At 63, Bridget proves weight loss IS possible post-menopause

EVERY now and again, a Slimpodder comes along with a story about weight loss post-menopause that makes my jaw drop. The lovely Bridget Bartlett is one such person and I know that so many of you will be inspired by what she’s achieved.

At 63 years young, Bridget has lost 35 inches off her body measurements in the 11 months she’s been listening to Slimpod – and she’s gone from an 18/20 to a size 12 and taken it in her stride!

She’s living proof that weight loss post-menopause is possible providing you retrain your brain to make healthy food choices.

She’s a beacon of hope for everyone because she’s smashed her limiting beliefs and is now aiming to be a size 10. I just know she’ll do it, too!

Bridget and I chatted over Zoom to produce this inspiring video for you. I loved it when she told me: “I see my reflection in a shop window now and think ‘Ooh, she looks alright for an old bird’.”

Bridget tells her full story of weight loss post-menopause in the video and has some great tips for anyone who’s just starting out or whose weight loss may have hit a temporary plateau.

Click on the picture below to watch the video on The Slimpod Channel on YouTube.

weight loss post-menopause

Here’s a recap of Bridget’s weight loss post-menopause story in her own words, plus some extra details which aren’t in the video:

“As a teen and young woman I was normal weight for my tall frame and size 12 no matter what I ate. The weight gain started in my mid thirties and as I have three  older sisters I could see what my genes had in store as two of them were very overweight.

“I started with the F Plan diet, then Rosemary Connolly, cabbage soup etc and continued on this yo-yo for many years…faddy diets, Metabolic Weightloss plan (very expensive ), magic smoothies, meal replacements, personal trainers.

“Finally I resorted to the weekly humiliation of Slimmimg World and lost a stone quickly.

“Disappointed as ever it all went back on so I tried WW on an app, at least there was no weekly meeting ! I knew the calorific value of any food.

“My wardrobe had three sizes, 14, 16, 18 depending on where I was on the up and down see-saw of dieting. When the 18s got too tight I borrowed from my larger sister, determined not to buy a size 20.

“Every holiday and celebration was a tug of war with food, I was depressed.

“I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.  osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and take a heavy dose of toxic medications, including steroids, which increase my hunger levels and lead to bloating.

Weight loss post-menopause – it was a chore

“I was told to expect weight gain and that certainly happened. That, coupled with the normal slowdown of metabolism during the menopause, made my battle with weight a daily chore.

“However it also coincided in 2008 with a new job, a new man and a house move out of London !!

“The job was  exciting , involved international travel and a lot of black tie dinner events, but I had little time for exercise except weekend walks .

“When stressed I relied on alcohol and chocolate. I dieted strictly for the next “big event ” be it our wedding in 2010 , an international conference or a family occasion.

“My body suffered and I had a period of hospitalisation with kidney problems and three surgeries. I was wiped out.

“I knew my body was telling me to take better care so I reduced to part-time  and took a serious look at my rheumatoid arthritis and improved my lifestyle. I joined a gym and did yoga and Pilates, which I enjoyed.

“My husband and I retired four years ago and we travel a lot, so dieting is often challenging . We spend winters in Spain usually where life is very good, and a holiday mentality leads to over indulgence.

“I was 13st 9lbs when we returned in June 2020, the heaviest I had ever been. I was disgusted with myself and when faced with all my old diet remedies I was lost and confused.

“I found Slimpod on Facebook late one night in July 2020 and what struck me most was that Sandra was working with NHS; this gave credibility and hope.

“I saw immediate changes in my attitude to food when I started listening. I engaged with the FB group and really enjoyed the mutual support.

Weight loss post-menopause – my goal map

“I lost weight easily in first couple of months, which gave me hope. With lockdown the gym was closed so I started doing longer and longer walks and my knees coped.

“I found inspiration in Sandra’s videos and lives. I completed Gold and progressed on to Extra and started to believe that I could be fit and slim again. I’m really enjoying weight loss post-menopause.

