Losing the desire for sugar is all about freedom of choice

I WAS so proud and excited to appear on the ITV Tonight programme Giving Up Sugar For Good last Friday. It was all about the crucial role Slimpod has played in transforming the health and well-being of staff at Tameside hospital, Manchester, and how we changed the restaurant into a sugar-free zone.

My dream is for every hospital in the UK to follow Tameside’s example because our wonderful NHS staff need all the help they can get when it comes to losing the desire for sugar and staying healthy.  But sadly hospitals are full of sugar which is making them sick.

If you work in an NHS hospital and would like us at Slimpod to help make your workplace healthier, just like we did at Tameside, please ask your occupational health department to contact me and I’ll be glad to help!

On ITV, Tameside’s director of transformation, Angela Brierley, who’s a type 2 diabetic, told her inspiring story of how Slimpod helped her lose six stone and keep it off for over two years. She’s now been able to drastically reduce her diabetes medication.

But good as the programme was, it wasn’t able to tell whole story in just 30 minutes so I thought it would be a good idea to explain some of the background.

losing the desire for sugar

This was me on the ITV programme

I was asked to run a Slimpod weight loss project at Tameside for 100 hospital staff to change their eating habits and help them lose weight by losing the desire for sugar.

To support the project, a “Slimpod Special” healthy menu was offered as an alternative to the other things on the menu.  This was a roaring success. The staff loved it!

This was then extended gradually over six months, as the head chef Simon Smith severely reduced the unhealthy food on offer.

The desserts disappeared from the menu for a trial period of three months and Simon says no one missed them.

They’ve now gone for good, being replaced with fruit. Finally, confectionery and sugary fizzy drinks have also disappeared for both staff and visitors.

Here’s one of the special recipes Simon created for Slimpodders.

losing the desire for sugar

A happy Angela Brierley on the ITV show

Tam Fry, Chair of the National Obesity Forum, said the initiative was “trailblazing” and should be spread across the whole of the NHS.

You can read lots of the Tameside staff’s success stories and watch a whole host of videos the nurses made by clicking here: Making a difference in the NHS

Losing the desire for sugar – the explanation

But there’s always a lot of confusion and debate about sugar and I’d like to explain in a bit more detail the way Slimpod gives people the freedom of choice about cutting down – and in many cases, cutting out – sugar and how this differs from making a conscious decision to stop eating sweet things by using willpower (as you would on a diet).

Remember, the sugar we’re talking about here is refined, processed sugar, not the natural sugar that comes from fruit and vegetables (in which the healthy nutrients and fibre more than compensate for the small amounts of sugar they contain).

For a start, should sugar be cut out or cut down?

The answer is that refined sugar has no nutritional value and the body is perfectly happy without it.

But even if you only reduced your intake by half, you’d be making a significant contribution to better health.

losing the desire for sugar

If you cut down or cut out – surely that’s dieting and restrictive behaviour, which is the opposite of what Slimpod is all about?

Well, if you were on a diet then you’d be using willpower, or conscious control, to restrict your sugar intake. This creates cravings and it all becomes very hard.

But Slimpod is very, very different. It works with your subconscious and your brain’s reward centre to make sugar less attractive – so you find it far easier to reduce your sugar consumption and stop snacking.

Slimpod helps you with losing the desire for sugar.  It flicks a metaphorical switch so your brain learns it can get pleasure from healthier food and exercise, rather than just sugar.

Then having a piece of cake or some chocolate becomes your choice rather than something you have no control over or which is banned by a diet.

But two things may make losing the desire for sugar a little more difficult.

ONE: If you’re in an environment where you’re constantly surrounded by sugar and snacks – for example, hospitals!

TWO: If you have a strong emotional connection with sugar and your brain is getting intense pleasure from it. In other words, sugar is an addiction.

Losing the desire for sugar if you’re addicted

If you discover you’re a sugar addict, Slimpod will still help to reduce the desire but you may have to go one step further and decide you have to eliminate sugar completely.

This can be difficult for a few days but then it gets so much easier and eventually you’re free.

In Phase Two of the Slimpod programme you’ll find lots more information about the neurotransmitter dopamine and how the brain gets hijacked by sugar.

In my Live tonight on our public Facebook page tonight (May 4) at 7.30, I’ll be explaining in a lot more depth how Slimpod helps you to ditch sugar automatically.

I’ll also be diving deeper into how you can tackle sugar addiction.  If you’re new to Slimpod, do follow me on Instagram too.

And please let me know in the comment section below how you’re getting on with cutting down – or ditching – sugar for good.

24 thoughts on “Losing the desire for sugar is all about freedom of choice”

    1. Reikifusionuk

      Yes me too, I saw the program on itv and seen slimpod before but not convinced until that program

  1. Sandra Murray

    I can ditch sugar if I keep away from it.I am still working on portion control which is my main issue as I find tasy food addictive and never really feel full.However listening to Slimpod ids definitely helping with healthy choices

  2. Hi Sandra I have as far back as I can remember been addicted to sugary things. I have always gone about my daily life relying on sugar. So any help you can give me will be much appreciated. Thanks

  3. I have cut out the sugar, but if I do eat some it really affects my hunger for the next two or three days, rumbling tummy and cravings! Yes, I am an addict and am better with zero refined sugar in my diet.

