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If summer’s put you in panic mode, just try my Mindset Challenge

  IT’S been a summer like no other hasn’t it?  Staycations, social distancing, kids at home for months and of course, if you’re in the UK, we’ve had Eat Out to Help Out and we’ve all had money off our restaurant bills!  Now September is here and normality is returning.  So it’s time to get

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With Slimpod, the art of staying on track has never been easier

I JUST love these words: “Relax, keep listening, keep writing your wins however small, trust Slimpod, let it take you on the journey. You don’t need to do anything, just go with the flow. Slimpod will get you to where you need to go.” It could have been me offering advice to all my lovely

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Blow the cobwebs away! Are you up for our Summer20 Challenge?

NOW that life’s moving on a little, there’s nothing like a challenge to blow the cobwebs off and help get the motivation pumped up! So this week I’m inviting you to take part in the Slimpod Summer20 challenge, which could be the push and focus you need to get into those smaller summer clothes – what’s

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Why stress makes you put on weight – and how to prevent it

A MAJOR cause of over-eating and weight gain is stress, because when we’re anxious our brain releases a hormone called cortisol which takes control of us and make us do things we wouldn’t normally do – like dive on the cakes and chocolate. I think we’d all agree that the last eight or nine weeks

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Kindness to yourself is the key to conquering emotional eating

KINDNESS is the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and rightly so. In a new poll, two-thirds of people said that when others are kind to them it has a positive impact on their mental health. However, did you know that kindness to yourself is one of the best things you can do

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See how Slimpod has put a magic sparkle back into Pip’s life

KNOW why I’ve got the best job in the world? Because I’m constantly meeting people with happy smiles on their faces whose Slimpod stories fill my heart with joy. One such lady is Pip, who’s from Wales. She emailed me because in just four months, her Slimpod has made an amazing transformation to her relationship

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Four simple ways to improve sleep and ease your stress

I DON’T know about you, but my sleeping pattern has been all over the place over the past few weeks. I obviously know the reason for it (not too difficult to work that one out!) and I’ve been doing something about it. But I know from so many people in our lovely community that it’s

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How nurse Julie’s life is totally transformed in just 10 weeks

ALMOST every week I get emotional when people get in touch and share their stories – even though the Slimpod programme has been helping people to lose weight and live happier lives for over 10 years. It makes me very happy to hear how Slimpod has turned people’s lives around and the first question I

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Two positive strategies to keep you well and keep stress at bay

I’M not sure about you but I’m usually a glass half full person.  I’m Mrs Positivity and Optimism and can sometimes drive the people around me mad.  Especially my husband! But I’ve not always been like that. I’ve had to work at it. But that’s something everyone has to do because our brains naturally incline

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Ease the stress of emotional eating

STRESS and emotional eating have an extraordinary effect on our food habits, and emotional eating brought on by anxiety is a major reason why more and more people are overweight. The more pressurised life becomes, the more people turn to food in a vain attempt

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Achieve and believe, great things happen

I’M bursting to show you the most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen that show the power of Slimpods to help you believe and achieve. This is Darin with double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes at the weekend as they competed together

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Breaking out of the failing diet cycle

IF you’ve ever been on a diet and felt trapped in a cycle of doing well and then ruining it again and again, then you’re not alone! I speak to clients all the time who say they’ve “failed” at every diet they’ve tried, sometimes for as long as 40 or 50 years. It’s heart-breaking

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