“I signed up for a half marathon hike for Macmillan Cancer Support and started training for that with gusto. I found a lovely Buddy, Tina who is 74,  and inspired by Ava Brodie’s story, we supported each other to give up sugar – and succeeded.

“My goal map is focused on health and fitness. Three of my siblings have diabetes so this is a big driver for me.

“In Slimpod Club, Lynn and Kate have always been there with helpful advice and kind supportive words when I have had wobbles and long plateaus.

“Now nine months later my life is very different: I manage pain well, I move a lot more and make healthy choices 90 per cent of the time. There is no chocolate in my home!

“I jump out of bed and into my gym gear, do Lucy Wyndham-Read and floor exercise with weights before my first cuppa!!!! Who is this sweaty woman???

“I still enjoy a glass or two of wine at the weekend and I still eat carbs most days as I find it too diet like to deprive myself of them, but small portions.

“I have added all the additional healthy foods from Michelle Budd’s special project in Slimpod Extra and my weight continues to go down.

Weight loss post-menopause – results so far

“So far I have lost a smidge under two stone and 35 inches from my body, seven inches from my bust and eight inches from my waist.

“All the 18s and 16s in my wardrobe have gone to the charity shop. My 14s are baggy and my 12s are now very comfortable.

“So I am smashing my limiting belief that size 10 is impossible….watch this space. At 63 I have finally found the right solution to weight loss post-menopause.

“I am enormously grateful to Sandra , Trevor, Lynn, Kate and all the lovely supportive Podders who have helped me get here. I am enjoying helping others as a mentor now.

“I love Goldgatherings which was a social lifeline when shielding through lockdown two. I am thrilled  to be just 5lbs from my goal weight – and I know I’ll hit that soon!

Bridget’s story is so wonderfully inspiring and remember, if you need help we have LOTS available.  Just hit the ‘Need Any Help?’ button in the members’ area.

If you’re on Facebook – hit the Like and Share buttons on the main Slimpod for weight loss page and it will then notify you when I’m live.  Also please connect with me on Instagram – I’d love to see you over there if you’re on that platform.

Please leave a comment below to let Bridget know how much you love her success (please note, all comments are monitored so will not appear instantly on the blog).

78 thoughts on “At 63, Bridget proves weight loss IS possible post-menopause”

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      Hey Barbara, thanks for flagging up. We have LOTS of help available for you if you need it. Simply go to ‘How To Get Support’ in the members area.

      1. Caroline Sampey

        Hi Sandra
        It is so heart warming to read Bridget’s story. Its the first that I have identified with.
        I was always slim and my body never changed no matter what I ate. The result of course is that the weight sneeks on slowly as you approach your 40s. Having formed bad eating habits it was very tough to loose weight. I became obsessed with what I could and couldn’t eat.
        However after my first listening of slimpod I woke up and the relief !!
        I’m not obsessed with food and what I can or can’t eat !
        I haven’t lost much weight yet, and most people would say I don’t need to as I hide the middle weight around my body very well. I know I will though. I love carbs and live in a world that I eat bread but not every day as I used to. Its not been hard to change. I love that I don’t have this inner battle constantly about food.
        Thank you !

    2. Many congratulations! Wonderful to hear this as it is a similar lifestyle and age to my own. I am 69. Hearing about your flexible wardrobe also rang true for me and the not buying size 20 but squeezing into 18 at times. It is consistency, plus commitment to a regular system of eating that is lacking for me but hearing this really helps. I have continued on knowing it will come good but need to firm things up. I am currently on a detox retreat where after not weighing for a long time I found my weight is more that it has ever been despite the many changes in the way I eat, shop and choose. I felt so depressed. However I am here for 17 days and have just got myself a slimpod buddy for when I get home, and plan to start again with more commitment and consistency.I am still very grateful to slimpod as I know it is working on many levels and have confidence a corner will be turned. Thank you for inspiring me. X

  1. Im 62 now on the extra, still no weight lose. I walk everyday uphill and down dale try to get steps between 10,000-20,000. My portion sizes have reduced I even leave food on my plate sometimes. I listen every night to Trevor. My mind set has changed and the relationship with food is better. You story and others like yours give me hope. But I’m hanging in there by the skin of my teeth and hope that I turn the corner soon and see weight lose results.

