Forgiving yourself crucial for weight loss

Depriving yourself of food puts on weight

By Trevor Silvester

YOU’VE probably heard the saying, “You’re either your own best friend or your own worst enemy.” I certainly find this to be true of my weight loss clients, and I think one of the reasons the Slimpod Club is such a powerful and popular support mechanism is because so many people struggle with supporting themselves. Why are we so tough on ourselves?

I’ve found that one of the things that’s crucial in helping people improve their self-esteem is to guide them towards forgiving themselves more readily. We tend to judge and criticise ourselves far more harshly than we would anybody else.

 So stop! Be kinder to yourself, be more forgiving – because you’re going to fail before you succeed.

You won’t always resist that biscuit or cake, you won’t always go to the gym when you planned, you won’t always be able to say no to that glass of wine.

I assume that’s the case with every Slimpod I design, which is why I nudge your mind toward noticing when you do well and nudge you towards just moving on and starting again when you don’t.

Setbacks will occur, it’s what we turn them into that matters. And if you begin to notice a setback makes you even more determined, and you look back at the end of the day and realise you’re being kinder to yourself, then not only will you lose the weight you want to…

But you’ll enjoy being you so much more.

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