Like Helen, let Slimpod unlock the secret of the Power Within

I’VE been so blessed over the past week to have the privilege to watch lots and lots of videos that Slimpodders have sent me. Believe me, I’ve had a few teary evenings because it’s the most amazing feeling seeing the astonishing difference in people in the space of just seven days.

We all have a very special power within our minds and  all we really need is the key that will unlock it.

Over the years I’ve noticed that the first big step for most people is making a decision to do something about their weight.  They’ve often had a long journey of failure and set-backs and they really don’t start with much enthusiasm.

Then when they do get going and make the decision to take action,  confidence and self-esteem levels can be at their absolute lowest and the thought of sharing their journey on video would most probably be the last thing on their mind!

However, one of the most powerful ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals is to share your daily progress and also witness how other people are getting on.

Seeing how others who started off like you have progressed, overcome obstacles and changed their lives is a powerful emotional incentive.

That’s one of the reasons I started our Video of the Week challenge. And I know from the many comments I’ve had that it’s really paying off for so many people.

I’m really grateful to lovely Helen Martin, first winner of my Video of the Week award, for allowing me to share three of her videos with you. She’s only been on the Slimpod programme for two weeks and already she’s noticing wonderful differences.

In the first video, as you’ll see, she was very emotional about her weight and the way she felt about herself.

In the second video, which she shot the next day, she’s very happy about the way her attitude to food is changing.

By the end of the week Helen was even happier and more confident – so much so that she’s talking about becoming a Zumba instructor! Amazing!

Helen says she now has a different mindset and has  learned an important lesson about herself by completing her daily video blogs. “It’s not just about losing weight, it’s also about gaining self-respect,” she says.

“We should be kinder about ourselves, learn to love ourselves more for who we are. Life is for enjoying, not for blaming ourselves.”

Isn’t that so true? I’m sure Helen is going to inspire many, many people with her success.

So it will be wonderful if lots more of you can share daily videos in Slimpod Club or with a friend if you’re not in the group.

Imagine if one person saw your progress and used that to take action to change their life. How would that make you feel?

Then imagine if hundreds of people saw that and took action. How would that make you feel??

Inspiring others is the one of the most rewarding feelings and is one that can then be used to encourage you even further than just your physical and emotional journey.

Please leave a comment below to let me know about your video diary and to tell me what you think about Helen’s success.

15 thoughts on “Like Helen, let Slimpod unlock the secret of the Power Within”

  1. Christina Mckay

    I’m loving the videos and totally agree with your choice this week. Helen is amazing, so natural, bubbly and refreshing. great inspiration and motivation. I have never done a personal video before and naturally very shy, but am finding it so helpful to do them to review each day and feel accountable to the group. Would really recommend to anyone else, it is such a benefit.

  2. Helen’s videos are really inspiring! I understand completely about emotional eating and wanting to run for the sugar, or the wine, in my case, when things go wrong. Slimpod is helping me to think differently now.

  3. Christina Miles

    I love Helen’s videos she is an inspiration to everyone. I have no clue how to make a video and would be to shy to do so. I love seeing the videos.

  4. This is awesome! Helen is a personal friend of mine and has led me to Slimpod. Every time we met we discussed our weight loss failures. But I suddenly saw a difference in her and it was this programme. Go Helen, always knew you were amazing,

  5. Well deserved winner of video of the week.
    I look forward to Helen’s videos , she’s a natural.
    I can identify with several points that Helen has made.

  6. Yes Helen what a lovely lady she is a great inspiration the videos obviously work for her which is brilliant. I have only managed to do 1 video not for any reason apart from finding the time I know that’s mad no excuse lol but i truly don’t get too much time alone anyway I’m on holiday at the mo cruising down the Rhine still listening to Trevor still being mindful and making better choices the best thing is knowing I’m not off the diet cos there is no diet , x

  7. Well done Helen it’s fab it’s inspired me but not ready to post videos just yet can’t seem to get the angles right lol I’ve noticed that I am eating so much slower and enjoying my food more I also hadn’t eaten bread for 2 weeks in milk today which is great also had some positive comments from people that I’m looking good and I feel as bright as a button 🙂 would like to see my clothes fit be a bit better as I’m sure they will in time

  8. Elizabeth Lewis

    Helen is a well deserved winner . It certainly makes me aware of the trauma and tribulations other also go through. it’s so easy to forget about that.

    I’m using my video to train me to talk about myself (to myself) and thence to others.. i have never been able to do that before. it’s like opening up my inner thoughts to others especially my eating weaknesses.

    Anyway, very well done Helen. hope you enjoy the journey.

  9. Two weeks! I’m more interested in people after two months or even six months. I always start optimistic too. It never lasts though.

  10. I am thrilled to bits that you all like my videos. (I’m almost in tears of joy ) I must say tho ladies, you were the ones that inspired me to do them. I’m usually Quite shy and it does feel a little odd to do a video. Soon get the hang of it, especially as we’re accountable for 70 days challenge. I feel I just had to tell you of my amazing changes and it’s like magic! I rely on the Slimpods to help me, through all sorts of emotions & habits while I lose weight. The pods are very effective. Simply relax your mind and body and listen .
    Give it a try, I’m so happy I did. I’m looking forward to giving you more good news of my future self.
    Thanks so much
    Helen Martin

  11. Amazing and inspiring well done Helen you are fab. I am 23 days on Slimpod and I have not one snack which is an all time record for me, everything you said Helen i am experiencing exactly the same as you. I am listening to myself and when i wobble i eat a date with peanut butter ….and i am going to get my old trombone out of the loft (36 years its been up there ) and take lessons again, so good luck with the Zumba …hugs xx Regards

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