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      Hey Chris, are you part of Michelle’s Special project in Extra? It could really help. Otherwise do ask for a mentor – Bridget helps people succeed so it might be ideal!

    2. Hi Bridget here I am 22:20, lying in bed summing up my journey so far (just started week 4) and I feel quite deflated as I feel I have no idea what I am doing but after reading and listening to your journey I feel that if someone who has tried so many diets etc can hit her goal weight (and which you will) I too can do the same. Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring me and getting me in the mindset to keep on podding.

  2. Frances Kendall

    Sounds just like my life but not lost much weight yet. I wi keep going though after reading this it gives me more hope.

    1. Hi, if you need help please don’t hesitate to ask. In the members’ area, click on How To Get Support. It’s free – and it works! Maybe you need a buddy or a mentor. Just ask.

      1. Thank you Chris I think I definitely need help was even considering slimming world but just hate the idea of group weighing etc . I’ll look into having a buddy .

  3. ranjna.theaker

    Well done Bridget! I’ve just started with Slimpod and have been struggling with my weight for a long long time. I really want to succeed with the weight loss, trying to be positive. Reading your story gives me hope.

  4. Maureen Andrew-Nolan

    Well done Bridget you truly are an inspiration to all of us.
    I am also 63 and into my 2nd month of extra, I have lost 6 inches from my waist, I walk 4miles every morning to start with. I feel like a new person, I also have lots of new friends I’m the park. I have tried every diet under the sun… this is the best I luv being a plodder. Good luck you will soon be a size 10.

  5. Shirley Perera-Morris

    Such an inspirational story! I will definitely keep going. Thank you for motivating me even more. X❤

  6. Margaret Thurling

    Very inspiring I just hope I can loose the weight that seems to keep creeping on after doing different diets. I’m 67 menopausal taking HRT after having a full hysterectomy 10yrs ago. I feel I need to loose a stone to get to a comfortable size 10 which I used to be before having the hysterectomy.

  7. Annie-Lou Gibbs

    I also found Sandra by accident on Facebook and was reassured this wasn’t a fake when I saw the nhs link up.
    I’m just the same age and stage as Bridget so very inspiring! Trevor has helped me kick chocolate in to touch and I often turn down sweet things now with ease. I don’t fret about food anymore and am eating much more healthily . I’ve yet to lose significantly but I’m sure I will when I get over my knee surgery – hardly a good time to start but we have to start sometime.

  8. Wow what an amazing story. I’m 59 and thought it was too late for me to lose weight. I’ve been a Slimpodder for 3 weeks now and I’m already feeling such a difference. Bridget you are an inspiration and have given me an extra burst of positivity and belief. Thank You

  9. That’s fantastic Bridget, I’m new, this is day 2, on Slimpod and am determined it’s going to work for me!! Feeling positive and so much more so since reading your story! Keep going Bridget you’re an inspiration to many xx

  10. I want to lose my love handles too! Fab interview Sandra and a brilliant authentic story Bridget – well done!

  11. Inspirational Bridget!
    I started about the same time as you. I have lost a stone and have gone from a 20 to a 16. Still a way to go. You give me hope. Thank you for sharing your story.

  12. Bridget, you’re an inspiration! I’m just on week two so it’s great to hear your’s great motivation for me..thank you!

  13. That was inspiring… I have just finished the 12 weeks and joined extra yesterday… I have not lost any weight but feel more positive in myself…..what is Michelle special project please

  14. I must say its amazing how so much has been achieved by so many.
    I’m 55 year woman had hysterectomy 20yrs ago,I stopped smoking 14yrs ago . I just feel that it’s never coming off . Seems to be forever stuck there.
    Am not great in large groups I feel unworthy most of time.

