8 great ways to Get Set For Summer

TWITTER and the web went a bit crazy over the advertising for a weight loss product which features a slender model in a bikini with the slogan Are You Beach Body Ready? I can understand why a lot of people were upset because summer can be a difficult for many women.

The protesters feel Protein World’s big yellow adverts send out a message  that only thin people are “Beach Body Ready” and that the rest of us fat people need to do something about it

The protesters are campaigning in front of the ads wearing their bikinis and claiming that in fact all you have to do to be beach body ready is to own a body, put a swimsuit on it and go to the beach.  Here’s how the Huffington Post joined in the backlash and here’s me reading the latest on the controversy.

Women protest at Beach Body Ready advert

So who is right?  Well, I understand why a diet company might choose to use a slim, toned model to galvanise people into action, although some of their later tweets, glorifying in the extra publicity brought about by the protest, don’t endear them to me one little bit.

And what of the protesters?  Are they right to just say “Take your body to the beach as it is”?  Is this the solution to the annual summer body crisis?

Well, yes and no.

The protesters’ sentiments are all well and good, but in reality it’s not exactly like that for many of us.  It’s not so much a case of getting our bodies ready for the beach as getting our minds ready.

Summer can be quite daunting.  For a start you have six weeks with all your children at home, with all the additional organising and entertaining that this entails. The weather is hot, sticky but also changeable and occasionally cold and wet, and it is sometimes difficult to know what to wear.

Plus with a bit more flesh than usual on display many of us get self-conscious, even those who are deemed to be of “normal” weight, whatever that is.

Then there are the days out, entertaining and parties.  Is it me or do there seem to be more opportunities to eat and drink a bit too much over summer time?

Whether it be barbecues, outdoor parties, or just the ice cream stall at the park, or the coffee and cake stand or the beer tent at outdoor events?

So many out-of-routine opportunities to stuff our faces.  For people who feel self conscious and guilty around food this can be a nightmare. So what’s the answer to getting yourself ready for summer?  At Thinking Slimmer we believe it’s all about inner peace and body confidence.

Here’s just a few suggestions of things you can do to get that inner sparkle, because if you’re wearing a smile then you are always beautiful.

Try these 8 great ways to Get Set For Summer

Have a clear out of your wardrobe

Are you happy with your summer outfits?  A little bit of retail therapy can go a long way towards making you feel great this summer. Bikini or swimsuit? Shorts, skirt or sarong?  Wear whatever you feel most comfortable with.

If you  feel you need to lose a few pounds, start now People who start on the Thinking Slimmer programme typically report that they feel more confident after just a week or two.  Sometimes just knowing you’re working towards changing something and that you’re in control is enough to give you that inner smile of confidence.

Walk for health and get set for summer

Get outside more and get some exercise Use the long evenings and warmer weather for a walk in the park, a run or a day trip out with your family.  Fresh air is guaranteed to get your cheeks nice and rosy, raising your heart beat will get those happy hormones circulating in your bloodstream and getting close to nature will almost certainly lift your mood.

Stock up with essentials Make sure you’re well stocked up on those little essentials: sun cream, antihistamines, nettle rash cream, insect repellent, plasters for your blisters, and antacids for those not-quite cooked barbecue foods…we all know what the common pitfalls are for summer in the UK.

Be ready and then you and your family can enjoy yourselves without worry.


Take care of your feet this summer Look after those twinkling toes If like me you like to get your toes out over the summer, then treat yourself to a bit of foot care.  I always feel I’m ready for summer if my toenails are twinkling.

Feet are one part of your body that can be transformed from ugly to gorgeous in about an hour and make you feel instantly ready for summer.

Eat well for summer with healthy barbecues and salads

Don’t be afraid of food or drink No foods need to be forbidden and you should be able to relax and treat yourself.  Any diet plan which forbids you to eat certain foodstuffs is setting you up for cravings, guilt and ultimate failure.

Our programmes retune your mind so you make healthy choices whenever you can, and exercise restraint and portion control with the less healthy foods.  That way you can treat yourself along with your family all summer and feel no guilt whatsoever.

Me time is vital for summer wellbeing

Keep an eye on your stress levels over the summer Make sure you’re taking regular time for relaxation and a little bit of the things that make you happy, as well as pleasing everybody else.  Even if it is just taking a bath, reading a book, listening to some music or a Chillpod or watching something you like on the television. Carve out some time for yourself.

Your size is your business
Don’t let anybody else tell you what size you should be or what you should look like. If you want to be smaller and/or fitter and healthier then go for it, and we will support you all the way.  If you are happy with the way you are then that is fine too.  We are all beautiful – all it takes is a smile

At Thinking Slimmer we’d love to know what you’re doing to Get Set for Summer. Please share your summer food, clothes or special moments on social media with the hashtag #SlimpodSummer.   Leave a comment below, too, please.

Above all, let us see your great big summer smiles.

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