Nurse Jen’s hilarious and heart warming story will inspire you

NURSE Jen O’Sullivan has a wonderful story to tell. She’s lost more than eight stone (112lbs) with her Slimpod – but what will amaze you about Jen is not just the weight loss but the inspiring way she’s gone about it.

Her journey is both touching and hilarious in equal measures. When we talked over Zoom, Jen had me in tears a couple of times and also had me rocking back on my chair in fits of laughter.

That’s why I just had to share the video we’ve made together. Jen will give you hope, inspiration and the motivation to succeed.

In the video she shares many personal moments, including:

  • Her realisation at the height of Covid that she owed it to her little daughter to lose weight so Jen would always be there for her.
  • Her pride when a photo of herself and her daughter in their nurses’ outfits was chosen to appear in a book about the pandemic by the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Her happiness when she realised she could finally fit in a narrow chair at work that had been embarrassing her for years!
  • Her emotion when one day the engagement ring that was too tight for her chubby fingers finally slipped on with ease.
  • Her shock when after years of being unable to exercise she took her daughter trampolining – and joined in.

Finally, Jen has some fabulous advice for all Slimpodders about how to overcome the day-to-day obstacles that life throws at us all.

So find yourself 25 minutes of “me time” and settle down for some delightful viewing that I know you will both enjoy and find invaluable.

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56 thoughts on “Nurse Jen’s hilarious and heart warming story will inspire you”

  1. Wow! Jen is so inspirational and looks absolutely fantastic and so full of vitality. I’ve not been fully committed to the plan since joining what with Christmas and family birthday celebrations taking my focus but after watching this video I have had a quiet word with myself that I am going to make time tomorrow to do my goal map and watch all the videos and read all past emails. I’m ready for action….thanks Jen for the inspiration!

    1. Jen, what do I say, you are incredible and you look really beautiful, you are so inspiring and watching the video has given me another boost to listen to the pods and making the right choices. Christmas has been a blib but as you said it happens and it’s time to move on. Thank you for sharing your last year with us and hopefully I will believe in myself like you have, thank you Sandra for the video and all your help and support.

  2. Thank you Jen for sharing, you have given me inspiration and hope. And thank you Sandra and Jen, you are both saving lives!

  3. Very inspiring story well done to Jen , I’m hoping I’m going to have some light bulb moments too , thank you Sandra for sharing this video x

    1. Jen, first of all I want to congratulate on your successful journey. Thank you for sharing your story; at the age of 53, this may be the first time I’ve listened to someone who gets it. I’m the master of losing 2-3 stone…and the master of guilt (Mum of 3 and I still can’t lose weight to keep alive for them). I’m going to give this a go. I pray that you can be my buddy ??

      1. Amanda ! I’ve just seen this- please feel free to message me on the group – more than happy to help !

  4. What a wonderful video. I could relate to so much of Jen’s journey, her thoughts and her feelings. She really is inspirational. Thank you, both of you!

  5. Loved watching and listening to you talk about your experiences. So great to see how happy and positive you feel now x

  6. Oh my.. iv been in tears watching this. Jen is such an inspiration and its so motivating to hear her story. Thankyou for sharing. ????

  7. Fantastic Jen. So happy for you. Nursing through a pandemic really does make you focus on what is important. With love from a fellow Children’s Nurse

  8. Loved watching this video so lovely to see someone so happy and loving life……….well done to Jen and to slimpod.

  9. Wow what an amazing and wonderful, life changing story of success!!! I am crossing all my fingers and toes that my brain will tune in to this programme properly and that I too will reach success. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Watching this video I smiled, laughed and cried. Thank you Jen for being brave and sharing your story with us, you are an inspiration. Thank you to you as well Sandra for sharing Jen’s story with us;. and thank you for creating Slimpod.

  11. Absolutely brilliant and an inspiration to all us podders. Jen thank you for sharing and best wishes for the future xxx

  12. What a wonderful video. It’s so clear to see the glow of success emanate from Jen and to see Sandra’s passion and emotion makes for a powerful and inspirational story! Well done and many congratulations to Jen x

  13. So inspired by Jen’s weight loss journey. It’s a big last ditch attempt for me as I’m 67 this year. Just had a knee replacement and want to get the best from it.

  14. Wow, What an inspiration Jen is. Jen’s story has filled my heart with even more hope that this is the right journey for me at last. I too have a very significant change to achieve but Jen’s story gave me the faith that I too can do it. Go Jen………

  15. What a delightful. Inspirational video Jen and Sandra. A life changer, best wishes in the future as you continue your journey Jen.

  16. What a lovely interview! Jen, you are so inspiring. I totally agree about feeling guilty for being fat – I feel that any physical, or emotional, issue I have could be solved if I lost weight. I believe I shouldn’t go to the doctor until I have, but that’s wrong, of course!.
    And, I share your itch to move and find i need to get out each day at least once.
    Your words really resonated, and made me smile. They have given me an ectra push. Thank you. ????

  17. Jen, I have been watching your posts with interest. This is inspiring, as you say, if your burning desire to have a child couldn’t ensure you shed the pounds Slimpod has been powerful for you. So delighted for you. Did anyone ever say you are like Emma Thompson?

  18. I can relate to so many things that Jen said. I have been doing Slimpod since June 2021 and I am happy with how things are going, but Jen is truly inspirational.

