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How to Lose weight well with Slimpod

How to lose weight well: Believe in your dreams and you will achieve

HOW to lose weight well is everyone’s goal and one of the key parts of our Slimpod programme is about personal empowerment – giving people back control over their food and lifestyle choices.  We base a lot of our system on positive psychology and we encourage people to share their wins. When you share good

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Healthy eat to lose fat video

Boot Camp 2: How to eat to lose fat, by Dale the Medicinal Chef

HI THERE, Boot Campers! I’m so happy you’re taking part in the four week challenge!  Following on from last week and the work we did creating our Goalmaps, in week 2 we get down to business!  The food!! Obviously Slimpod motivates us to automatically make healthier food choices, which is key,  but I know there’s a lot

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Dale Pinnock healthy chicken stew recipe

Healthy chicken stew is the perfect winter comfort food, says Dale

FANCY a healthy chicken stew? I do! Since I teamed up with the Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock, I’ve been getting lots of lovely comments and feedback about his recipes.  Several people have asked if he could share a “healthy comfort food” recipe.  So your wish is my command and this week he’s produced his fantastic

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Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock Slimpod healthy eating

Medicinal Chef Dale will reveal which foods make us healthier

YOU’VE probably seen Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef, on TV or read one of his 14 books. He’s been on Lorraine, the Alan Titchmarsh Show and the series Eat, Shop and Save explaining the science of how food can make us healthier. Well, here’s the exciting news: Dale is teaming up with me to give Slimpodders expert

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Free weight loss video course

70-day challenge will keep you on track through the summer

JULY and August can be really difficult when you’re trying to eat healthily and still lose weight  because these months are full of temptations and distractions. It’s that classic ‘Fall off the wagon’ time!  But it really doesn’t have to be that way. You absolutely CAN stay on track and I’m going to help you

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Why that ‘healthy’ baked potato is actually a sugar timebomb!

I HAVE to admit that sometimes the research papers I read really surprise me. Recently I discovered that it’s now been proved that type 2 diabetes can be reversed in as little as three weeks. Not by some new wonderdrug but by something much, much more simple: healthy eating and a little bit of exercise.

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Fish curry in coconut milk – healthy home-made ‘takeaway’

FRIDAY night is takeaway night for many of us – but unless you’re really careful, what you order can be a bit of a threat to your waistline! So this week Simon Smith, our NHS hospital superchef, has come up with a delicious alternative which is wonderfully healthy. “You can cook it in about 20

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Jamie Oliver kids junk food Slimpod tweet

Please join the Jamie Oliver kids junk food campaign and save lives

SO why did my favourite celebrity chef send me this tweet about the Jamie Oliver kids junk food campaign the other day? Because he’d like me to ask you for your support with something we’re both passionate about – unhealthy food being marketed to children. Children are heavily influenced by what they see on TV,

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Kate Butler nutrition change with Slimpod

Ease the stress of emotional eating

STRESS and emotional eating have an extraordinary effect on our food habits, and emotional eating brought on by anxiety is a major reason why more and more people are overweight. The more pressurised life becomes, the more people turn to food in a vain attempt

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Achieve and believe, great things happen

I’M bursting to show you the most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen that show the power of Slimpods to help you believe and achieve. This is Darin with double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes at the weekend as they competed together

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Breaking out of the failing diet cycle

IF you’ve ever been on a diet and felt trapped in a cycle of doing well and then ruining it again and again, then you’re not alone! I speak to clients all the time who say they’ve “failed” at every diet they’ve tried, sometimes for as long as 40 or 50 years. It’s heart-breaking

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