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At Thinking Slimmer, we do things differently.  We’re here for a purpose.  We care about making a difference and being part of the change we want to see in the world.  Our values are as true today as they were when we launched ten years ago.

We’re going through an exciting period of change, with a focus on growth.  To achieve our goals we need team members who fully live the values which are at the heart of what we do and who work together to deliver a great experience for our valued customers.  Our team make the difference.

Applications for these two vacancies have now closed.

Community Manager

Job details

Part time role, 2 – 3 hours a day

Remote position

Hourly Rate – Competitive, market dependent

We’re looking for a purpose-led Community Manager who’s happy to grow with us over the coming years.

We run a mostly virtual team.  This has huge benefits, and also brings its challenges.  One of these challenges is that it puts a premium on communication skills, so we’re especially focussed on hiring a person who has great communication skills, customer and team facing, and high emotional intelligence.

You’ll be acting as voice of our brand and managing the communications within our Slimpod facebook communities, Slimpod Club and Slimpod Extra. Our perfect candidate has good oral and written communication skills and is able to engage with people with empathy but also positivity. Coaching experience would be ideal, because you’ll be able to facilitate discussions, asking questions in a relevant, thought-provoking and engaging way.

You should be a ‘people person’ with great customer service skills and purpose driven – ideally with a passion for health and wellness.

You’ll also be the person who manages the culture for the community, promoting positivity and inspiration, enforcing guidelines and sometimes removing members and deleting posts when appropriate.

Desirable skills



Desire to Solve Others’ Problems

Ability to Troubleshoot/ Logical problem solving

Knowledge of the Company, Products, and Services (very desirable!)


Ability to Connect With People

Can Stimulate Discussion

Firm but Empathetic

Self motivated

Strong organisational skills

Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team

Ability to shape an online community proactively, and manage difficult situations reactively.

Dedication to helping people succeed


Key tasks

Adding real value within our fabulous Slimpod communities – Slimpod Club and Slimpod Extra.  Helping to motivate and inspire.

Training in our Customer Relationship Management system to enable efficient follow-up of queries within the group – therefore being happy with tech is important. These queries can include anything from reviewing their subscriptions to helping with passwords.

Working closely with the customer services team and Team Slimpod.

Sending welcome messages to all new members – daily on Slimpod Club, weekly on Extra and engage accordingly.

Responding to posts on Extra where able and adding additional insight and advice to posts on Slimpod Club in addition to Team Slimpod replies where necessary

Being very proactive in the group. Planning regular exercises and challenges to keep the group engaged and motivated.

Sharing the blog posts, and posting any relevant content which has been produced by our social media managers in order to create engagement, help motivate and inspire

Where relevant advice posts are identified, tagging individual members where needed throughout their journey

Ensuring the pinned post and announcements in both groups are kept up to date and relevant.

Creating group content regularly in the form of buddy threads, daily wins thread, 7 day challenge thread as necessary.

Maintaining the group Facebook units – ensuring these are up to date with success stories, Sandra’s lives, weekly challenges and other helpful posts. Removing items from units when they are outdated=

Identifying success stories within the communities, and email them to set up a call with Sandra

Helping to identify, recruit and train Team Slimpod members although this is our very small team of wonderful volunteers and only needs occasional attention.

Managing the VIP What’s App group.

Applications have now closed.

Virtual Assistant

Job details

Part time, 4 hours a day


Hourly Rate – competitive, market dependent

As we enter into the next stage of our exciting future, we’re looking for a purpose-led VA who’s happy to grow with us over the coming years.  The perfect candidate will be ambitious and keen to become our online Business Manager over time.

The ideal candidate will be part-time to begin with but looking to move into a full time role at some point in the next year.

We run a mostly virtual team.  This has huge benefits, and also brings its challenges.  One of these challenges is communication, so we’re especially focused on people who have great comms skills and high emotional intelligence.

The successful candidate will pride themself on being proactive, hugely reliable,  will love solving problems and enjoy helping people just as much!

They’ll be happy to work hard and throw themselves into a task with enthusiasm!

Our ideal candidate will also have a keen interest in health and wellbeing and have worked as a VA for at least three years.

Desirable skills


Strong organisational skills

Strong Communicator, both written and oral

Comfortable with technology, a bonus would be previous use of CRM systems



Ability to Troubleshoot/ Logical problem solving

Knowledge of the Company, Products, and Services (very desirable!)


Detail orientated

Self motivated

Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team

Dedication to helping people succeed.

Love of learning


Service led

Key tasks

Customer Services

Training will be given on our Fusedesk software (part of the Infusionsoft CRM).  Knowledge of this system is an essential part of the job.

Monitoring levels of Customer Services emails and make sure that the staffing level is sufficient to manage the volume.  We currently have six amazing Customer Services staff who work flexible hours.

Managing Customer Services rotas

Monitoring the productivity of team members using Fusedesk reports

Monitoring the CRM data  – fixing details like duplicate accounts, typos in names or emails, surnames in the first name box and similar.

Updating CS template emails as things change – communicating all changes in templates to the team

Keeping an eye on trends within emails – reporting any unusual persistent faults to the developer

Responding to customer service-type queries on Slimpod Facebook page

Credit Control/Financial

Updating the Weekly report on new customers and cancellations.

Managing failed payments


Being Sandra’s gatekeeper and extra pair of hands!

Managing Sandra’s diary for customer appointments only.

Supporting Sandra with special projects and the admin associated with studies and clinical trials. We are working on a year long plan to partner the NHS and this requires a LOT of data collection.

Working with Sandra and the team on the new tech roll-out

Being responsible for the affiliate partners programme.

Managing the mentoring programme

Managing the Google analytics and reporting on key findings each week

Assisting in implementing systems and processes

Applications have now closed.

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