Slimpod vs Noom: what’s the difference?

ONE of the questions I have been asked more and more frequently lately is about the differences between Slimpod vs Noom, so I thought I’d take time to address them here.

Behavioural change and its link to weight loss is being over-used right now because lots of big slimming companies have decided to distance themselves from dieting, which has become a dirty word.

Noom says it is a behavioural change app and Slimpod is, too.

So what’s the difference, Slimpod vs Noom? Click on the image to watch my video:

Slimpod vs Noom

Before I begin, I want to just make clear that I’m not disrespecting or criticising any other weight-loss programmes. I’m not saying Slimpod is better than Noom – just giving you the facts on the differences to help allay confusion.

Slimpod vs Noom: the key differences

Let me begin with the single biggest difference:

  1. Noom works with the conscious mind, which means you have to put conscious effort into behaviour change. Its system uses mindfulness and some other conscious cognitive techniques, but you have to spend time focusing on changing your behaviour and beliefs, etc.
    A lot of people feel happy with doing it this way because they feel they’re in control when they have to input daily information on an app.
  2. Slimpod works with your whole mind and some of your brain too! And yes it works with your conscious mind through the coaching, but, importantly and uniquely, it works with your subconscious which is where habits are generated and processed and your automatic and instinctive behaviours are “stored”.
    The subconscious is also where limiting beliefs and emotions are stored.
    Slimpod gently changes your behaviours without you even knowing much about it.
    This is why we ask you to record your changes, feelings and wins at the end of each day.
    You are effortlessly changing your eating habits. Also over time Slimpod REVERSES your limiting beliefs and bad habits that you’ve accumulated over the years.
    It also helps to take the emotion out of eating to give you a fighting chance to take back control
  3. Noom focuses on food and calories, and you have to track what you eat every day.
    Slimpod doesn’t ‘tell’ you what to eat OR include a food plan because we believe that deep down inside you’ve learned what’s healthy and what isn’t, you’ve just stopped trusting yourself.
    I know there’s a lot of confusion about food, but Slimpod gently guides your subconscious to help you WANT to choose healthier options and helps you lose the desire for the snacks and sweet stuff, naturally and automatically.
    Also the way the mind works is that what’s on your mind is brought to mind. If you’re focusing on food most of the time by tracking, food is on your mind constantly – including the food you can’t have. Because really whether it’s good food or bad food it’s all food – your subconscious doesn’t differentiate. So Slimpod helps put food at the back of your mind.
  4. Noom asks you to step on the scales as a way of tracking your weight loss.
  5. Slimpod asks you to stay away from the scales unless you find they motivate you. For the vast majority of people the scales become a trigger and this interferes with your mood.

We believe there are plenty of other ways of tracking how you’re doing that don’t trigger emotions.

Slimpod vs Noom: What do Slimpodders say?

But don’t just take my word for it! I asked those of our members who have had experience of both programmes to give us their honest views on Slimpod vs Noom. Read on…

“I signed up for Noom and cancelled it very quickly when I realised that it is actually a calorie counting plan with a fairly tight allowance supplemented by advice and colour coding for foods to encourage you to eat less energy dense foods to fill you up. You have to enter your food into the food diary and literally the first thing I entered, a yogurt available in all UK supermarkets was not on the list. There is also some counselling/advice but it’s all computer generated. Not like our Sandra who puts so much time and effort into supporting us, along with Lynn and Kate.”

“You have to count all your food with Noom, so it’s a diet you have to follow. They do have support but not in the same way as Slimpod, which feels more personal and is definitely not a diet. Plus Noom doesn’t have Sandra.”

“I did Noom for a while but it’s pretty basic calorie counting and because it’s American it doesn’t recognise all of our English products .There is supposed to be support on line too but I had to wait a long time for someone to get back to me. You are asked to weigh yourself every day in order to take away the fear of stepping on the scales but it’s no way to live.”

“I liked the concept of Noom but I couldn’t be bothered with it so I didn’t make it past the free trial. Slimpod is the complete opposite, you don’t track your food and you don’t weigh yourself, the whole point is to forget about food and behave like a slim person – just eat when you are hungry, smaller portions etc. I’m sure everyone here has calorie counted for years and we all know what food is bad for us, just need to stop craving it all the time which the pods help with by retraining your subconscious.”

“Noom takes quite a different approach. Focuses on calorie density as a way of planning and managing food intake, emphasising foods with low calorie density without banning those with a high calorie density. The app tracks your steps and tells you the number of calories your steps have burned. You weigh in daily – which is intended to gradually desensitise you to the horror of the scales. You have a personal coach and a support group of other Noomers. It offers daily coaching in psychological tools to help manage all the various kinds of wobbles and weaknesses one encounters. Although the two take rather different approaches, I’m finding that from the two of them I can synthesise something that seems to work for me.”

“I signed up for [Noom’s] free trial about 2 months after Slimpod, just wanting guidance on “good” food choices. Cancelled within an hour, saw the “weigh yourself everyday” thing and went NOPE! I don’t have an obsession or unhealthy relationship with the scales and that sounds like a really good way to get one!”

“I joined Noom for the 2 week trial back in early October – but gave up during the trial and moved to Slimpod. It drove me crazy! I hadn’t been food or calories obsessed before, but I certainly was on Noom.”

“Initially Noom was quite good as you have an article to read every day, cones with a recipe book too (fundamentally low carb) but I quickly felt like I fell behind… plus I didn’t like the daily weighing. This is much better.”

“Loved both Noom and Slimpod equally – and have kept a mix of both approaches.”

“I tried Noom earlier this year but it all got a bit much with all the reading and logging and everything. At least with the slimpod videos, they’re far quicker to engage with.”

“I lost a bit of weight using Noom a few years ago, but I found that once I plateaued it all came back on and the constant food diaries made me think about food all the time. I’m so much happier without it.”

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch my video here on Slimpod vs Noom, or browse the ‘how it works’ section and the rest of our blogs for more information on Slimpod.

As always, I love to read your comments about Slimpod v Noom and all the issues discussed in my blogs; please share your thoughts with me in the space below.


5 thoughts on “Slimpod vs Noom: what’s the difference?”

  1. Thanks for that. Personally I love the fact that Sandra is a down to earth English person who speaks in a way I resonate with, not like all the razzmatazz that goes with the way Noom operates.

  2. I am combining both! I stuck with Slimpod exclusively for 2 years and I put on weight. Sandra was very helpful but I think my issues may be too deep rooted for the pods. That said I still listen to them regularly and find they help relax me and aid sleep. Noom got me back on track with losing weight and I have lost 10kgs in under a year- I don’t find weighing a problem- it lets me know if what I’m doing is working or not. The coach is not computer generated. They only respond weekly pretty much but I find them helpful. Slimpod is gently working very slowly in the background and I record my 3 wins everyday. Both programmes have empowered me to believe that there is a long term sustainable approach that works for me.

  3. I’m so glad I have just read this! Stopped listening to the pods and have slipped back into my old ways. Was tempted by Noom but know that what I actually need to do is listen to the pods and believe in myself!

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