In 644 amazing days, Slimpod changed my life for ever

IF you’re a reader of Woman’s Own magazine you may have spotted a familiar face on the front cover this week – Slimpodder Rachael Buckett. She’s sharing the story of her remarkable lifestyle transformation.

Rachael, who has lost seven stone, has been a star of Slimpod Club for the last 18 months or so and made a lovely video with me last year (I’ve included a link to it further down).

So I asked Rachael to give us an update on her journey so far, which is full of tips and inspiration. This is it in her own words:

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It’s now been 644 days since I changed my life for ever… 

Yes, that all important change happened from day one – the change in my mindset that this time I was going to achieve the healthy lifestyle and body that I craved.

That from that day forward I was going to change my future for the better, put myself first and invest in me. 

Prior to this I really struggled with everything – every single movement was an effort. There was no way that I was prepared to live the rest of my life like that! I needed to make a change – a drastic change and quickly. 

Yes, I have been determined and focussed, but Slimpod has made that so very easy! 

If you watched my first Zoom interview with Sandra you will know how I got started on my Slimpod Journey – but what is life like now that I am over seven stone lighter? What habits have I maintained? 

I really think that there are elements of Slimpod that will stay with me forever. I definitely still do eat less, move more and chose better – on a daily basis. 



First of all my exercise. I have never done anything that I didn’t enjoy doing.

When I was going to the gym on a daily basis – I loved it! When I started getting up to do LWR (Lucy Wyndham Read on YouTube) routines before work, I loved that too….and even cycling to work in the rain – loved that even more! 

These days I instinctively do some form of exercise three times a day. As its summer, all of this is outdoors. It’s never an effort or a chore – it’s what I naturally wake up and want to do! 

I walk the dog first thing in the morning and have recently started adding in 30 mins of running (couch to 5k).

Rachael before starting Slimpod

Rachael a year ago, 4 stones lighter

Rahcael with mag

Rachael today, 7 stones lighter, with Woman’s Own magazine

I now work from home so I always walk the dog at lunchtime too – usually about 45 minutes. Quite often, if I have run in the morning I will reach 10,000 steps before I start work again in the afternoon. 

After work finishes at 5pm I will go for a bike ride for 5-10 miles or walk the dog (again) for a five mile walk. Sometimes both! My average daily steps for the last six months are over 13,000! 

Two things that help me be more active are giving up using the car and only watching one hour of TV a day! 

I never use the car for trips around Inverness – I will walk or cycle. This is so liberating! Not relying on finding car parking spaces – juggling use of the car with my hubby – finding out bus times…not to mention the ever-increasing petrol prices! It’s less stressful and better for the environment too!  

I hardly ever sit on the sofa to watch TV now – I don’t have the time! I used to sit down in front of the TV at 7pm and not move again for four hours – getting my hubby to bring me snacks and then helping me to lever myself from the sofa before struggling to climb the stairs to bed – stuffed and unhappy! 

This is the video I made with Rachael a year ago when she’d “only” lost four stones. Click on the picture to watch it on the Slimpod Channel

Which brings me on to food. I fell into 16:8 intermittent fasting quite early on in the process. Today, I do still mostly do this – but am less regimented with timings.

I eat when I’m hungry. For the first year of Slimpod I only drank water – I now drink coffee (no sugar) and red wine (one bottle a week) 

I still have either broccoli, avocado or spinach on a daily basis…sometimes all three! 

I still binge eat occasionally – but this is never now an emotional response.  It is controlled and doesn’t really happen often. I had Pringles on the weekend – and can never just have one or two of them – I have to finish the tube!  

Prior to Slimpod I would have several bags of crisps a day and bars of chocolate. I now never have these things daily…just occasionally…I really don’t miss them.

But if I do want them – I will delay the decision and delay the gratification. But I do enjoy them! 

How my food has changed

I still eat a much better portion of healthy foods and steer away from ultra-processed foods and sugar. 

I eat a lot of protein and avoid…but not deny…bread and potatoes. I have limited pasta and rice. 

Quite often my meals will consist of chicken or fish and big plate of broccoli. I have never limited cheese and dairy products. My addiction is now Brazil nuts! 

I think one of the major differences is that if I do have something ‘bad’ to eat, I don’t think that I’ve ruined the diet now so might as well eat rubbish for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.

If I eat something ‘bad’ – I enjoy it, it is usually a considered decision to eat it. I will think do I really want it – or is there a healthier and tastier option.

If I fancy cake, I will sometimes look for one that has the least sugar….. but then other times I will have exactly what I fancy! However, it doesn’t spark a whole chain of making bad food choices.  

My mental health has improved greatly – but this is still a work in progress.

I still listen to Trevor most nights…although don’t record my wins any more…well not writing them down anyway – I more mentally acknowledge them. 

I am spending an absolute fortune on clothes – the absolute pleasure of being able to shop anywhere is amazing and addictive! I am now a size 10/12/14 – depending on the shop. It is easier to find shoes that fit – and that are comfortable. 

And I climb hills….big hills! I have done 20 Munros in the last 12 months and about 60 hills in total! 

What next for me? 

Carry on doing what I love – every day I do things that give me pleasure. Walking, running, cycling and climbing very big hills! 

