Drop a size in time for the Christmas partying!!

YOU ask, we listen! Following a great discussion in our Facebook Slimpod Club community last week, we’ll be launching on October 30th a 30-day drive to Drop a Size In Time For The Christmas Partying!

In Slimpod Club between now and October 30th I’ll be suggesting several new healthy habits on which you can focus for just 30 days. Easy!

The 30-day challenge is for men and women and will be really simple. All you need to do is choose just two things to focus on and then commit to doing them every day during November. We will run special groups to enable you to hold each other accountable.

Here are some thoughts, but please add your suggestions to the comments below, too, because this is all about your journey and implementing small changes in your life.

With your Slimpod helping you, committing to a couple of the suggestions below will be very easy!

* Reduce the sugar and refined carbs in your daily diet.

* Reduce alcohol.

* Do a certain number of steps every day.

* Do squats every day.

* If you suffer from stress, practise mindfulness or meditation every day.

* Do the Pioppi or Blood Sugar diet for 30 days (and before you scream at me – they’re not really diets, they’re recipes based on proper food with no sugar or refined carbs and are really, really good for you!)

* Drink more water each day.

Naturally we will also be asking you to listen to your pods every day. I’ll be pitching in with a video here and there giving you support and advice.

So let’s get this moving and be all set for October 30th! I’m thinking it would be a great idea for you to identify an outfit you’d like to feel comfortable in for Christmas and have that as a goal.  What do you think?!

Weight loss is not a one size fits all – we can all choose our individual path and then work together to achieve it!

151 thoughts on “Drop a size in time for the Christmas partying!!”

        1. Have a slight problem as unable to do squats, due to having knee replacement surgery on both knees, do you have any alternative suggestions?

          1. I’m in, do I join the Facebook group as I haven’t yet, definitely cut down on refined carbs and sugars, something nice with a cup of tea is my downfall, so that would be a good goal for me

  1. Annmarie Thompson

    Yes I’m up for that as it’s just in time for my Xmas holidays in Australia and I need to be kick started again

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      Good stuff Annmarie! Try combining your Slimpod with the Blood Sugar or 5:2. Some people at the hospital are doing this for a few weeks. Intermittent fasting is clinically proven it’s just that people get too hungry and can’t stick to it. Slimpod makes it possible because you’re not so hungry. Worth a try perhaps?!

  2. Hi, I haven’t done squats for years and yesterday was the first time I did a few, I’m going to try and incorporate this exercise daily along with my steps and crunch’s, hopefully this with some common sense eating will help to achieve the target by xmas


  3. Yes great idea don’t know what to focus on though all of the above I genuinely do all the time anyway , always eat clean have done for a few years now walk every day yes I could do more steps I’m doin 3 20 minute hit sessions a week have done for the last 3 weeks if I want sweet I usually have fruit and nuts ( handful almonds ) or couple of squares of dark chocolate , I’m definitely noticed changes with slimpod ie leaving food wen full feeling more motivated feeling confident and loving not being on a diet BUT still not lost weight and that’s not weighing because I hate the sad step but in my clothes and measurements it’s just not moving ? which I do think is strange anyway yes I’m up for the challenge xx

      1. Hi sandra yes on the treadmill. I find the handles help me balance & the belt helps me keep going whereas on normal ground i really struggle & have a stick or a wheelchair. It also helps if you don’t come flying off as i did a few weeks ago ?

  4. Sounds great. I’ve had my slimpod materials sitting unlistened to for a month waiting for the ‘right’ moment. This is a reasonable and realistic challenge. Thanks for kick starting me!