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Slimpod founder Sandra Roycroft-Davis answers some of the really important questions we regularly get asked by our customers

Before you try Slimpod...

It does sound amazing doesn’t it? Kind of ‘listen and you’ll win!’ stuff. But Slimpod is clinically proven to work and in independent trials 95 per cent of people lost weight. So, here’s the theory. How we feel about things has very little to do with the thing itself, it mainly comes from within us. That includes how we feel about food. In psychology there is a thing called ‘priming’ which just means that what is on your mind is brought to mind – for example when people are trying for a family, suddenly everyone around them is pregnant! The words that you hear on your Slimpod prime your unconscious mind to bring to your awareness the things you want to feel about food (like relaxed and comfortable) and the way you want to behave with food, adjusting your feelings about appetite etc. It’s a bit like retuning a TV so that it no longer picks up the fat channel because it’s tuned to ‘slim’ TV.

Yours is a common question and the really good news is that – as a result of it – you’re a perfect candidate for the pods. The reason for that is that Slimpods are designed to work on your motivation, unconsciously, while you get on with your life. Because you’re interested in Slimpod, that already shows us that you’re motivated, your mind just needs fine tuning when it comes to food. You’ll find over a period of time, without you paying too much attention to it, your attitude to food will begin to change. You may not trust yourself so instead, borrow our trust in this system for a while. Lie back and listen and let it change for you.

This is different to other forms of weight loss programmes, in that we are intending this to become part of your everyday life without you paying too much attention to it; it is about re-educating years of unconscious behaviours. When your unconscious mind is in tune with healthy eating with appropriate amounts of food, weight will come off and you get on with your life. Commit to this and let’s see where it takes you. We’re always here to further advice, should you need it.

Everybody is different in the way they respond to Slimpod, so the degree of difference and the rate of change will vary from person to person. Often people begin to notice a change after the first time of listening, others take a bit longer. What is usual is that the longer they listen the greater the effect.

Slimpod can certainly be used alongside your Lighter Life programme – or indeed any eating plan. What we would say though is that customers must be very open as to how differently they’ll begin to feel as the Slimpod starts to kick in. Our method is very different to any other weight loss programmes, in that we are intending this to become part of people’s everyday life without them paying too much attention to it. It’s about re-educating unconscious behaviours to do with food and exercise. When the unconscious mind is in tune with healthy eating with appropriate amounts of food, weight will come off and people get on with their lives. That’s a very different message to the one that Lighter Life focuses on. But on the whole, our experience is that Slimpod works as a partner with any eating plan, making them easier and more relaxed.

Yes is the simple answer. The language that’s used within the Slimpods is all about ‘healthy weight loss’ for each individual so your body will come to a natural healthy weight for your frame. That’s what’s the body is designed to do.

Once a night is sufficient – and we recommend just before you fall asleep because this tends to prime the mind most powerfully. At the same time, listening to it more often in the early days won’t do any harm and may accelerate the effect. The key thing is to not make it a chore, although some people listen while they’re doing the housework…and it still works! Never listen while driving though.

There is no reason for this to be a problem. You remain in charge of your dietary choices, and unconscious persuasion, the technique we use, is not contra-indicated for this condition. We’ve conducted two research studies on diabetes sufferers and many of them have achieved significant improvements. Several of our case histories have been able to come off their diabetes medication altogether. If you feel more comfortable about beginning this by checking it out with your GP first, then by all means do.

Yes it is, but do so under the advice of your doctor. Not because this could be harmful, but because children go through phases of growth and we need to be sure that the weight loss is advisable, and that the issue is handled in a way that doesn’t create a greater problem. Slimpod has been tested and endorsed by a leading NHS consultant psychiatrist. He used it himself and in his report he describes the effects as “profound and life-changing.” He unreservedly endorses our products on safety grounds.

There’s no doubt exercise can be an important part of losing and maintaining weight loss BUT my recommendation would be that you follow the programme of listening to your first Slimpod and filling out your success diary for the first 21 days and then continue to listen for at least four to eight weeks, before you consider trying one of the exercise ones. When the weight begins to go as a result of you changing your eating habits naturally, then you could perhaps consider checking with your GP about a gentle form of exercise that won’t aggravate further your condition. Certainly the language in the exercise pod is all about the safety of choosing a form of exercise that is appropriate and interesting for you, not running a marathon! Good luck with it, we have so many people reaping benefits that we know it’s possible for you.

In the early stages...

Once you’ve bought your Slimpod, we’ve made downloading it a really simple process. We give you password-protected access to an exclusive private members website. Then so you can have your Slimpod programme at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet or laptop we show you the easy way to download the website on to your device in app format – we do all the technical stuff for you.

