You don’t just eat to satisfy real hunger – mini-series, part 2

LAST time we looked at the reasons so many of us eat more once the dark nights of autumn drop in and winter is nearly upon us. We learned how our brains are programmed to respond to stimuli such as lack of light and the cold by eating and storing fat.

We also discussed how this kind of emotional eating can be banished because emotional eating is never really about food. If we find the cause, we can break the cycle.

This week in part two of my mini-series, I’ve got a really quick video for you – but don’t be fooled by the length, it contains a REALLY important question for you to think about…

Do you know what hunger actually feels like?

Yes, REAL hunger! Not the frequent excuse for mindless munching that we fool ourselves with.

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My mission is to raise everyone’s awareness of the dangers of our eating habits, because I want to combat the scourge of type 2 diabetes.

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** Very often, people don’t only eat because they’re hungry – they do it because they’re stressed, bored, angry or because it’s a habit.

** Eating too much sugar in the form of fructose disables the hormone leptin, which sends out hunger signals when you really need to eat because your body needs fuel (healthy food!)

** You need to practise reconnecting to your hunger signals – which is what a Slimpod does – so you can stop over-eating


Why do we keep eating so much fructose?

Quit sugar and look younger, feel healthier

Four ways you can cut down on sugar



Here’s my advice from the video on real hunger which you can listen to as a podcast:

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I’ll be showing you a simple way to recognise the triggers that make you eat and how awareness is the first vital step towards making lasting changes.

5 thoughts on “You don’t just eat to satisfy real hunger – mini-series, part 2”

  1. I can identify with so many aspects of Sandra’s article. I used to eat for the sake of it. Some people lose weight when they get stressed I used to gain it like mad. However since having my lovely buddy Linda I am so focused despite being on thyroxin for being hypothyroid. Every day we report our 3 wins to each and now we don’t snack and don’t need sweet treats.

  2. This is so interesting and really relatable. I’ve totally lost the ability to feel full and just want to continue eating. At last, I seem to be breaking that habit snd the feeling of being full at the appropriate time is a wonderful thing! This is only after my first week of slimpod gold! Thank you!

  3. Everything in the video is so, so true! I recognize emotional eating but I also know there are times when I am so busy that I can keep going through those hunger signals and those pangs can go away. My problem is hunger at bed time, which is such as shame as I would love to try intermittent fasting.

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