Shining brightly, the Moonwalk Podders are so inspiring

PEOPLE are always saying that the best thing about Slimpod is not just the weight loss – but the greater confidence it gives them, the inspiration to do extraordinary things and the feeling of liberation they get.

Here’s living proof. At the weekend, a whole host of Podders took part in the 25th London Moonwalk to raise awareness of breast cancer and money to fund life-saving research.

I’m so proud of them all! Not only am I really pleased to congratulate them for walking 26 miles (that’s the same as a marathon) in their fancy bras, I also want to share their success with everyone because I’m sure you will find it inspiring.

The Moonwalk Podders are rightly proud of their achievement

One of the Slimpod groups was organised by the wonderful Amanda, better known in Slimpod Club as Loopy Lou. She told back in January how listening to Slimpod had convinced her that “walking through the streets of London in the middle of the night in my bra, with a few other barmy Podders” was a good idea.

Before Slimpod, she said, she had never shown her tummy to the world, never worn a bikini, never had the confidence to be outgoing. Now she’s a Moonwalk star!

Jumping with joy: Slimpodding twins Louise Harlow and Emma Walton

Some of the Moonwalkers have posted stories and pictures in Slimpod Club. Tammy Snow says: “ I am amazed, I have done 20 miles in under six hours. I feel like I can take on the world. Last November I was in agony, I spent my birthday being investigated for cancer unable to move because of a pain that I had.

“In December I found Slimpod; the changes have been unbelievable – regardless of my weight loss.” She says her next plan is to trek to Everest base camp with some of the Moonwalk ladies – and do you know what, I think she’s serious.

Twins Louise Harlow and Emma Walton were all smiles when they completed the course and threw their arms up in joy at their sense of achievement. 

Emma says: “I can’t believe that I walked around in a bra with all my flabby bits in display and I DIDN’T CARE – my body is amazing and Slimpod has given me that back.”

Sparkly nurse Jen O’Sullivan admires her Moonwalk medal

NHS nurse Jen O’Sullivan, who’s a wonderful ambassador for Slimpod,  says: “Oh Slimpod. I’ll be forever grateful to you. Over two years of Podding and now I’ve done a full marathon (walking). Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it.”

The Moonwalk is held annually in London, Edinburgh and Iceland. Since the first MoonWalk was held in 1998 more than 395,000 women and men have raised over £133 million for the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. 

Well done ladies! Every single one of you is extra special

There are so many inspiring stories to tell from the Moonwalk Podders and I’ll be sharing more of them over the coming weeks.

Please leave a comment below to let them know how well they’ve done. Comments are monitored by the Slimpod team so yours may take a little while before it appears.

By the way, every day I share helpful motivational tips and weight loss advice on Instagram and I’d love you to follow my page @sandraroycroftdavis

46 thoughts on “Shining brightly, the Moonwalk Podders are so inspiring”

    1. It’s in writing, so it’s official… getting out of it ?….I’ll post on Slimpod Club over next few days with how to join our team for 2024!

  1. Incredible work & inspiration.
    Caring for people you mightn’t know.
    Dedication to overcome obstacles
    Shining bright, like superstars

  2. Good evening all, well done ladies what an achievement. Could you email me please as to how to join the Moonwalk. Many thanks and well done.

  3. This made me smile so much – what a lovely thing to do all together. It’s taking the support and kindness you show in the Facebook group through to special friendships. What a delight! x

  4. Well done ladies – it looks such fun and in a great cause. I’d love to join you all next year. I’ll happily travel from Ireland to take part.

  5. Amazing!! incredible achievement ladies.. super proud of you all.. Next year I want to be joining in !

  6. You have all inspired me to try next year. Congratulations to each and every one of you whether you completed it or not. You are all amazing!!

  7. Well done – superstars! I have done it twice and loved it – last time on 10th anniversary. Would love to do it again and be prouder of my wonky body -had breast cancer 4 years ago.

  8. julia eastwood

    Amazing! Well done to all who took part, You have inspired me, I am going to set a target to take part next year! xx

  9. OMG…that was me. I can’t believe I did it, can’t believe that I walk around in a bra with all my flabby bits in display and I DIDN’T CARE….my body is amazing and Slimpod has given me that back…finally, at the age of 53. I am amazing and so are ALL the ladies who did the Moonwalk or Half Moonwalk. xxx

  10. Well done Slimpodders! What a wonderful achievement. It’s good to hear that Slimpodding has had such a positive effect on so many people, in so many ways. I’m just a few weeks into my journey, but am already noticing a positive effect on my outlook and energy levels, and some weight loss! This year, before Slimpod, I did a short walk for Blood Cancer (I’m in remission from Lymphoma), so who knows what I may manage next year! Again, well done!

  11. It’s a great cause, and it’s brilliant to see the confidence that these women have gained. Well done!!

  12. Deborah Kingdon

    Wonderful can people join en route as I don’t think I could walk 26 miles but would love to join in ,I ran London marathon once many years ago

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