Top tips to help you overcome the fear of food this Summer

HOLIDAY season is upon us and I know that keeping control of our weight can be a major worry for some. So many people get into a bad place and all the great progress they’ve made with their new habits and weight loss seems to be in jeopardy.

 I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say “I’m a little bit worried about how I’m going to cope with food when I’m on holiday – I usually pig out and I love having a cocktail or two in the evening.”

But it’s really important to stay calm because Summer doesn’t really need to be treated any differently to the rest of the year. 

When you’re on my Slimpod programme, remember, you’re NOT ON A DIET! 

This is important because the Summer season throws up an all or nothing pattern of behaviour. You’ve been “good” for a couple of months so you feel you can relax and go totally the other way!

This can often be a deeply-engrained pattern of behaviour and it’s something that’s been repeated for many years.

But the sad thing is it means you mentally fall off the wagon and decide to “start again” in September!  

If you’re finding yourself having fears about eating too much ice cream or overeating at BBQs, stop worrying as it’s not the end of the world. 

Recognise that you’re having these thoughts and relax in the knowledge that you’re not on a diet so there is no food to be afraid of. 

Because Slimpod isn’t a diet, an ice cream or a cocktail isn’t going to do much damage. It’s the all or nothing mentality that does the harm.

Here are some tips to overcome the fear of food this Summer and live your life to the fullest: 

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ONE: If you’re going on a trip, rather than feeling bad and depriving yourself of the little holiday treats give yourself permission to have some. It’s truly not going to be the end of the world.

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TWO: Set yourself up for success!  Build little rewards into your life over the next four or five weeks and don’t let ice creams and cocktails etc become obstacles to your success. 

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THREE: When you’re in the mindset that you’ll have the things that go hand in hand with holidays, you’ll remove the guilt and believe it or not it will help you stay in control.

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FOUR: Keep eating the foods which make you feel healthy. Eating meals which have a similar “balance” to what you’d usually eat can help you to feel full and energised and stop you feeling like you need to go back for more.

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FIVE: Protein can help you feel fuller for longer so add that to your plate where you can alongside the other tasty BBQ must-haves.

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FINALLY: give yourself permission to enjoy your Summer! It doesn’t all have to be about food!   

Reframe your mindset from adopting the “I’ve blown it” attitude to being kind to yourself and honouring the time of year.

An ice cream or some pasta salad at a BBQ won’t change your life and being at peace with that can make this your best Summer yet. 

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14 thoughts on “Top tips to help you overcome the fear of food this Summer”

  1. Through Slimpod I’ve managed to stop the panic at any change in routine. I used to worry ? about social occasions or holidays, but I don’t now! Thanks to a gradual change in mindset and behaviour through the fabulous Slimpod way!

  2. Thank you Sandra! All makes sense and the trick is actually doing it! Will try to avoid the ‘diet head’ mentality! Xx

  3. We’ve just moved house so everything is a jungle in here therefore we are eating out a lot but I have it in control and I’ll soon listen to my pods again and cut down on the naughty foods again thank you so much for your inspirational talks I’m sure it helps us all to feel good about ourselves cheers Pat

  4. Collette Edwards

    Having frequent salad can be boring so every other day I have a cooked meal. I find that if I play the pods everyday ( when I can get wifi) it holds me in good stead.

  5. Lorna-Mary Webb

    This is so true. I was on my hols last week and didn’t worry at all about what I was eating as I was walking and moving so much during the day. We had pub lunches,I left some on plate when I was full, I ate ice creams, but usually after walking 10,000 steps and all meals were BBQ’ed on an evening as we were glamping. I swapped gin and tonics for ginless gin and tonics ( I also slept better because of this) and had the occasional glass of Pinot with a pub lunch, cos I was on my hols! I didn’t gorge and didn’t feel guilty. I felt in control and didn’t feel like I was missing out. Slimpod has helped me find my balance…other holidays, in the past, I would have drank lots more, moved a lot less and eaten way more fattening foods. I also came home with momentum, not feeling like I had to crash diet and hating on myself for being greedy. Thanks Sandra and team for all your guidance that has led me to this place.

  6. Hi I’ve just started Slimpod and I’m hoping to turn my life around and eating healthier and being more motivated.

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