Noom v Slimpod: So
what's the difference?

Slimpod creator Sandra Roycroft-Davis, a Harley Street weight loss specialist, explains the facts

The question I’m being asked all the time at the moment is “What’s the difference between Noom and Slimpod?” So I thought I’d address it right now and get rid of all the confusion.

Slimpod gently changes your mindset about food

Behavioural change and its link to weight loss is something that is really being over-used by slimming companies right now because they’ve decided to distance themselves from dieting, which has just become a dirty word.

Noom says it’s a behavioural change app and Slimpod is, too. So what IS the difference?

I just want to say I’m not disrespecting anybody or criticising any other weight loss programme. I’m not saying Slimpod is better than Noom.

I’m just giving you facts and the differences. 

So let me begin with the biggest single difference: Noom works with your conscious mind but Slimpod works with your whole mind and some of your brain, too.

Noom is all about tracking what you eat

So this means that with Noom, you have to put conscious effort into your behaviour change. Its system uses mindfulness and some other conscious cognitive techniques but you have to spend time focusing on changing your behaviour and your beliefs.

A lot of people feel happy doing this in this way and they feel that they are in control when they have to input daily information on their app, so that’s all cool.

Whereas with Slimpod there’s a BIG difference and yes, it works with your conscious mind because it has coaching and several other things like group challenges, but importantly and uniquely it works with your subconscious – which is where habits are generated and processed.

The subconscious is also where your automatic and instinctive behaviours are stored along with limiting beliefs and emotions.

Slimpod gently changes your behaviour without you knowing too much about it or putting in too much effort at all.

This is why we ask you to record your changes and your wins at the end of each day – literally a 20-second thing.

The BIG differences



Slimpod helps unravel emotion around eating

With Slimpod you are effortlessly changing your eating habits. Plus, over time, Slimpod reverses your limiting beliefs and the bad habits that you will have accumulated over many years.

Slimpod also helps you to take the emotion out of eating and give you a fighting chance to take back control of your eating.

It’s emotion and triggers which are the big drivers for a lot of people who have lost control of their eating – they’re literally emotional eaters.

Slimpod helps to unravel all of that emotion.

Noom makes you focus on calories all day

Noom focuses on food and calories and you have to track everything you eat every single day.

Slimpod doesn’t tell you what to eat at all, or include a food plan or diet or an eating plan of any description.

We believe that deep down inside you’ve learned what’s healthy and what isn’t, but you’ve just stopped trusting yourself.

You know that vegetables and protein are healthy, and you know that sweet stuff and  doughnuts are not.

So deep down inside we all know what’s healthy and yet there is an awful lot of confusion about food.

Slimpod puts food at the back of your mind

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Slimpod puts food at
the back of your mind

Slimpod gently guides your subconscious to help you want to choose healthier options. And it helps you to lose the desire for the snacks and the sweet stuff.

This happens naturally and automatically.

The way the mind works is that what’s on your mind is brought to mind. 

So if you’re focusing on food most of the time by tracking every day what you’re eating, then food is lodged firmly on the front of your mind – and it can almost become obsessive.

When you’re tracking food on Noom or any other diet you’re thinking about the food you can have and the food you can’t have.

Your subconscious doesn’t differentiate whether it’s good or bad food. It’s all food. 

Slimpod helps to put food at the back of your mind so you’re not constantly thinking about it.

The scales can trigger emotional eating

Noom asks you to step on the scales as a way of tracking your weight loss and I think that with Noom you need to do that every day.

Slimpod asks you to stay away from the scales unless you find that they motivate you.

For the vast majority of people, the scales have become a trigger for emotional eating and this interferes with mood.

So I find the scales are more damaging than they are of use – especially if you have being weighing constantly for a long, long time. They can dictate your moods.

At Slimpod we believe there are plenty of other ways for tracking how you’re doing that don’t trigger your emotions or eating.

SOURCE: and Information correct on 19 May, 2023

Special Offer

You’ll pay just THREE monthly instalments of


Nothing more to pay!


Enrol today and save £48 off the original £147 price of our online weight loss programme.

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