promoting Thinking Slimmer products right away. You don’t need a large email list to be successful because you can earn commissions by simply using free social media. We supply all the resources and support – such as banners and promotional text – you’ll need.

We have three levels of commission, depending on how successful you are. At first, as a Silver Partner, you’ll receive 20 per cent commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. As you progress we can move you to Gold or Platinum levels, where the rewards are even higher.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn as a Slimpod Partner and we pay you via PayPal. Anyone can apply to become a Partner providing they agree that they will only use ethical marketing methods – in short, NO SPAM.

Get started right now by filling in the form below.

Here’s a couple of important bits of info you need to know.

The username you choose is more than just a log in – it will appear publicly in the code you use to earn commission. To keep the code short and to maintain your privacy, we recommend you make your username your initials plus a number, for example CD4

Your password to enable you to log in to our Slimpod Partner Resource Centre needs to contain at least three letters, one of them a capital, and at least one number – for example Jess23

In common with all other affiliate programmes, we will only pay commission on sales you make to third parties, not to yourself.

After you hit the orange button, please wait a second or two for on-screen confirmation that we’ve received your details. We’ll send you an email soon to help you get started as a Slimpod Partner.


Don't leave empty-handed!

Free Ebook explains how to be
your own weight loss guru

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100% privacy guaranteed! We won’t share your details with anyone

Don't leave empty-handed!


Free Ebook Explains how to be your own weight loss guru

Where should we send it?

100% privacy guaranteed! We’ll never share your personal details