The Big Sugar Reduction Plan

eat less sugar plan

THE Sugar Reduction plan was launched on September 29, 2916, as part of the Government’s child obesity strategy. As I’m part of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Obesity, I was there to see the launch. Nearly a third of children aged 2 – 15 are overweight or obese here in the UK. A shocking statistic that can no longer be ignored.

As a country we’re spending more on the treatment of obesity and diabetes each year than we do the police, fire services and judicial system combined. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (see my picture of him at the launch below) is coming down hard on business and brands serving sugar filled food and wants sugar content cut by 20 per cent.

What’s going to be done?

A variety of measures will be put in place and the Government is working with business to roll these initiatives out to the public.

Here’s where you can see the Children’s Obesity Strategy 

How Slimpod programmes will help with the Sugar Reduction Plan

Brains are hijacked by sugar.  It is a deadly, addictive substance.  Slimpods are a key part of the solution to help people take back control from sugar.

Slimpods alter the way the brain’s “reward circuit” releases dopamine, a natural substance which creates feelings of pleasure. This change means Slimpod users feel good about losing weight, exercise, healthier eating and their growing self-esteem rather than the way they used to gain comfort from snacking, over-eating and sugary foods and drinks.

Over time this nudge creates a habit which the mind then sees as normal behaviour that it should automatically continue. In this way a lasting new relationship to food and activity is formed.

Behaviour change is central to the Sugar Reduction Plan and this is what Slimpods deliver.

In addition we’re a national partner of Change4Life and will continue to do all we can to support the work this campaign does.

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