‘I was living in a fat suit, now with Slimpod I’ve lost 11 stone’

I LOVE meeting Slimpodders because their success stories are so uplifting and inspiring. During the summer I was lucky enough to meet Lorraine Murphy, the day after her daughter’s wedding.

Lorraine has lost 11 stone 6 lbs (which is 157 lbs or, for anyone who does metric, 71 kilos).

She was positively glowing. And I’m sure that what she has achieved will provide hope for anyone who thinks they’ll never be able to lose weight and be in control of food.

There’s a lovely six-minute video for you to watch below in which Lorraine tells her story.

She says: “Before Slimpod I literally felt like I was living in a fat suit – and I had no idea how to get out of it. Then I came across Slimpod.

“I’ve been quite a big girl most of my life. I used to call myself a beast, actually. I had a bad sugar addiction and I would think nothing of eating three chocolate bars a day.

“That’s on top of cakes, biscuits, bread products, pastas etc.

Lorraine before: “Like a fat suit”

Today: “Got my life back”

Before: “Food in control”

“Healthy and happy”

“But I feel like a normal person around food now. I’m in control of the food rather than food being in control of me.

“Slimpod gave me my choices back. I could eat if I wanted to, if I didn’t want to eat then fine. Choosing healthy options just became natural and became part of my life.

“Slimpod has also given me my life back. I’m much more confident than I’ve ever been. I used to hate meeting people because I felt they were judging me because of my size. But now I’m the life and soul of the party, I’ll go anywhere, meet anyone.

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Happy day: Lorraine tells me her inspiring story

4 thoughts on “‘I was living in a fat suit, now with Slimpod I’ve lost 11 stone’”

  1. You are truly inspirational so thank you for sharing your amazing story! You should be super proud of yourself. Not only do you look great but your eyes look so bright and you look very healthy- I too feel I’m addicted to sugar but suddenly I don’t crave fizzy drinks anymore so I’m on to a good start. Having been on holidays recently I do need to start listening to my pods properly again and you’ve just inspired me to get back on track so thank you for that! Well done. You should be super proud of you!!

  2. Absolutely fantastic for you Lorraine. You should be so very proud of yourself. A truly inspirational woman, giving real hope to the rest of us. Congratulations 🎊

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