With Slimpod you can finally overcome your fears and succeed

The thing I’ve noticed most during over a decade of helping people to lose weight is that after a few weeks of beginning the latest “new thing’”, the excitement and buzz wear off and fear and panic set in.

The destructive little voice in your head starts up again: “You’ll never succeed” or “You always fail, what’s so different this time?” or “What if I don’t lose weight?” or “What will people think if I fail again?”

Well, if this happens to you, I can tell you that you’re not alone.This is such a common thing and it can be stopped.

You CAN overcome fear and succeed.

You CAN turn fear on its head and get freedom from food and be in control.

And believe me, it’s transformational when you do! It’s what I talk about in today’s video.

I also talk about food and your full signal – it’s a must-watch video!


** If you have a fear of failing you really must take action. Goals shouldn’t be obstacles, they should be things that allow you to measure your success and progress on to the next level.

** Motivation is paralysed by fear. Decide what you want from the world and go get it. We don’t have to be held back by our minds.

** Task one: Spend time thinking about whether your fears are holding you back.

** Task two: While you’re eating this week, put down your phone, close your laptop and switch off the TV.  Enjoy the food and listen for your full signal!

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Please let me know how you’re doing and how you get on this week with the tasks I’ve set you. Leave a comment below.

I love reading them all – and I know other Slimpodders find them inspiring.

17 thoughts on “With Slimpod you can finally overcome your fears and succeed”

  1. Fantastic and just what I needed today! I went through this last night.this video is so inspiring, thank you Sandra, I will put down my phone and be more conscious when eating this week

  2. This is my first week and I started Saturday. I already feel different in a good way. I decided not to have dessert Sunday night which is amazing for me. I didn’t deny myself I just asked myself was I hungry? If I was indeed hungry then have a dessert but I actually didn’t. I am also listening and watching the videos which r helping.

  3. Thank you, I will definitely put down the phone and switch off the tv when I’m eating meals. Loving the video content.

      1. carolynasinclair

        Very happy to say this evening I only ate half my dinner, I felt full and stopped eating. This is a step forward for me and long may it continue. Small achievements lead to great change. Thank you for your help Sandra, much appreciated

  4. Thanks Sandra. Just what I needed to be challenged on! I usually watch something on You Tube whilst eating my lunch and the TV is on during my evening meal! Slimpod is not allowing me to be fearful any more. I had some pasta the other night and I pigged out with the garlic bread. I immediately drew a line under it and just carried on. Not something I could have done before. Thank you Slimpod!

  5. I never set goals. I just can’t seem to commit myself to any. This video has made me think that it’s the fear of failure. I’m only afraid of failing when it comes to weight loss though. I’ve done so much with my life but never lost weight successfully.

  6. This is so me I have fear of losing weight! All my life I’m scared of everything, I’m always worried about everything and what people think about me NOT THIS Time.

  7. I have been in Slimpod since 26th December. Yes I joined on boxing day. I have noticed lots of wins but since Saturday I have gone back to the biscuit tin.
    I have struggled to stop eating biscuits. This is the first time that this has happened but I did the same yesterday and the same when I came home from work today.
    I eat healthy meals and up until now I have controlled the sugar snacks.
    I am going to listen to the sugar pod as well as the slim pod.
    Common sense tells me to get my hand away fro the tin but I have not been responding.
    I am going to draw a line under this and keep noting my wins.
    I have to say that I have really noticed a difference in my levels of self esteem and I know that I will lose weight. Is there anything else that I need to be mindful of?
    I work as a sight loss adviser for RNIB and I love that I am getting support as well as giving it.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Sandra,

    I am a month in and cant believe the difference in me – in my head anyway, who know about my body as I have ditched the scales 🙂 I do have quite bit to loose but I feel better that this will happen than ever before…so thank you. I have a fear though, if I am being honest. I have been off all this time but I travel a lot for work for weeks at a time and its all about hotels and the buffets!!!! I cant just order A la carte instead as it would cost a fortune by hotel standards and why would I when the buffets are free!!! Some may think I am very lucky but for me its a curse!!!! So how do I face this head on. The slim pods are definitely working but when faced with this it will be a huge challenge – any words of wisdom 🙂

  9. Thank you Sandra for your inspiring words . Many times I have given up on diets and then felt so bad because i had failed again . So this time I will listen to my slimpod and keep going .

    1. Hello Jane, For the first 3 to 4 weeks you should only listen to the Slimpod so it can get on with doing its work on the inside. The programme will tell you when to use the other pods as the weeks progress.

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