Simple steps you can take to control your hormones and your weight

CONTROL your hormones! You might think that’s easier said than done – but our minds are funny things.  They can lead us to amazing success or they can keep us stuck in the same old, same old.

One thing I’ve noticed in the 10 years since I launched Slimpod, is that many people get stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing over and over again but expect a different result each time.

That’s why the Slimpod programme is so different.  It opens up your mind to help you see different routes to go down and helps you find solutions to why you’ve been stuck.

It helps you look at things from a different perspective because instead of throwing in the towel and screaming ‘It’s not working’ – I’m confident the answer is there for you.

You just have to allow yourself to become unstuck and then look in a different direction.

So if you’ve been a bit stuck and the fat isn’t budging as quickly as you’d like it to be doing, this week’s video about how to control your hormones could well be exactly what you need to watch!

Control your hormones – Nicki’s expert advice

Recently I asked my friend and hormone expert Nicki Williams to share her knowledge with our Slimpod Extra group and what she told them about how to control your hormones is so useful, I felt I needed to share with my whole Slimpod community.

Even the edited version is over 40 minutes long so I highly recommend you find a good chunk of “me time” and settle down for a fascinating and valuable bit of viewing.

Nicki is an award winning nutritionist, the author of It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones, a podcaster and founder of HappyHormonesFor, so she certainly knows her stuff about how to control your hormones.

We have more than 100 hormones pumping through our bodies but in the video, Nicki identifies what she calls the Feisty Four hormones because they seem to rule the roost!

When you’re heating healthy food to control your hormones, it really is so useful if this becomes a habit.

Now click on the image below to watch Nicki’s video on The Slimpod Channel on YouTube:

Nicki explains the role each of the four hormones plays in your body and how you must get them all into balance. Once you can control your hormones, you will improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Nicki is such a fountain of knowledge that my interview with her just seemed to fly by and I’m positive everyone will find it extremely useful.

By the way, there’s an additional pod you can buy called Balancing The Menopause. There’s £25 off if you use the discount code GOLDTHANKS, making it yours for just £14.99. Click here to try it

Control your hormones – it’s for men, too!

One important point, by the way: we tend to associate hormones with the menopause and so we assume they’re just a cross we ladies have to bear. But in fact, much of Nicki’s advice about how to control your hormones and their effect on your weight applies to men, too, so don’t be put off watching, fellas!

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Please leave a comment below to let Nicki and I know what you think of our interview.

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  1. Deborah Kingdon

    Listening to Nicki Williams was so very interesting and informative, thank you for bringing this really pleasant lady to talk and give such wonderful information. I am well past my menopause but the advise was fantastic.I am on the Slimpod journey and this information for me makes lots of sense.

  2. Fantastic and informative thank you so very much for sharing …. Explains so much that makes sense

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