Great news: Eating less can stop ageing!

I READ some interesting research this morning – and it made me realise just how important a Slimpod can be in helping people live a healthier, longer life! A study by University College London has concluded that we really are all eating too much, that is something most of us already know – but what was shocking is the incredible benefits doctors at UCL have attributed to eating less.

The scientists there have been working with mice and rats, and found that by cutting their intake of food by up to 40%, the lifespan of the animals was increased on average by 30%. In humans, this would account for about an extra 20 years!

So by eating less you can stop ageing!

The researchers concluded that by dramatically cutting the animal’s food intake the ageing process was dramatically slowed down, which would help to stave off age-related diseases such as dementia, cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Stop ageing by eating less live longer be healthier

Of course, putting the body into starvation mode to try to stop ageing is never healthy, and so you should not read this and dive into a crash-diet!

But, what is clear is that over a longer period, cutting your intake of food can be really very beneficial – one way of doing this in a sustainable way is to change the way you think about food consumption, one thing that Slimpod has been very successful at doing for people.

So start today by eating less to stop ageing, live longer and be healthier! A Slimpod is all you need.

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