  15. Absolutely amazing. I myself am so up and down, some days I leave food on my plate other days I feel so hungry, I listen every day to my emails and pods. I wont give up.

  16. Hi Bridget, I am still struggling to work with Slimpod and am 69 but only 5’2”. I found your story very inspiring and am so hoping to start seeing some more changes in the near future – I have only been following the pods for a couple of weeks. Onward and upward!

    1. Hello Sue, this is early days yet for you but rest assured, there’s lots of free help available. Look in your members’ area for the section called How To Get Support

  17. Will be amazing

    Amazing. I have the same goal I am in my 40s but it does not seem to happen. I wonder if it is because I don’t sleep enough, kids wake me up every night so I have a broken sleep, for years now. I’m at the heaviest Ive been and I hate it. Today is day 1 again, wish me luck.

    1. Maybe some extra support would help. In the members’ area, click on How To Get Support. It’s all free. Maybe a buddy or a mentor would help. Just ask.

  18. chrisarcherbrighton

    Massive well done Bridget, you must be very proud of your achievements! Like you I came across slimpod on FB and so pleased I joined, as I’m loving everything about it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, it’s so inspiring.

  19. What an amazing achievement I’m full of admiration for you . I’m 76 and really struggling and hopefully it has given me the push needed to get back on track x

  20. This really resonates with me. I was also a tall slim size 10/12 and can pinpoint my struggles with my weight to my mid to late twenties when I had my 4 children … and started dieting. I’ve been on and off all sorts of diets for 25 years and now find myself with weight creeping up again after my last “success” losing 3 stone with SW. I’m in peri menopause at 49 and was beginning to despair at my
    meno-apron. I’m 4 weeks into slimpod and your story inspires belief in me. I will do this. I will leave size 16 behind forever this time and be a size 12 again, but more importantly for me I will do this without depriving myself and by choosing the foods I know to be healthy and nutritious for my body. Wishing you continued success – thanks so much for sharing your story!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this Sandra and Bridget ! Very uplifting and encouraging ! The different size clothes made me think of my own swimsuit….black with red poppies on….have had it for years and depending what my weight has been, sometimes the poppies are quite big,,,,and sometimes they are not ‘ too bad ‘ Very stretchy you see !!

  22. Patsy Howard-Knight

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It gives me hope that I can get to my goal if I persist.

  23. Deborah Kingdon

    Well done, I can relate to much of what you’re saying, my weight loss seems very slow but I feel very positive and your so right self belief so important.

  24. Linda Cosgrove

    This is so inspiring! I was creeping towards the “well it might be difficult for me to lose as much as I want” mentality because I am 72 and recovering from a total knee replacement. No, I can do this! It might take me a bit longer than other people but I WILL get there.

  25. A truly inspirational story
    Well done Bridget,reading your story and journey has given me hope and determination to stick with it

  26. This article I found so inspiring. So much I could identify with. I’ve now entered my second week of my ‘new life’. There is so much to explore as a slimplodder. I love it. Thank you Sandra. I will be 75 this month!

  27. Amazing job well done you!! I am still to lose weight listening to slim pod, is ther ea private group on facebook or whatsapp or Telepgram please? Three months in and i have only dropped a few lbs…

    1. Hello Sue, there’s lots of free help available. We have a private Facebook group called Slimpod Club – there’s a video about it early in the programme. In the members area of our wbe app ( click on the section called How To Get Support and it will show you everything that’s on offer.