  4. I can forget about sugar for ages then out of the blue I splurge. I’d love to be able to stop all together. The sugarpod is definitely helping.

  5. I’m still shocked by how I’m naturally choosing to eat healthier foods, cereal and vegetables are now somehow sweet enough. I have denied myself nothing and yet I’m eating less fat filled, refined and sugar loaded foods. I think the weight is going, I have certainly dropped a dress size. I have goals and none of them are weight based, but the real joy is I like myself.

  6. Caroline Blandford

    Sugar is definitely my main issue as I eat really healthily apart from it. I managed to cut it out totally a few years ago but as an addict it eventually came back. I’ve only recently started Slimpod but I think after nearly two weeks things are definitely getting better.

  7. Hi
    I’m very new to Slimpod ( 5 days ) I’m hopeful for change. I’m someone who crave sugar and afore sweet things. I’m curious as how this works and going to continue.
    I have a 18 year old daughter who has an eating disorder, it’s not Anorexia or Bulimia as she do not make herself sick and she wants to put on weight. She’s never enjoyed food and always been tiny. Through guilt I think I’ve turned her into a sugar addict also.
    I like Slimpod as avoid diets in my house .
    I’m curious as to her listening to something like me and it works in reverse . She will want to eat and begin a healthy relationship with food. I want her to go to uni September feeling well as I’m desperate and worried sick.
    Surly there is a pod out there for those who want to eat and their brains prevent it ??

    1. Hello Donna, we’ll ask Sandra to contact you privately about your daughter and she’ll offer advice.

  8. Since starting Slimpod last August, I rarely eat refined sugar or processed foods; however, when I do, it’s because I choose to, not through craving or emotion. I feel liberated!

  9. Vivienne Bussey

    I have only been on the programme 3 days. And not thought about sugar yet. Saying that l don’t have added sugar in/on anything. I am aware many foods even savoury foods have hidden sugars.

    Just one point on face book someone just said they are trying fasting for 24 hours this to me defeat object of the healthy eating.

    1. You’re right Vivienne, 24 hour fasting is most definitely not recommended and is not helpful when you’re on the Slimpod programme. Thanks for pointing that out.

  10. I have just started today is my first day I am so surprised that I have not snacked the freedom to eat what I want is truly having a really good effect on me the video really helped me last night I woke up and feel free

  11. annefreeman2428

    Well I’m an newbie to slimpod but I’m optimistic as a sugar addict it will help lose weight!

  12. I chose very healthily today for 2 meals. Been working hard in garden so stopped for cuppa and small slice of cake. Triggered me eating biscuits and choc. Looking forward to being able to cut it out.

  13. I started slimpod last Monday and I can already feel a difference, inside. I’m hardly having any chocolate, when before I would eat a lot, plus I have majorly cut down on my other snacks such as cake or crisps. I don’t feel as if I am missing out, in fact I don’t think about them at all. I just eat now, when I am hungry. I haven’t overeaten either. Amazing.

  14. I signed up after watching the program. I am being treated for anxiety and depression and one of my symptoms is that over eat way past the point of satisfying hunger or enjoyment. I also have an 18 year old daughter who has mental health issues and bakes every day to ease her anxiety. Unfortunately for me her baking is exceptional and has proved impossible for me to resist. However, since listening to the pod every day I haven’t even thought about the fresh batch of cakes or biscuits siting cooking in the kitchen. I really hope this continues

  15. Mrs Paula Peavoy

    Hi Sandra, love this blog. Slimpod has given me the freedom for the first time in my adult life where sweet things are concerned. Very rarely want refined sugar anymore but if I do truly fancy something I can have it without any cravings afterwards. Thank you.

  16. Been on slimpod for three days. I am finding that at the moment I can reduce my sugar intake by keeping busy. Just hope I can keep it up. I use to eat lots of sweets as a child so yes I am addicted to sugar but will persevere.

  17. I really do hope that it works but am a little sceptical. In saying that, I am only on day four of the slim pod but have noticed a change in less desire for sugary foods.
    Unfortunately, I feel sluggish which I hope passes.

  18. carol macdonald

    unfortunately we cannot get the tv programme in Scotland. Is been removed due to the flipping election. Can get it on catch up either. I’ve ordered a couple of books about sugar as i feel i need to understand more than its not good for me. Understand what is happening to my body because of it etc. I’m in week 2 and have definitely stopped snacking and am now focusing on stopping my peanut butter addiction. I’m eating a big tub every two weeks and it needs to stop. I want to lose two stone, I’m already on my journey. Thank you x

  19. I’ve stopped eating sugar for almost 3 months. For me it was finding a time period between family birthdays and holidays. I feel so clear in the head and sleep better. no mood swings. It is making me a nicer person. Need to strategize how I’ll approach it in the fall. No honey, refined sugar, coconut sugar, agave, etc. I sweeten things with roasted sweet potato or fruit.

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