  19. My goodness Jen, your journey is so inspirational!! Huge congratulations to you, you look amazing!! Thanks for sharing, I’m sure I’ll re-watch your video a few times! All the best to you and your gorgeous wee girl.
    Thanks Sandra xx

  20. Thank you so much for sharing that Jen and Sandra, the most inspirational video chat I have seen. Honest, heart warming and thought provoking, great tips and giving hope to all of us who still doubt we can do it. She looks fabulous, but more importantly to me, feels fabulous and I long to share in that feeling of the freedom of movement again. Congratulations to Jen and Sandra for showing us how we can change our lives xx

  21. Jen your story is inspirational and totally inspiring thank you for sharing – so encouraging.
    Sandra thank you for all you have done with Slimpod it almost seems to go to be true! I am signing up again I just loved Jen’s positivity, looking amazing,healthy and happy! X

  22. Jen your story is inspirational and totally inspiring thank you for sharing – so encouraging.
    Sandra thank you for all you have done with Slimpod it almost seems to go to be true! I am signing up again I just loved Jen’s positivity X

  23. So inspirational, I was at an all time low this morning, tearful fed up etc but watching that video, wow , well done Jen, I am certainly reframed and going with the trust . Thank you

  24. OMG this made me cry!
    What a wonderful , fantastic journey the lovely Jen has been on. I will take away that word TRUST.

  25. Absolutely fabulous! Such an inspiration! Totally agree with the itching to move, in my case it’s more it an intense irritation if I’ve not done anything! Also the coffee thing…. Off it completely, can’t even stand the smell now! My husband loves to grind the beans, percolate the coffee, all that stuff, makes me feel really queasy!
    Trust, persistence, believing….. new mantra

  26. Thats was so interesting to listen to someone who has lost weight with slimpod . I must give it another go .Well done jen , you look amazing.

  27. Wow Jen! You are amazing! Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly – you are truly an inspiration. I couldn’t stop smiling listening to your story and hearing your success. I am so thrilled for you and your family.

  28. What an amazing interview! So inspirational and you genuinely look so happy and gorgeous. I totally agree with you about it being the overall that counts, not the day or the hour. What a strong person you are x

  29. Thankyou for this video what a inspiration Jen is well done and after watching this video I feel so much better I have all the same thoughts and feeling Jen had and she has made me believe that I’m not alone in this journey. Thankyou I feel ready to do this.

  30. This story is heartwarming & inspirational. Well done Jen, you must feel so much better. You are beautiful. Quite an achievement for you.

  31. Wow well done Jen for your trust, perseverance and consistency. I’m inspired today, thank you for sharing your story

  32. Jen is such a star, amazing journey , will inspire thousands of Podders. Her mantra about trust and her solid belief that she will never go back is truly refreshing .

  33. Jenny Deakin-Berry

    This is so inspiring, a huge congratulations and a big pat on the back to Jen.
    I’m new to this programme and I also just happened to stumble across it on Facebook.
    My name is Jenny and I am also a children’s nurse. Working in the A+E department of a very busy hospital the the past five years has seen my weight steadily creep up despite constantly being in my feet over a 13.5 hr shift. Over snacking and rewarding myself for such long shifts has lead to me needing
    to get shut of 4 stones and like Jen I have tried every diet in the book! ….I have tried the free trial and it was instant, like a switch had been flicked on. My attitude towards food is changing. I am no longer shovelling sugary overly processed food in my mouth just for the sake of it. I am eating when I am hungry and opting for healthier foods, but it doesn’t seem like hard work anymore. It is bizarre ???…. Well whatever this sorcery is I’m so glad it presented itself to me! I have such a good feeling about this and I have 3 main goals to work to this year. A trip to Venice in April to celebrate my eldest daughters 21st, a holiday to Turkey in July with my husband and my big 50th birthday in September. I am determined that I will be 50, fit and fabulous!!!

  34. Omg!!! You are amazing. To change your life around like that, wow what can I say? You look fabulous. I have tried WW and SW lost 4,5 st and put it all back on. I envy you still being on the right mindset 🙂 well done. ,,

  35. Hi , I would really love to lose weight . I’ve struggled my whole life . I had managed to lose 36kbs and then u was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I am restricted in exercise . Would this plan benefit me ?

    1. Hello Mim, It’s hard to give a definite answer to your query because success with Slimpod might depend on the severity of your MS. But we have many, many examples of people with restricted mobility who have successfully lost weight and kept it off with the Slimpod programme. My advice would be to give Slimpod a try – as well as the 10-day free trial you also have a money back guarantee which covers the following 30 days. So you can try it for 40 days in total and get your money back if you find Slimpod is not right for you.

  36. I am so so inspired by Jen! I think the best thing I am going to take away from this amazing video is Jen’s tip of Trust. To trust in the process. Thank you, Jen.

  37. wow wow wow Amazing you story is so relatable to how i feel putting on the pounds, yes i had my fiftyth birthday recently we went away took photos i could have cried when i saw myself in the photos, since my hystorectomy ive piled on the pounds then a family bereavement put me in a bad place mentally. Im inspired by your story and hope that i can achieve a positive journey. im going to trial this programme fingers crossed. thankyou for sharing your inspirational story

  38. I thought I might watch just a little bit of Jens video. But when I started watching it, I was so drawn into it, I had to watch it all. What an absolutely lovely, straight talking, honest and very inspirational lady. To see what she has achieved is truly remarkable, and the smile on her face really says it all. I was very touched by some of the points that touched her and you. At the end when asked to try and sum up in one word what she would advise and Jen said TRUST. Trust in the system, trust in yourself etc. Many people including myself would find that tough, and Jen actually said herself that it is tough. BUT, her story, the way she presented herself, her happiness and smile and everything about her, really, I think shouts out Trust. I am so glad you sent that video of Jen out – because I truly believe that it will inspire many many people – especially people who may doubt themselves – it will drive them forward. Hats off to Jen, truly an inspirational lovely lady. Thank you

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