Water with an added sparkle for Summer

ADD a sparkle to your water to make Flaming June even more enjoyable. Nice warm days stretching out into long cool balmy evenings – or something like that. People are getting out on their bikes, going for long walks, playing tennis…even if the weather is not exactly what you ordered for this season, I’m sure you are getting out and about more and I hope you are getting the opportunity to get a bit more active and lift your mood.

Whatever you are doing, it is very important to stay hydrated during the warm weather.  Even mild dehydration can influence mood, energy levels and the ability to think clearly We all know that the best drink for you is water, but if you are like me, you could find yourself inclining towards more exciting (and more sugary or alcoholic) drinks, because endless water just seems so boring after a while.

Here are a few ideas to add a bit of excitement and sparkle to your daily water, which may have some additional health benefits as well.

Detox Water We first found this recipe on Nic’s Nutrition site. Prepare a jug of water with lemon, cucumber and mint and leave it for several hours in the fridge before drinking.

I like to squeeze the lemon into the water and crush the mint leaves before adding, and I also add ice cubes because I like my water super cold at this time of year. Tasty lemon mint cucumber detox water drink for summer Lemons are full to bursting with Vitamin C, and they also contain a chemical called Kaempferol, which is an antibiotic, and may have some power to defend against cancer.

Mint is great for the digestion, and its main ingredient menthol is also used to help ease the symptoms of colds and flu Cucumbers also contain vitamin C and other antioxidants, and also contain B vitamins B1 B5 and B7, which are useful to combat anxiety, and also a small amount of potassium which is useful for regulating blood pressure. All together these fruits and herbs add a real zing to the water, which makes you want to drink more and more of it.

Berry Blast I keep frozen berries in my freezer for smoothies – you can buy them in the frozen section of supermarkets near the ice cream, or of course freeze your own.

Last night, following inspiration from the internet I put a pile of those in my water jug with a fresh sprig of rosemary from the garden. Recipes to make water sparkle for summer and avoid dehydration I soaked them overnight and the colour from the berries drained out into the water. This morning’s water looked like rose, and tasted really herby and refreshing. Rosemary has an anti-inflammatory effect and is also good for the digestion and circulation.

In Greece it is traditionally used to enhance memory and banish a fuzzy head.

Lemon and Ginger This is lovely for your throat, especially if you get a bit of hay fever like me at this time of the year. I like to put lemon and ginger in hot water in the morning, instead of my morning coffee.

I just put a slice of ginger into the cup, as I don’t like it too strong, but if you want a stronger flavour of ginger you can grate it into the cup. Make summer drinks with lemon and ginger water Ginger also has anti inflammatory properties and is particularly good for inflammations of the skin, such as psoriasis or eczema.


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