‘I was living in a fat suit, now with Slimpod I’ve lost 11 stone’

I LOVE meeting Slimpodders because their success stories are so uplifting and inspiring. During the summer I was lucky enough to meet Lorraine Murphy, the day after her daughter’s wedding.

Lorraine has lost 11 stone 6 lbs (which is 157 lbs or, for anyone who does metric, 71 kilos).

She was positively glowing. And I’m sure that what she has achieved will provide hope for anyone who thinks they’ll never be able to lose weight and be in control of food.

There’s a lovely six-minute video for you to watch below in which Lorraine tells her story.

She says: “Before Slimpod I literally felt like I was living in a fat suit – and I had no idea how to get out of it. Then I came across Slimpod.

“I’ve been quite a big girl most of my life. I used to call myself a beast, actually. I had a bad sugar addiction and I would think nothing of eating three chocolate bars a day.

“That’s on top of cakes, biscuits, bread products, pastas etc.

Lorraine before: “Like a fat suit”

Today: “Got my life back”

Before: “Food in control”

“Healthy and happy”

“But I feel like a normal person around food now. I’m in control of the food rather than food being in control of me.

“Slimpod gave me my choices back. I could eat if I wanted to, if I didn’t want to eat then fine. Choosing healthy options just became natural and became part of my life.

“Slimpod has also given me my life back. I’m much more confident than I’ve ever been. I used to hate meeting people because I felt they were judging me because of my size. But now I’m the life and soul of the party, I’ll go anywhere, meet anyone.

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Lorraine challenged her self-limiting beliefs and stopped telling herself  ‘I can’t’.  Instead she started adopting the ‘I CAN’ mindset and guess what, she found she could!

Believe in yourself and like Lorraine, you’ll soon start believing you CAN! 

There’s a Can Do challenge in Slimpod Club all week so make sure you pop in and join the fun!

Please do leave a comment below to let Lorraine know how well she’s done.

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Happy day: Lorraine tells me her inspiring story

122 thoughts on “‘I was living in a fat suit, now with Slimpod I’ve lost 11 stone’”

  1. You are truly inspirational so thank you for sharing your amazing story! You should be super proud of yourself. Not only do you look great but your eyes look so bright and you look very healthy- I too feel I’m addicted to sugar but suddenly I don’t crave fizzy drinks anymore so I’m on to a good start. Having been on holidays recently I do need to start listening to my pods properly again and you’ve just inspired me to get back on track so thank you for that! Well done. You should be super proud of you!!

    1. Hi Leah. Thank you so much. Sugar really is the devil’s work. You have obviously made a great start. Sugar is the elephant in the kitchen, so you kick that elephant right out if there. Best Wishes xx

      1. I just started my free trial today and am full of admiration and inspiration after reading Lorraine’s story.

        Well done on your success Lorraine. You look stunning.

      2. Wow! I’ve done the 12 weeks but can’t kick the sugar. I already made the choice for today to be day 1 of taking charge and sorting the sugar but seeing this was so timely and apt to really resonated with me and was totally the one thing I needed to hear/watch this morning. Thankyou and you’re a true inspiration. ??

    2. You are one fantastic looking lady and what a tremendous goal you have achieved. A truly inspirational story. Thank you for sharing.

    3. Fantastic! I’ve slipped and your video has encouraged me to get back on to the slimpod way, it’s the only way and we all know it works! A very well done to you!

      1. I’m thinking of joining but I don’t know if it will help me or not I dont eat when im hu gry as I never feel hungry and I never feel full I’m a grazer I work from home out doors as well as lots of tea breaks and biscuits terrible !!

        1. Hi there! The Slimpod programme can definitely help you. The pods work to help you feel and take notice of your hunger and fullness cues which can help you to graze less and eat satisfying meals. We’ve had lots of people on the programme who’ve started where you are so you definitely can succeed.

        2. Hello Lesley, Lots of people find that the urge to binge eat slowly goes away thanks to the Slimpod programme. Give it a try for 10 days free of charge and see how it feels. If you decide to continue, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee on your first monthly payment. So you’ve got nothing to lose.

    1. Wow, what an inspiration, if I could do a little of what you have done I would be happy. Well done you look amazing.

  2. Absolutely fantastic for you Lorraine. You should be so very proud of yourself. A truly inspirational woman, giving real hope to the rest of us. Congratulations ?

  3. Grace Mc Gilveray

    Well done that is amazing and you are a huge inspiration thank you. Needed to read and watch the video. Xx

  4. What an amazing example you are I’ve been on Slimpod 5 weeks and can tell my fat is going but seeing someone like yourself gives me a boost to do better

  5. I’m so pleased Lorraine, that you found SlimPod and changed your life around completely! Not only do you look great, you very obviously feel great too:-) Well done you ?

  6. What a lovely uplifting video. Such a massive change and Lorraine exudes confidence and health. Congratulations to Lorraine,Sandra and Slimpod!

  7. Wow, what an Inspirational story of your journey Lorraine! You must be so proud of all you have achieved. You seem comfortable, happy, relaxed in your own skin and you look just glowing and gorgeous! So happy for you! Hope somehow I can emulate your success!X

  8. Hi Lorraine you really are an inspiration to new starters to this journey. I am a chocoholic, rather than eat lunch and dinners I would rather have a large chocolate bar. Hopefully reading your story and listening to you I will get my self into gear and start to lose weight. You should be very proud of yourself ?