I still have a stone to lose – although I fear that a lot of this weight is excess skin – which I would much rather have than the shorter life expectancy that being overweight gives you…but I am not really prepared to go under the knife – so will live with it – quite happily! 

My main aim over the next couple of months is to be able to run 5k – to be able to call myself a runner. 

If I lose more weight doing that – brilliant! If I don’t, I love the way I look just now. I am so proud of what I have achieved, and will never go back.

Slimpod has helped me change my life forever and given me a future to be excited for! 

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43 thoughts on “In 644 amazing days, Slimpod changed my life for ever”

  1. Elizabeth Taylor

    What a fantastic story, to have changed your life so much is great and really inspiring, well done.

    1. Omg. Absolutely brilliant. U r an amazing woman u should b proud of your self. I wish i have the will power the mind set like u.

  2. Rachael, I really enjoyed reading your story. I love how you have included lots of practical tips. I will think of you next time it rains when I am out biking.

    1. Amazing achievement Rachael and your story has reinforced why I am doing this and that I can’t doubt myself. So inspiring, thank you for sharing and hopefully your story will encourage others to take this journey through the magazine. ?

  3. Well done Rachael, what an outstanding acheivement. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others. You look incredible xx

  4. Thank you for sharing, Rachael. Your story gives me hope. I’m down 4 dress sizes but still loads of weight to lose. It’s so good to hear you ave days when you just want to eat: me too! I try to be healthy though, even on the days I just want to eat and eat and eat. Good luck on your last little bit! Take care

  5. Rachael- your journey is fabulous. I think your sensible, realistic outlook on life and habits has really helped focussing what’s important. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  6. Joann Witton-Hugill

    What an inspirational and positive person Rachael is, watching the video as really cheered me up and made me think of how I can add in some more exercise in the day. Great stuff Rachael

  7. Rachael you are a star! You have been persistent in your journey and tried new things which you love and your results speak for themselves. Well done!

  8. Shona Mcilwraith

    Fantastic Rachael. I’ve followed your story for several months and I think you’re so inspiring. I’m from Inverness ( now live in Edinburgh) so it’s lovely to see your photos of local landmarks and mountains. Well done on improving your whole life and also on inspiring so many of us. What an amazing achievement!!

  9. Celestine Varg

    Fantastic about the Woman’s Own magazine article Rachael ! You will be inspiring a whole new section of people who read it:-)
    Your positivity and support in SlimPod Club is very much appreciated and you remain a perfect Poster Girl for the SlimPod program! I look forward to continuing to read about your activities and adventures over the coming months. You have worked really hard at making these changes in your life and well deserve the success. Big hugs, Celestine xx

  10. What a wonderfully inspiring account of Slimpod at its best! Brilliant work and fantastic results, Rachael 🙂

  11. What a wonderful achievement, truly amazing and Racheal SHOULD BE PROUD OF HERSELF! I’ve not been a member of slimpod for long but believe it can permanently change your life! I look forward to my transformation.

    1. Thank you! I am very proud of what I have achieved….and will continue so… there is no going back! Xx

    1. Elaine Burrows

      I only started with Slimpods on Monday this week so only just started to get to grips with it – but Rachael is a real inspiration. I was very sceptical and hesitant about joining,but Rachael is showing newbies like me the way to go.

  12. What a wonderful achievement I imagine I am much older than you so a lot of exercise isn’t appropriate but your life is an inspiration to us all

  13. What a fantastic achievement Rachael, well done! I really wish I had a success story, I’m not doing very well at all and have loads to lose ☹️??

  14. I started my slimpod journey when I read your story in the Woman’s Own magazine. I thought, why not give this a try. I’ve failed in everything else dieting wise! Lost weight, put it back on, and more! I wanted to do something for my health. I’m finding it much harder to lose weight now I’m older! When I started this nearly two weeks ago, I thought I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain if i lost weight!

    So, here I am on this programme and so glad I came across your story. I’ve resisted weighing myself, and already I feel my clothes slightly looser ie the zips are doing up a little easier on my jeans!

    Well done for losing all that weight, and thanks for inspiring others. X

  15. Well done Rachael this has inspired me to lose my weight I to have 5stone to lose and your story has helped thank you for sharing your journey it helps other Slimpodders with their weight, well done

  16. I’m starting my journey today and hope I can adapt even one quarter of the changes you reference – was going to start in the new year as Christmas is coming up – I’m trying to balance my hormones (via HRT) etc etc but decided I’d have have at least another stone put on by then and be even more depressed so here I am mid November – very hormonal – depressed and yet hopeful

  17. Jacqueline o Brien

    Im on day one today and really need this to succeed, I’m desperate to loose weight and feel better in myself both mind and body

  18. Wow! So inspiring! It’s my first day, listened to slim pod last night before sleep and stress one this morning before work. Your story gives me hope.

  19. I only joined up last night and so far everything I’ve read is very inspiring, especially your story, thank you for sharing… I have two stone to lose. I’m too short to be fat and I want to make healthier choices and move around more.

  20. I loved your story. I was quite shocked when I realise how long we can sit watching TV once we sit down for the evening. Hours! Well done you look amazing!

  21. So refreshing to read a successful loser’s own words, rather than an edited version – makes it so much more relatable. Congratulations Rachael and good luck on the last bit of your journey – you’re inspiring for sure!

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