Give your body a positive boost with my super Summer Challenge

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OUR super Summer Challenge starts today (Monday June 14) so get set for summer and boost your body positivity by taking part in my three-week challenge!

This could this be the push and focus you need to get into those smaller summer clothes. Take some action now and max your motivation.

It’s all very simple (of course!) and free (of course!) The challenge is going on in our private Slimpod Club group on Facebook, so if you’re not part of that, now’s your time!!

Just look in Level 1 of your Gold programme and you’ll find easy instructions on how to join Slimpod Club.

Each week for three weeks, we’ll set a new challenge for you.

The word ‘challenge’ can sometimes be scary, so first of all I want to assure you that the next three weeks are going to be a hugely positive, enjoyable and motivational experience!

The only condition of joining in is that you stick with it!!  We’ll be doing our bit to help you with that part!

You can take part in my Summer Challenge on your own or if you’re part of Slimpod Club, you can join in with the rest of the community and we’ll be doing some special motivational stuff in there, too!

The Summer Challenge is all about having clarity about what you want to achieve and then focusing on the process which will get you there.  It’s about taking action and being accountable.

Now I know some people struggle a little with taking consistent action so I’ve found a very simple and effective way of holding you accountable and that will involve simply posting pictures or videos in Slimpod Club.

Don’t panic, they won’t be pix of yourself in your swimwear or anything (I know what kind of response I’d get to that request!!!). 

Just show everyone a nice pic or video of where you’re out taking exercise in the summer fresh air. Lots of pix of lovely scenery will be a real tonic for us all.

The Summer Challenge is about body positivity and feeling good about yourself, because this is at the heart of our Slimpod system.

So let’s get some positive energy going! The idea is to keep listening to your Slimpod and stay engaged in the challenge for the next three weeks.

Please give the Summer Challenge a Like on Facebook if you’re taking part and let’s get cracking! Most of all ENJOY yourself!!

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14 thoughts on “Give your body a positive boost with my super Summer Challenge”

  1. Hi i use to have slimpod, thought i would give it another go .i had a knee replacement so 10 days into recovery. Which of the products would be best for me..thankyou

    1. Hello Diane, I can see on our system that you bought the old version of Slimpod back in 2016. I’ll ask Customer Services to contact you and see if you’d like to upgrade to the full version of Slimpod Gold, with the extra pods, or whether there’s another solution that would work for you. They’ll be in touch soon.

  2. Fabienne Prack

    I’ve tried many times to join slimpod on Facebook but I never get my request granted. Not impressed Sandra!

    1. Not sure what’s gone wrong there, Fabienne. I’ll get Customer Services to take an urgent look and get you fixed up in Slimpod Club asap.

  3. Hi I do about 7000- 8000 a day normally do I am going to push my self for the 11425 steps
    I am already a slim pod member but have lost my way s bit so I need this push to get bk on it

  4. Going for the marathon walk .Done 10 today.. This is the first challege that I. am doing. Started extra yesterday so focusing on the activity bit.

  5. I am going to go for the 8,000 steps per day.. This could be the motivation I need to regroup as I don’t think I’ve truly tried my best to really get into this properly.. So here goes!

  6. I have slimpod but it wasn’t working for me really tired of trying a another expensive diet that wont work

    1. Too late for the Summer challenge, I’m afraid. But the good news is that there’ll be a new Autumn challenge for everyone in a few weeks’ time.

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