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I created the Slimpod programme
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The amazing 644 days in which Slimpod changed my life for ever

Cover girl Rachael proudly holds the magazine featuring her story IF you’re a reader of Woman’s Own magazine you may have spotted a familiar face on the front cover this week – Slimpodder Rachael Buckett. She’s sharing the story of her remarkable lifestyle transformation. Rachael, who has lost seven stone, has been a star of

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Don’t let diet head lure you into doing the same old thing again

IT’S that time of year again! Wall to wall diets and eating plans, shakes and pills, and of course then there’s the “behaviour change” programmes like Noom, which have made a big entrance in the past few years.  These are the ones that are supposed to focus on habit change rather than counting calories or dieting

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One simple thing to keep your mind & body in a great place this winter

IF you’re feeling lazier now the temperature has dropped, you’re not alone. Shorter days mean less sunlight, so your brain produces more melatonin, which means you tend to feel more fatigued.   Even the fittest, most dedicated exercise fan can have a hard time in winter.  Longer evenings and the cold makes it harder to get out

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Why you must be patient if your weight loss hits the plateau

Something I often hear from members of my Slimpod community is this:  “I’ve been doing so well with my weight loss but now I’m panicking because I’ve not lost anything for a while’.  So today on the blog it’s all about the dreaded plateau. We’re all familiar with the story if we’ve ever been on

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Look out for the salt in a ‘healthy’ muffin

ANY time I eat out I always look for anything described as the “healthy option.” So I was shocked by a discovery at McDonald’s that their low-fat blueberry muffin has more salt in it than one of their burgers – and more than three times the sodium in a packet of ready-salted crisps.

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Ease the stress of emotional eating

STRESS and emotional eating have an extraordinary effect on our food habits, and emotional eating brought on by anxiety is a major reason why more and more people are overweight. The more pressurised life becomes, the more people turn to food in a vain attempt

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Achieve and believe, great things happen

I’M bursting to show you the most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen that show the power of Slimpods to help you believe and achieve. This is Darin with double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes at the weekend as they competed together in the Portsmouth Duathlon – that’s 5k running, 15k cycling, then 5k running to the finish.

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Breaking out of the failing diet cycle

IF you’ve ever been on a diet and felt trapped in a cycle of doing well and then ruining it again and again, then you’re not alone! I speak to clients all the time who say they’ve “failed” at every diet they’ve tried, sometimes for as long as 40 or 50 years. It’s heart-breaking

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