Say goodbye to Summer and say hello to weight loss again

SUMMER’S almost done and we’re heading into Autumn.  So many people struggle at this time of year.  I’ve had a great summer and have just come back from a late summer break in Portugal with my daughter and I must admit I’m struggling to get back into the groove!

But I’m not alone – I know Summer really throws so many people off course and can be a real problem.

For many of us the problem is lack of routine, especially if we have children.  For others it’s just lack of structure and that’s where I’m at!

I’m craving structure to my day!

While I was away I was thinking of my health and self goals for the next three months and because I know so many people need a bit of motivation, I thought I’d help get us all moving by getting some focus for the next three months.

My Autumn Success Drive is all about having clarity about what you want to achieve and then focusing on the process which will get you there. It’s about taking action and being accountable.

Here’s a video I shot this morning to help you get cracking again!

Now I know some people struggle a little with taking consistent action.

So the first thing we have to think about is what we want – and that’s where goal-setting gives us clarity.

Where are we now and what do we want to achieve?

Is it just that we’ve eaten too much over Summer and our exercise routine has gone out of the window?

Or is it deeper than that?  Is it about emotional connections with food or do you self Sabotage?

Are you holding yourself back in some way?

BE CLEAR and realistic about this! No wishy-washy goals, please.

You must really connect with your goal to make it happen.

So many people worry about goal-setting because reminds them of the past.  But if negativity creeps in, reframe and think differently!

Look on goals as a good thing because they give you the vital direction in which to travel.

They’re also there to give you feedback not to make you feel like a failure!

Use them as a positive tool to discover what needs to be done next if you don’t quite reach them this time.

Remember, goals shouldn’t be obstacles. Use them as something that will give you direction and feedback. 

Next step is that you need to take action – and consistent action is what so many people struggle with. Think of just two small actions which will take you towards your goal.

What’s worked well in the past?

Then get yourself a buddy or partner you can share your journey with – believe me, it really helps with motivation!

Post up your goals below or in Slimpod Club if you’re a member.  Also connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to let me know how you’re getting on.

11 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Summer and say hello to weight loss again”

  1. This came at just the right time I’d set some time aside today to map out goals to motivate me until Christmas. I’m going straight to goal to give it a go

  2. I have gone to 17 stone and really not happy I haven’t had a holiday so can’t blame that. In the last 2 weeks I have lost 6lb so trying to go forward and my mind mapping goal is to be happy again.

  3. I need to lose weight I know I can do it because I lost three and a half stone two years ago. But put it back on because I was waiting for a hip replacement and just eat because I couldn’t do a lot. Then lost motivation to do it.

  4. Just come back from 8 weeks in spain thank you for this video it’s the boot up the backside I needed. Goal mapping in process

  5. Hello Sandra. Great video. I’ve actually had quite a good Summer and actually shifted a few pounds!- Just by telling myself before meals “I’m slimming” and listening to Trevor. My goal at the moment is trying to make looser clothes fit! I’ve managed to shrink some trousers, A local shop does cheap alterations, so that’s my next step. Still need to keep going, but the success has spurred me on.

  6. Thanks Sandra, great timing with this. I’ve not been as focused as I like to be over the summer, but it was really helpful to be reminded that im not the only one. It made me realise I think of you, Sandra Roycroft Davis as some sort of saint and separate from the rest of us , so it was good to hear that you are in the same position as me.
    I’ve completed my goal map and feel focused again. Thanks

  7. Mrs Margaret Richardson

    I have just read an article in a health magazine, which really made a connection with me. In It the author/ Doctor, explains why overweight and obese people struggle to lose weight, despite doing all the right things. Type 2 diabetes is also an issue, but the main culprit is Pre-diabetes. This condition is made worse by the fact that carbohydrates, rice, potatoes, bread, etc., on most ‘diet regimes’ say that 250gms per day should be consumed. He suggests that this is far too much, and quote, ‘may be up to 5 times more than your body can handle. For most people with type 2 diabetes to eat starchy carbs and sugar moderately is to be poisoned moderately.’ un-quote. Despite following your advice, and finding it really helpful, I just have not lost the weight that I was hoping for. I will be continuing with the Slimpod programme, and my goal will be cut down dramatically on the carbohydrates that I am consuming. I will let you know how I get on.

  8. I’m listening to the pods most days;
    I’m tending to eat when I’m hungry rather than just for the sake of it;
    I need to watch the size of my portions though;
    I’ve cut right down on alcohol and stepped up the amount of water I’m drinking.
    This video is perfectly timed and really encouraging.

  9. Thanks for that Sandra, I am really struggling with my weight and am very unhappy about it. Unfortunately I am physically unable to exercise as I used to, so that’s a problem. I find goal setting quite difficult, but am desperate to loose weight

  10. Seems like a great idea although I find target setting very difficult! I now find that physically I am unable to exercise as I once did, but my weight is making me miserable. I certainly need help!

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