Now start seeing food as fuel that feeds your daily needs

I hope you’re enjoying my free January Boot Camp series so far!  If you’re new to my programme then it’s still possible to take part.  The past couple of weeks’ videos are below this one and it’s not too late to jump on board with the action! As you know, the Slimpod programme is totally different to anything else you’ll have done in the past.  We work on getting your mind in the right place to help you think and feel differently about food. This means that with this programme you work at a deeper level and build more solid foundations so that the things that have held you back in the past no longer happen and you can move forward.
This is about Project YOU and this week’s video is all about food – but not in the way you think!
There’s so much confusion about food and what we eat has taken on all sorts of labels and meanings, when really the only thing food should be doing is supplying the nutrition necessary to feed our body’s daily needs ! And as promised last time, this week I also give tips on how to deal with fears and anxieties which may be holding you back – especially fear of failure. It’s all here for you:

Key points:

** Weight loss is just as much a mental challenge as a physical one – getting stable foundations is crucial! ** There’s so much confusion surrounding food when it should be so easy!  Food takes on all sorts of meanings and labels but it shouldn’t be like this at all. **  We should be thinking of food as something that purely serves the nutritional requirements of our bodies for health, energy and wellbeing. ** How to reframe your fears and stop self-sabotage.  Transform your negative thinking into something that will serve you well!  There’s no failure – just feedback!  Use this as your mantra from now on!

This week’s task

It really couldn’t be simpler! Keep listening to your Slimpod every day, go with the flow and give it the chance to do its work for you. Keep watching the videos, too.

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2020 Boot Camp week one 2020 Boot Camp week two

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Please let me know how you’re doing and how you get on this week with the tasks I’ve set you so far. Leave a comment below. I love reading them all – and I know other Slimpodders find them inspiring.

11 thoughts on “Now start seeing food as fuel that feeds your daily needs”

  1. So this is week 2, and at 75 yrs. I am a hard nut to crack! But the good signs are beginning to show, which for me is quite something!
    I listen to the slim pods three times a day….I am an ancient dieter and I need all the help I can get.Thank you so much, I am looking forward to the next ten weeks.
    Kind regards
    Sue Dobbs

  2. Find these blogs very interesting and informative. Just realised that I no longer have cravings which I think is because I don’t deny myself anything! I am eating when I feel hungry too and not because it’s a ‘meal time’. Eating to live and not living to eat is my mantra.

  3. I had a problem with knowing how much I could eat before I had Satisfied my hunger in other words portion control was my big problem but I’m trying to control it

  4. Patricia harrison

    I am enjoying the boot camp blogs and today I’m just realising I am becoming more aware of not feeling hungry more so when I get up in the morning I don’t really feel like breakfast but struggling a little bit of years of people saying you need to eat breakfast so I shall persevere and only have breakfast if I’m hungry thank you x

  5. carolynasinclair

    Not snacking anymore, making healthier choices. I find this really surprising. Week 2 and I do find I need to listen to the slim pod twice a day otherwise I may revert back to bad habits. The videos are a bonus.

    1. Try throwing salt over the kids leftovers or anything else that will spoil the taste.
      This is a challenging one to get over if you have spent your life avoidin* food waste and having a clean plate. But if it loses its appeal you will soon not bother.
      Good luck

  6. Very very interesting…thank you. I’ll be listening again as there is so much that relates to me …eating by the clock for one thing.

  7. Hi, I started Slimpod on a free trial , pretty sure I will keep going even after the 10 days have finished, at first I’m sure like a lot of people who have used countless diets over the year I was very sceptical I have been doing this for 5 days now and have not had any chocolate just don’t want it, I feel more relaxed due to the Slimpods that I listen to every evening they make me feel excited for the future I can envision how I want to look and that makes me feel even better I am watching all the videos on the e-mails and keep a journal with my wins and in general how I’m feeling I just want this to be the one how I finally do it here’s hoping! Enjoying this so far love the chillpod so relaxing Thankyou.

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