Be honest: Are the scales your friend or your foe?

ONE of the most common things people in our Slimpod Community on Facebook raise with me is their relationship with the weighing scales. One lady asked if I could help her to understand more about the effect the scales have on her emotions because she thinks they’re partly to blame for her self-sabotage. As this is one of my favourite subjects, I’m more than happy to oblige!

In this video I explain how that piece of metal in the bathroom can actually control your emotions, making you feel happy or sad, and I discuss how a lot of people are obsessed with weighing themselves.

So after you’ve watched the video, here’s your task for this week. Take some time out to think about your relationship with the scales.  Does it have a positive impact on your daily life? When you hop on and off does it always empower you to keep your weight in control?  If so, then that’s absolutely wonderful and continue to do what you’re doing!

However, if as a result of hopping on the scales you eat to make yourself feel better or give up your healthy eating because you think there’s no hope and you’re a failure, then this is no good and it needs to stop because your relationship with the scales is destructive emotionally and it’s helping you to self-sabotage.

Drop me a comment below and tell me about your relationship with the scales. Does it make you feel good or bad?

7 thoughts on “Be honest: Are the scales your friend or your foe?”

  1. If I weigh myself and I have lost weight I feel very happy. But if I have gained weight I feel dejected and cross with myself. So you are right to tell us to avoid those scales. I am in my fith week & very happy that I have lost 5lb without even trying. & can feel my cloths are more comfortable so I am a happy lady

  2. Rupinderjit Soggi (Roop)

    Hi Sandra, I don’t have scales at home. I used to weigh in every week for only the last 2 and half years with slimming world. Before that I would judge my weight by my clothes.

  3. I can’t believe I’ve been a slave to the scales up to recently, since listening to the slimpods I’ve weighed myself twice at the beginning of starting the slimpods and last week it’s still early days and the scales are albeit slowly going in the right direction
    I fell happier, trimmer and generally more positive so onwards and upwards ??Good luck to all, the only thing we have to do is lose ?

  4. Catherine Hamilton

    I agree with you Sandra. If I weighed myself and had put on weight I felt “down” for a while afterwards and thought I was a failure and sometimes gave up. I used to weigh myself weekly but now since I joined Slimpod I only weigh myself occasionally I still feel a bit down if I’ve put on weight but not as bad as I used to.

  5. Slimpodding for 6 days. No snacks, leaving some of my meal, eating home made healthy meals no processed stuff. Podding every night, watched videos. Have to weigh myself weekly due to meds I am on and zero weight loss. What is going on?

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