We’ve made it really easy for you. Here’s the link you need:

Change password

This is a long term project. Your weight probably didn’t all go on in a month, so it’s not going to come off quickly – and it shouldn’t do either because that could be unhealthy! This is not a diet and therefore the mind is helping the body to make changes. Some people react quicker than others. You may also notice the change less on the scales and more with inch loss as your clothes start to become looser.

Our experience of this is that missing the odd day isn’t the end of the world, it’s going to happen to us all at some stage. Just aim to listen consecutively if you can. Simply carry on from where you left off and continue to complete your success log.

Oh yes, it is very important to fill in your success log every day as you begin to notice encouraging differences in your life. Be patient: after a while those differences will translate into the inch loss you desire. Because the changes in your eating habits are so subtle, it’s only when you write them down each day that your mind can fully appreciate the full effect.

For most people it can be just as quick as that! The behaviour you’re describing is exactly how, in our experience, a lot of people describe the changes. Yes, perhaps you’ve got slimming on your mind but your unconscious mind is really what’s picking up the messages that are taking effect…So yay! Keep on listening, filling out your log and enjoying!

Slimpod is about re-educating years of unconscious behaviours. When your unconscious mind is in tune with healthy eating with appropriate amounts of food, weight will tend to come off and you get on with your life. We all like quick results but it’s not a race. What matters is slow and steady weight loss that lasts. It’s important to remember that when you exercise more you change the composition of your body – less fat and more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat which is why many people drop a few dress sizes and change their shape dramatically but don’t lose as many pounds as they expected. That’s why we recommend when you start a Slimpod that you measure the inches and see how they change, rather than relying on the scales.

Here’s the best weight loss advice you’re ever going to get: throw away the scales. Stop weighing yourself. Weight goes up and down by a pound or two every day for most people, especially at certain times of the month. Use how your clothes feel – and how YOU feel – as a guide to how your weight loss is progressing.

Ten days is early to notice significant change for the majority of people. It’s taken time to put the weight on so it makes sense that it’s going to take time for it to come off. Trust in your Slimpod because the more you believe it will work, the more it will work. And remember, once the first 10 days are up your next 30 days are covered by our money back guarantee – so you’ve got nothing to lose by carrying on for four more weeks.

Don’t worry that you’re not paying attention to the words of the Slimpod. Many people fall asleep to theirs after the first few days. It still works, as your ability to hear doesn’t stop when you sleep. Just relax and let the words wash over you.

Certainly you can listen as many times as you like during the day. You only really need to listen once a day but by listening more, you’re adding to your chances of success. Do what fits best into your busy day.

A good question and yes, asked by quite a few. It’s one of the wonderful things about this programme – that it really doesn’t matter if you fall asleep as your unconscious mind is always listening. Your ears are the one sense that remain working. It’s why sometimes you wake up in the night quickly without realising why. It’s likely your unconscious has heard something it wants to alert you to. So in this case your unconscious mind is continuing to listen to the Slimpod and some research into subliminal learning indicates it may be even more effective than listening while awake. So lie back and relax and continue your mission to a new and healthier lifestyle.

After a little while...

Your weight loss is great news and that amount of weight in that period of time is a really healthy way to make lasting change. We do all have plateaux and it might take a short time for your mind and body to catch up and get in sync again. Just keep listening and trust your Slimpod. 

Hey there, that’s fantastic! We love reading these emails. You can imagine how they make our day. As an average would say listen about once every 4-5 days, but really listen in response to how you’re feeling and behaving. If you notice yourself returning to old habits then increase the listening. But often, by the time you’re at your ideal weight the change is permanent. Let’s say that again, the change is permanent.

You don’t say how long you’ve been listening to your Slimpod but we’d guess if you’re seeing and feeling differences it’s probably at least 2 to 3 weeks. Others have asked about how different this is to previous so-called ‘diets’. We would ask you to relax into whatever you find comfortable doing. We say this because we’re absolutely sure that as you continue to listen you’ll notice more and more how the detail of weights and measures and calories becomes less and less important to you and you’ll find yourself naturally eating healthier options. This is because the new things you’re beginning to notice as a result of the work your unconscious mind is doing will be brought to the foreground of your attention. The old way of counting calories and it being on your mind all the time will just move to the back naturally.

Well done, this is a fantastic achievement. The mind is very clever – it knows the best weight for you and it will take you there in the fullness of time. Essentially the same rules apply: keep listening and notice the changes becoming even more apparent in your life.

People just love us on Trustpilot

Five gold stars

“After years of obsessing with my weight and trying every diet under the sun I came across Slimpod and can honestly say it’s the only thing that’s changed my relationship with food for the better.”

Five gold stars

“The future’s bright now: After listening to the Slimpod just once, I stopped snacking between meals! I have lost weight and I’m confident that the weight will stay off this time. Simply amazing!”

Five gold stars

“All of a sudden I’m eating less. I’m giving my partner food. Slimpod is a life changer and a life saver. I’m a 59 year old man and I’ve dieted all my life. Now I have a new relationship with food.”

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