With Slimpod, the art of staying on track has never been easier

I JUST love these words: “Relax, keep listening, keep writing your wins however small, trust Slimpod, let it take you on the journey. You don’t need to do anything, just go with the flow. Slimpod will get you to where you need to go.”

It could have been me offering advice to all my lovely Slimpodders (especially those who’ve only recently joined us).

But in fact it’s a quote from a fab Zoom interview I did during lockdown with Slimpodder Stephanie Stewart.

She has tried everything – Keto, intermittent fasting, Noom – but is now totally in love with Slimpod because it’s so easy and so different to anything else.

Since February 2020, she has lost about 20lbs and says that thanks to Slimpod her weight is more stable than ever before.

Here’s the interview, which I’m sure you’ll find both motivating and inspiring:

It’s so good to get advice from someone who’s having such success with her Slimpod.

I think the most important takeaways for everyone are:

**  With Slimpod there’s no wagon to fall off.

** On days when you make a bad decision, just stop and reset yourself.

** Don’t feel as if you’ve undone all your good work by having one “bad” thing.

** One cake, biscuit or chocolate isn’t going to change your weight.

** Slimpod releases you from the feeling you have to constantly binge.

** Don’t deny yourself a treat and don’t worry about it

I’d love you to leave a comment below to let me know how Slimpod is changing the way you feel about food. And do be sure to tell Stephanie your views, too!


34 thoughts on “With Slimpod, the art of staying on track has never been easier”

  1. I very nearly left after the initial 4 week period as I couldn’t see anything working. I am SO glad I didn’t as now going into week 9 I am not only starting to see results but I am a much happier & calmer person than I was at the start. I was extremely skeptical but now I find myself just naturally making the right food choices. And you know what? I don’t care how long it takes now for the weight to come off – this is a revelation coming from someone who usually stops all diets when I can’t see fast results. I feel free, I feel happy & I am very grateful to Debbie for supporting me through my initial blip. Thank you all for this magic you bought to my life.

    1. I am in week 4 Karen, and feeling exactly the same as you did. After listening to Stephanie though, I am really happy to keep going

    2. Thank you so much for sharing as I have been having exactly the same thoughts! I’m in week 6 (I think – hard to keep track now all videos have been “completed” but your comment has made me determined to stick at this and realise it really does work at different speeds for different people.

  2. Loved that interview with Stephanie. I agree with everything she says, with me it’s always been the feeling of ruining all the good work if I eat one bad thing. The psychological approach definitely seems to be the answer. I’m only on day 6 but already feeling more positive with a different mindset. Also haven’t eaten any chocolate or sweet stuff so far and believe me, that is a massive win!! So glad to be on a different, happier journey. X

  3. Great video and some great advice. I am currently having some radiotherapy treatment so not the best start to my journey with Slimpod and I have had some up and down days but I would definitely say I feel positive and have not been emotionally eating like I would have done if I hadn’t joined so thanks for that and I look forward to having more energy to do more exercise one it’s all over.

  4. Great inspiration we all gave our own journey i zm on week three and enjoying the journey so far
    I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage October 2015 and have struggled to hold onto a my own self determination and esteem. Slimpod is giving me such a good feeling about me i hope it continues and when I reach my goal I would be very happy to share my story to encourage and inspire others

  5. I am only on day 11 and can not believe the difference my sister joined a week before me and recommended it. It is the best thing I have ever done

  6. Well I’ve never felt so positive about losing weight !! I’ve tried every diet going over the years but even though I’ve lost weight on most of them, I have always felt stressed, and miserable with the constant thinking of what u can and can’t have , and will I lose, or have I put on, but this journey is so different, nothing is actually taboo, it’s not even a diet ! Your mindset totally changes and puts YOU in control for once, and I’m only on week 2 !! WIN WIN

  7. Such a positive message. I’m not where Stephanie is I still plan my meals but I am eating less and healthier without thinking too much.

  8. My subconscious (subby) is clinging on to familiar old ways, yet my conscious side totally believes this is the way to go and is patiently waiting & confident ‘subby’ will succumb any day now

  9. Slimpod seems to be sorting out my comfort eating by helping me to regain my control of being able to say no to foods with high sugar, fat or salt content. Hallelujah! I just use the slimpod and the chillpod. I do need to keep in touch with the scales because I will be having a pre-op assessment soon and hopefully there will have been a decrease in the numbers! Thank you Sandra and Slimpod.

  10. vivienne penhallurick

    I loved those words from Stephanie. All very true and very encouraging. I’ve had a small snack today and wanted to beat myself up until I read those words. This is day 5 for me. I’ve had 5 good days eating-wise with minimal snacking whereas post lockdown I had started to graze all day! I felt much slimmer round the middle this morning and had to jump on the scales. A loss of 3.2 lbs. Amazing. I’m going to check my measurements at the end of week one. I too have tried every diet known to woman. They all work but not forever. I’m loving this.