  28. Maria Southgate

    OMG reading this, (other than the health issues) I am the same, at my biggest at the age of 54, mennapaulsal, always yo yoed and easly lost the extra few pounds needed up until the age of 50, have now put 4 stone on !! with comments from friends and family this is what happens when you hit a certain age, but I dont feel comfortable and cannot embrase being larger,
    very inspirational story to keep me going, there is hope for me

  29. Well done to you Bridget , reading your story it is ME All the diet clubs the eating the clothes in the wardrobe and our age. It is such a shame we get to this age to find something that works and makes us happier in our self .
    I’m just starting my journey and you have given me hope.
    So well done and keep going it is amazing x

  30. Congratulations Bridget, a fantastic achievement and very inspiring. I realize that until your post I had a limiting belief that it is much much harder to lose weight post-menopause. This has been my experience and that of most of my friends, but I realize it is not helpful to keep repeating and agreeing with this limiting belief. You give me hope that I too can reach my natural body weight. Thank you.

  31. Bridget Bartlett

    Apologies to all you wonderful ladies who left such lovely messages following Sandra’s Blog . I rarely look at this page as I use the Slimpod Facebook pages instead hence the delay in responding to you all. I was truly humbled to read so many positive comments . I am delighted if my story has helped you to find motivation. I wish you all every success with your Slimpod journey . Bridget x

  32. Have only been a member since yesterday, so too early to notice anything yet. However all the above comments sound very encouraging. I am really hoping for success!

  33. Thank you so much for sharing this story, I’m in week 10 and in a similar position, I was always slim when younger no matter what I ate, then in my mid 30’s started gaining weight rapidly and now post menopausal am finding the weight just won’t move, I’m classed as type 2 diabetic but not on any medication, I’ve just been on goldgatherings this morning and Lynn has told me about Michelle’s project in extra, I’m really looking forward to joining extra now to see if this will help me. Thank you Sandra and Bridget, this has been inspirational ☺️

  34. What an inspirational story! It does give me hope that I can turn my health around. The description of the ‘old Bridget’ matches my profile almost 100%. I’m 60 years old, on steroids and on an immunosuppressant. I have Osteoarthritis in one knee and I also have size 14, 16 and 18 in my wardrobe. I currently take a size 18. I weighed myself this morning and got quite depressed about the digits on the scale. After watching your video I have realised that I will need to put more effort in. Thank you for sharing your story. You have given me hope. xx

  35. “Wow” Bridget, you have done fantastic, you are such an inspiration, really loved your story, I’m sure you will reach your goal very soon. Thank you x

  36. I loved your story, you are an inspiration. I am struggling with menopause at the moment, but now feel I can do this. I know I need to improve my exercise, this has been a life long battle, even as much as eating for me.

  37. Well done Bridget…my story so similar …have spent a fortune on every diet ,boot camps ,etc etc ….Im on hols at the moment but I am choosing bettet foods listening to the pods on my sunbed..I havnt really engaged with the group or asked 4 help as Im unsure what to do …no weight loss or inches but feelin good going in2 level 10 now…

  38. Hi, I can so relate to this! I am 63 in December but only 4’ 9”. I have, like you all the conditions you have and recently suffered a coronary artery spasm. I have also tried all the weight loss diets and groups you identify with some success, but the weight soon piles on again. I have been considering the Slimpod for weight loss, but am reluctant to invest in something again to fail again.

  39. What an inspiration, I hope I can do a small amount of what you have achieved, thank you for sharing your story x

  40. Very inspiring. I really need 2 get my act together. Lots of family problems at the moment which r causing me a lot of stress. I need help pl. thx

  41. Lindsay Piekarski

    I’m 55 and have struggled with my weight since my 20s although since HRT 9 months ago, a sudden gain of a stone will not shift. Currently I’m doing the 8/16 fast and while I genuinely feel better myself the weight wont budge. Please help!

    1. Hello Lindsay, As you’ve read in the blog, Bridget found that Slimpod made a big difference. Fasting alone doesn’t seem to be effective for most people. You can try Slimpod free for 10 days here:

  42. This is an inspiring story. I’m keen to know more about SlimPod. Post menopause, I am also 63 and have put on weight beyond what I’m happy with.

  43. I can identify with all this trying different diets, most with some success but none have lasted as my weight just creeps up again. But well done Bridget, it’s a great feeling to get rid of all the larger sizes! Hope to be heading in that direction soon.

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