Dare to believe like Sammie and you really can achieve anything

INSPIRING can be a very over-used word but there’s no other way to describe what Sammie Axton has achieved and the way she has turned her life around. Six years ago, in her own words, Sammie was “a rather large lady” who’d tried every diet under the sun and had convinced herself that as nothing had worked she was condemned to a middle age of unhappiness. Boy was she wrong!

After losing 70 lbs and keeping it off ever since, she suddenly discovered she had a real taste for life. She took up karate to get herself fit enough to keep up with her young son Bobby – and as the weight stayed off, Sammie’s strength and ability went through the roof.

Last week she won a bronze medal in her class at the world karate championships. That’s her above in her white karate gear.

That’s an amazing achievement for a 50-year-old mum who once thought her greatest physical achievement was trying to chase her son round the park.

Sammie, from Denton in Manchester, is such an amazing lady that I asked her to describe how she felt about winning her medal.

“When we went to the trials I really was going as support for Bobby but joined in and worked hard as always. At the end when they were calling out the names for the ones who were chosen, I sat down with the parents not even thinking my name would be called.

Bobby shows off mum’s medal

“I was waiting to hear Bobby’s name called and when it was I was so proud. Then my name was called but I just sat there and thought they were calling someone else. They had to call me twice before I realised it really was me.

“I was shocked, amazed and proud. I couldn’t believe it. I got up and collected my badges and sat with my squad and my son – it was an amazing feeling.

“While we had our pictures taken all sorts of stuff was running through my head – how, why can I do this? And yes I can, I’ve trained hard I love my sport, yes I can do this.

“Never in a million years did I expect a medal – I was there to support Bobs. When I stood on that podium and accepted my medal I felt like all my hard work had paid off.

“I’m here at the world championships and this woman I’ve become is amazing and worthy. I realised my journey to completely re-invent myself wasn’t over, it’s just beginning.

“The pride for my country, for my squad, for my child, for my club and for myself was overwhelming. The opening ceremony was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

“I could never in my wildest dreams see myself at the age of 50 – a once rather large lady – walking through with all these different countries. And yet I was there, right in the middle of it all. Wow! Just wow.”

Aren’t those just the most emotional and wonderful words you’ve ever read?


Sammie before…

…and after

Sammie never dared to believe she could achieve this. Like so many overweight people, she couldn’t see past the limitations of the scales and her waistline.

But it IS possible to turn your life around. Sammie is living proof of what can be achieved.

What could YOU do if you saw past your self-doubt and dared to dream?  Let me know below!

9 thoughts on “Dare to believe like Sammie and you really can achieve anything”

  1. You really are an inspiration Sammie. I am 46 and want to lose around the same amount as you. I’m now one week into my Slimpod programme and your story is definitely going to keep me focussed. Congratulations!

  2. Wow!!! What an amazing achievement. That is fabulous. I’m 43 and really struggle to stick to any weight loss programme. I give up listening to Slimpods when I don’t see any difference in 4 days etc. I am fed up with myself though. I’ll print off your story I think and use it as my motivation as well

  3. Never say never. You must be truly proud of what you have managed to achieve. The key is also never giving up, no matter what set backs there are. This is why I love Slimpod. before on other diets i should to beat myself up when after being really good i had gained a pound. I’m one stoner lighter, and still have a way to go. When i have bad weeks, I no longer beat myself up, I don’t feel guilty and a 1lb here and there will eventually get me to where I want to be. great story.

  4. Shannon Scutari

    Way to go Sammy! I listened to an interview you gave a while back. Awesome success. Congratulations on your medal!!!!

  5. That story is fantastic, and I’m so pleased for you Sammie, your fantastic how you have changed so much and you are living proof that this Slimpod works ? well done you must be so proud of your self.

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