    1. Thank you Yvonne. I was a chocoholic too. Started with cutting down and now I can eat a tiny bit and then leave it alone. Small steps add up to big ones xx

    1. What a fantastic lady you are you should be extremely proud of yourself. I need to start again and hopefully looking at what you have achieved this time round I hope I could achieve the same . Wishing all the very best your just a star ⭐️

  9. I try to eat a balanced diet I’m not a snacked many days I do 16hours before eating but my weight lose is minimal, also I’m reasonably active .I’m 78 . I will not starve myself I eat a good evening meal.Why am I not loosing weight ….???

    1. Thank you Deborah. When I plateau I try to move my food choices around. Cut down on carbs and fill up on veg. I am also very careful around sugar. It really is important to be as active as you can be. I wish you lots of luck xx

  10. Congratulations on such an amazing journey Lorraine. I’m someone who is struggling with the I can’t vs I can, but you are truly an inspiration so thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Thank you Wendy. You can have everything in moderation. I struggled with the moderation for a while. Never giving up is the way to go. Good luck xx

  11. Maureen Paternoster

    Lorraine you look absolutely wonderful a completely different person, wow, I can’t tell you how much listening to you story means not just to me but im sure to everyone Congratulations!! What an achievement.

    1. Oh bless you Maureen. Thank you for your lovely comments. It just works. Slimpod magic! Good luck on your journey xx

  12. So inspirational. Like you have been big most of my life. At one time, I lost over 6 stone but life gets in the way and I’ve put it all back on, plus another 6. Binge eating is a big problem for me. You’ve given me hope that Slimpod can now work for me.

    1. It really can. I literally chose better, watched portion control and moved more. I also ditched sugar to a large extent. It’s the devil’s work! Xx

  13. Lorraine you’ve spurred me on to just keep going! I’ve been falling back into bad routines and habits and getting complacent. Now I feel inspired to have get back to healthier choices.?

    1. We all fall by the wayside now and again. It’s never giving up which makes the difference. Keep going lovely lady. You CAN do this xx

  14. Beverly Y Jackson

    Congratulations! Out of all the testimonials, yours is the one that has inspired me the most! I have looked at your story over and over. Your pictures are worth a thousand words. I look at them constantly to show me, I can do the same thing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh Bless you Beverly. Thank you for your kind words. Yes YOU CAN do it, literally is eating less, moving more and choosing better. Also staying away from sugar helped me. I also got creative in the kitchen, following healthy tasty recipes. You will get there, just don’t give up. Xx

  15. Well done, so much of what you have said about your pre-Slimpod experience resonates with me.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your honest and inspirational story.

    1. Thank you Fran. I never would have been that honest pre slimpod, so I guess it has helped heal me internally as well. I wish you lots of luck on your own slimpod journey. Just never give up! Xx

  16. Pauline Carmichael

    Well done Lorraine, this is truly inspiring! Just beginning my weight loss journey with slimpod, I hope ima as successful as you. Tried so many diets over the years and just can’t face starting another one, looking for a different approach and found this.
    So fingers and everything else crossed this works!!!

    1. Hi Pauline. I also tried every diet under the sun. Slimpod is so different because its NOT A diet. It simply changes your behaviours around food. Just believe and follow the process. You will get there, just never give up xx

  17. Lorraine, well done girl. You’ve given me hope. My journey has been much like yours. I will keep you in mind as I continue to listen to the slimpod. Thank you so much for sharing your success with us.

  18. Amazing story – I have been on WW for a year now, lost 2 stone, but have plateaued and need some new motivation to carry on! Your story is so inspiring as I have been over weight all my life too and have only even been my ideal weight once! I want to get back there! I am very curious about Slimpod, so might give it a try.

  19. Absolutely brilliant true inspiration I am just starting my journey at the same size this has really given me the motivation and trust that I can finally get out of my fatsuit after 20 +years of trying

  20. Can I just take the 10 day trial with out my card details as I just want to try this I’ve not lost weight for many years

    1. I’m sorry Amanda, that’s not possible. You can cancel at any point during the 10-day trial and we won’t take any money. In addition, if you do continue after the trial, your first payment is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. So in effect you can try it for a total of 40 days at no risk.

  21. Lorraine, you have done really well with your weight loss and you look fantastic. How long did it take you to achieve your final goal and do you continue to use slimpod?

  22. Wow, I am so pleased for you. 😊😊
    I can so relate to what you are saying and have tried many diets too with little success of keeping the weight off. I just want to say “Thank You” and making me believe change can happen.
    I just want to say how impressed I am and can see how much belief you have in yourself now. Well done. 👍

  23. non of this promo material explains anything about the system whatsoever. is it calories cutting, keto, paleo? what is this system pls?

  24. Janet Southwood

    What an inspiration! I am massively addicted to sugar and as a diabetic that’s a death sentence. You have given me hope that my sentence can be quashed! Thank you. Live well xx

  25. Hi Lorraine, firstly you look amazing! Well done!
    I think I have about the same to loose as you did, I am so tempted to try this, but scared in case it’s another ‘fad’ that isn’t going to work for me again… Need a kick up the bum please!!

  26. D Anne Edwards

    I have just listened to Lorraine’s transformation though Slimpod, she is the most inspiring lady to listen to, giving a good understanding of the practice, and thus giving inspiration to newbies like me. Like Lorraine I have lost weight with slimming clubs but eventually put it back on and more !!! So here I am with about 2.5 stone to lose , and looking forward to my journey. Lorraine you are my inspiration, Thank you x

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