Accountability buddy is proven way to keep weight loss on track

Accountability buddy is a phrase you often hear. So what does it mean? There’s an old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. So I was fascinated to learn about a study carried out by a psychology professor in California.

She discovered that people who wrote down their goals then shared them with a friend – as well as giving the friend weekly updates – were on average 33 per cent more likely to achieve their goals that those who make goals but keep them to themselves.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off (and who doesn’t?) you need an accountability buddy. Someone you can confide in, someone who will keep a regular check on you, someone who will motivate you.

Recently I had a lovely chat with Slimpodder Linda Robson, who told me all about the great relationship she has with her accountability buddy, Liz Riley.

Linda and Liz’s success together totally backs up the findings of the American study, by psychology professor Dr Gail Matthews, from the Dominican University in San Rafael.

It’s really clear: It’s not enough to set a goal and tell yourself you’re going to reach it. You MUST share it to achieve the greatest success.

That’s because you need the right person backing you up.

Your accountability buddy will help get you through the tough times that inevitably come along from time to time – like when you might unexpectedly put on a pound or two or hit a plateau.

I have an accountability buddy in my business life and one who keeps a close watch on my personal life, too. So I can swear to the amazing effectiveness of sharing goals.

Here’s some great takeaways:

An accountability buddy will help make anything possible

How will they do that? By making sure you move out of your comfort zone! I’ve written a lot about limiting beliefs and how important it is to cast them aside – and that’s exactly what your accountability buddy will help you to do. You need someone to give you a push and take risks (not dangerous ones!). So make sure the buddy you choose fully understands your goals and isn’t afraid to speak their mind when the occasion arises.

An accountability buddy will inspire you to hit the heights

No matter how successful you are in any part of your life, there’ll always be days when you’ve lost your oomph. The initial excitement of setting a wonderful goal can start to fade at times and that’s when you need someone to motivate you. When you say “I can’t go on” your accountability buddy will tell you “Yes you can!” It’s vital to have someone who can remind you of how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved already because this will help keep the end goal in sight.

An accountability buddy will keep you on track at all times

Think about previous times when you tried to achieve your goals on your own. Did some of them get dumped at the first sign of trouble? That’s the downside of going it alone. Your buddy will keep you accountable, pulling you back on track and willing you to succeed. So if you’re not the kind of person who will persevere against all odds then it’s important to pick a buddy who will! Choose someone you trust and admire who’s not afraid to tell you exactly what they think!

An accountability buddy is always there to watch your back

Have you heard Liverpool football fans inspire their team by singing the song You’ll Never Walk Alone? It has an almost magical effect on the players, driving them on to play their hearts out. That’s one of the joys of having an accountability buddy because with a trusted friend walking alongside you, you’ll be totally confident that you’ll never be alone. You’ll have someone with whom you can share your fears and someone who will give you a much-needed reality check from time to time.

An accountability buddy will celebrate every win, however small

The worst thing to do on any journey is to be disconsolate about how far you’ve got to go instead of being jubilant about how far you’ve already come. So it’s really important to get everything into perspective because as I’m constantly telling Slimpod users, losing weight is more about enjoying the journey than actually reaching the destination.

You need an accountability buddy who’ll regularly celebrate your wins with you, however small they might seem to you.

If you’re in Slimpod Club and would like an accountability buddy, then simply post a message, and please connect with me on Instagram and/or Twitter because I’d love you to share your stories with me there too.

And do also leave a comment below as well. I love reading them all and I know they’re such an inspiration to others.

7 thoughts on “Accountability buddy is proven way to keep weight loss on track”

  1. highfield.driffield1

    It seems like a great thing to do, I’d like to give it a go, in a couple of weeks I won’t be so busy. I listen to Trevor regularly and that held a lot but I still fall by the wayside and feel I’ll never lose this weight. It’s really frustrating. Elizabeth

  2. I would like to try having an accountability buddy because it doesn’t seem to be working on my own. I work shifts as well which makes it harder to stick to goals I set. But I’m worried about letting them and myself down.

  3. This is just what I need please. I have been trying slimpod on my own and losing momentum because I do not feel I can share my goals to others and do not carry through my thinking. Even though I intently dislike slimming clubs and don’t want to go to them, they do achieve to provide accountability whilst attending whilst being online allows me to push aside my good intentions as I don’t follow through plans into action most times.

  4. Think, one more program to try, HHHHHMMMMM, more money down the drain? I hope I can say with this one, I did it!! 🙂 I have wasted a lot of money with diets, I lost about 3 stone one time, but when I could not afford the expensive food anymore, it came back with a vengeance!! I think this is the problem with healthy choices, they are more expensive than the bad choices and so we go for the bad choices.

  5. My husband has been my buddy although he hasn’t used slimpod
    through my eating he has lost weight as well I have lost 22lbs since starting slimpod I know it’s taken me a few months but I have a lazy thyroid and I was told I would never lose weight what do they know I’m so proud of my achievement

  6. I’m definitely going to do this. I’ve been using slimpod since March & now on Extra. It’s been life-changing but I still have wobbles – I’m having one at the moment – and think a buddy might help me navigate those. I’m on Facebook so I’ll put a message on there to see if I can find a like-minded person.

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