Stop sabotaging your weight loss!

MY Week 3 Boot Camp video is about limiting beliefs and self-doubt – how they sabotage lasting weight loss (and what you can do about it). Every day I come into contact with people who have a constant battle with their bodies and their weight. 

They really have given up believing that they will ever reach the size they desire.  They’ve been on the diet-fail-diet-fail cycle so many times they just can’t imagine themselves succeeding with anything.

 They’ve been disappointed so many times, it’s now become very emotional – and there’s real pain and fear attached to having another attempt just in case it doesn’t work again.

The thing is, if you fear that you won’t lose weight, then you’ll never do it.

The more time goes on the more you’ll continue to believe that you can’t lose weight and you’ll start finding lots of reasons to back up those limiting thoughts.   

As time goes on you then find yourself in a pattern and patterns keep repeating themselves. Things get worse and worse until you feel useless and helpless.

You must face this fear and self doubt because otherwise it will control you for ever.

Your life is merely the story you’re telling yourself day in day out and the narrative can change – if you realise it’s happening and take action.

So if this is you, and you’ve given up on many weight loss attempts before you found Slimpods, take a moment to reflect and think about why this is happening.

Is it because of past failures?

Is it because someone once told you that you’ll be fat forever?

Is it because your partner isn’t supportive of your latest weight loss attempt because you believe you can never lose weight?

Or it might be because you always give up and that’s become a habit – now you doubt whether you can change that habit.

Don’t let the fear and self-doubt hold you back any longer. 

Please leave a comment below – and share the post as well. Lots of people tell me they get help and inspiration from reading other people’s views – and I love reading them all too!

24 thoughts on “Stop sabotaging your weight loss!”

  1. Wendy Brotherwood

    That made me very emotional, it’s so so true, decades of self sabotage, allowing my script to take over, I am determined to change my script thank you Sandra

  2. Found this video particularly helpful, loved – ‘ make your goal the pleasure’
    One of my goals is to fit into a blue dress, when I’m in the gym I sometimes chant (in my head, not out loud) blue dress, blue dress, I’m going to try it if I’m heading for a snack between meals .
    Thanks Sandra ?

  3. This really “touched home” with me, I do self sabotage and have been full of self doubt. I have lost count of the times I have just stopped just as I’m seeing results and I’ve no idea why. I do want to change this, I want to be slim and healthy so much and it is now really just starting to grow in my mind that it is up to me and with slim pods help it is achieve able.

  4. Thank you for your passion Sandra. I am coming up for 6 months and still listening. I have lost 6 inches from m starting measurements (that is adding together neck chest waist etc) and am determined to keep listeningredients and choosing to eat healthily and less addictively. Slowly but surely I will have a less stressed relationship with food and learn to see it as a fuel not a satisfaction and the be all and end all every day!

  5. Maria Woodford

    This is so true about food as well as actually so many other things in life, we become what we expect or are expected to be. So simple when you really stop and think about it but not something generally spoken about.
    Thankyou for your valuable words they might just help to save my life as my weight loss has got to change or I take a serious health nosedive.

  6. I didn’t realise when I signed up to Slimpod how much extra help was going to be available so thank you. Reading through the comments I do identify with Sandra who says she begins to see results then just stops dieting and has no idea why. I think a weekend off won’t hurt – or a holiday – or Easter, maybe and then my resolve is gone, even though I was enjoying wearing smaller clothes. I really do need a new script.

  7. Thanks, very helpful. Particularly the last comment on making my goal the pleasure. I am on holiday, skiing hard and am eating well with real hunger. Listening to the tape at night and haven’t thought about food once in between meals. I honestly don’t know if l have lost weight, but I do feel my attitude to food has improved so much since I first started to listen to the tape.

  8. Sandra i listened to what you were saying in the vlog,i would like to know where i go from here. I have been listening to the slimpod for 50 days now and have been at a standstill for about 2 weeks now.advice please..

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      Hi Cath, Could you contact – giving us your story ie how long you’ve been struggling with your weight and what changes you’ve seen since you started the Slimpod. They will pass it to me and this will help me with a reply. Thanks!

  9. John Bickerstaff

    Thanks for your support when I am feeling a bit weak being stuck on my weight.It is greatly appreciated.

  10. Your blog rings very true. Self doubt and lack of faith in oneself certainly get in the way of success. Great boost to confidence and morale. Thank you. Helen Gee

  11. Very positive and great to have this additional support. I wonder if there is any evidence as to how long it takes to break habits? I’ve been self-comforting (and self-sabotaging) with food for at least 40 years – is it 1 week for every year sort of thing? Thanks ?

  12. Ive had this vlog for months but only recently got round to watching – it’s really good! I can identify with everything Sandra said. I listened for 3 weeks on holiday last year then stopped – I have no excuse I don’t know why. Maybe it was a trust issue. But I started again in March this year and it’s wonderful
    – it has been instrumental in my losing 2 1/2 stone. But this week I’ve given up the scales as I know my food choices are so much better now. I turned down a cream cake at work without even thinking about it as I really didn’t fancy it. I’ve got the Gold and also the additions and I really love listening before I go to sleep. Thank you

  13. Thank you – it is nice to feel understood and come away with some positive ways of changing things for the better.

  14. Just watched vlog and it made sense to me I’m now going to make my goal the pleasure and telling my self what I want and how I want to look, and believing I can lose this weight thank you Sandra I’m changing the script

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