  11. Sieneke Hakvoort

    I have noticed I am not hesitating to do things that require physical effort for example running back up the stairs to get something I forgot and I procrastinate less. Less snacking or eating just because it is time. Not good at leaving things on my plate yet but more aware of feeling full. Have yet to write my three wins . I guess i just did. Most interested in changing my attitude to eating, losing weight a bonus.

  12. Very inspiring.. It is my birthday today and my husband took me out for a wonderful afternoon tea at a lovely hotel….I enjoyed it . Tomorrow is another day .

  13. Food is tasty, necessary and it is fuel for my body. My choices need to be based on this .. This has changed for me. It is not comfort or reward or off limits .

  14. Thank you Stephanie . Really added to my belief and motivation . I want what you describe perfectly . The yo yo ing to stop and to just not be still doing this diet thing ! What an inspiration .

  15. I only started 4 days ago and today at work I had 2 people ask me if I’d done something different to myself. One said I seemed to look much happier and that I was glowing (no I’m not pregnant!). I definitely feel better in myself and for the first time, in a long time, I feel confident that I will reach my goal and stay there!

  16. Slimpod has made me feel fantastic about myself going from 22s to 14s and I feel so positive around food and full of confidence. Sandra is my angel. X

  17. I was like Stephanie I would binge when no one was around anything that I could get my hands on this was so inspirational .Thank you for sharing your story it has motivated not to give up. Since doing slimpod I have not not binged once.

  18. The interview with Stephanie, had it all there. All the things that I have done in the past, weight up, then down & up again. Self loathing, falling of the wagon, weighting & measuring, red days, green days, what can I have, what can’t I have, it all led to me thinking about food all the time, which in turn led me to have an unhealthy relationship with food, especially sweets & chocolate. (It’s like an addiction) I like many others I know have ended up 3 stone heavier than when I first began yo yo dieting. There is none of that with Slimpod. I’m still learning everyday, I’m not perfect, but now I am only accountable to myself. One treat, one bad day is not the end of the world. There is no pressure with Slimpod. As Stephanie said keep listening to your pods, remember to record your wins & don’t stress.

  19. It was lovely to share in Stephanie’s happiness! I found it quite uplifting.
    To be honest I have always needed the discipline of counting WW points to have success in losing weight BUT listening to Slimpod as well makes it possible to keep going. If I go over my points, so what?! Nearly at goal now. I’m a real tortoise, but hope to get there!

  20. I’m only on day two. Watched the video that came with tonightS email featuring Stephanie. Really enjoyed listening to it very motivational and I’m very much looking forward to not snacking during the day.

    I have five stone to lose. It’s a third of my current body weight.

    I’ve just put myself into bed to listen to my podcast again…Fingers crossed for a successful journey

  21. Just finished week one again as I had problems seeing videos so had no idea I should only be listening to the first session! Bring it on!!

  22. It’s week one for me but I already feel free from thinking about snacking all the time. Recently i have been eating bits and bobs from Friday night through till Sunday night. Not last weekend, I ate only my meals and enjoyed them, no eating inbetween!

  23. Heather Underwood

    Slimpod has been very beneficial to me from the aspect of changing my eating habit and seems to have worked its magic on most of my bad snacking habits. Unfortunately,despite having followed the programme for the full 12 weeks I haven’t lost any weight or cm. I have been unlucky but I would recommend the programme to others.

  24. Just starting my second week today and already I am fully committed my brain HAS CHANGED, I’m not craving junk or snacking in between meals!!!! Feel so motivated

  25. Barbara Richardson

    Starting Slimpods has been the best thing I’ve done for myself ever.
    I was naturally sceptical because because at 66 yrs and the diets I’ve been on and off and on and off for almost 50 years have not worked and I’m at my heaviest. I have lost weight but it’s always gone back on with more
    I’d been saying for months that I was done with diets as I was sick of being a failure,
    l firmly believe if your head isn’t in the right place you are never going to lose weight.
    but didn’t know how to do what I needed to do . Then after months of thinking that everything just fell into place when I found slimpods something that I knew I personally needed. I’ll never diet again, I’ll always be a slimpodder.
    I am only on day 13 of slimpods and I feel so much better so more relaxed and for once in my life not fixating about food constantly
    I’ve got my life back and enjoying not thinking about food.
    I felt so different from day one of listening to slimpods and another plus is I’m 7lb lighter in just 13 days which is amazing. I find so much support and inspiration from all the videos on YouTube listening to other people’s successes.

  26. I am definitely making better choices and not snacking continually. I’m only just in my second week and do feel a bit better already

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