Put yourself at the top of your to-do list

ALL too often we relegate ourselves to the bottom of the pile behind partners, children, parents, work and housework. This has to stop!  We need to be in tip-top condition to meet the demands of our hectic lives, so let’s pledge to crack this here and now!

Today I’m starting my January Boot Camp in Slimpod Club and to join you must pledge to put yourself first for six weeks.  This means no-one else gets in the way of your commitment! 

You’ll lose weight and have fun along the way.  You’ll learn how to set effective goals and achieve them with the help of the group (and me!) keeping you accountable. 

It’s really important that you discipline yourself to look in Slimpod Club for updates because no-one will chase you.  This is all about you!

So here’s what needs to happen this week!

Three simple steps

  1. Take a picture of yourself. This is SO important because it helps you track your progress.  Would be great to post it up in Slimpod Club too because it’s good for everyone to put a face to a name.  We love seeing you!
  2. Measure yourself because this is far more reliable than the scales.
  3. Set good goals.  This is of utmost importance!

When you’re creating your goal, please make sure it’s meaningful – knowing “why” you want this goal is essential because that’s what’s going to drive you for the next six weeks.

Some ideas on goals

* A size goal – it’s important to visualise the BIG goal so you know where you’re heading.  And then break that goal down into manageable chunks.  What do you want to achieve in six weeks?  The next size down would be a great start wouldn’t it?

* A weight goal, although really not ideal because weight fluctuates for many reasons and it means you’re using the evil scales to track your progress.  Scales can make you feel bad more often than they make you feel good – and we don’t want that! This is about feeling GOOD!

* A happiness goal!  This is a great goal – track how you’re feeling about yourself. When we’re feeling happier and more confident it’s hugely empowering and motivating. Slimpod will help you with this.   

Some people are scared to set goals because in the past they’ve failed to achieve them. If that’s you, then think of your goal as something that gives you feedback rather than meaning failure.

A goal should be something that helps to plot your course to ultimate success, rather than a big obstacle that creates fear.  In fact, if you plan your possible obstacles (like a birthday party) then your brain won’t be surprised when you come up against a glitch!

Because there’s so many of you, we’ve set up teams. You should know your team now but if not then tag Debbie O’Connor and she’ll help you!

It’s a fact that making the goal public helps you to commit – so post them up in your groups!

Your team will hold you accountable and the weekly live chat (on Wednesday evenings at 8pm GMT)  will be your chance to regroup with everyone and for us all to do some cheer-leading! Every little success counts!  If you can’t make the group chat then catch up on the thread and tag me if you need any help.

Week by week we’ll develop this by building on your successes. This is how good habits are built.

Next week we will drill down more into the secret of creating successful, long-lasting habits. 

15 thoughts on “Put yourself at the top of your to-do list”

  1. Hi, I found the video good to watch. It has allayed some of my self-doubt and I’m sure I will be here at the end of the six weeks. Thank you x

  2. Amazing. Just what I needed . I have paid thousand of pounds over the past decade and still no slimmer due to not finding ‘me time’ after week 1. Totally inspiring

  3. Hi, found it very helpful because very nervous about goal setting. Six weeks is doable, I really want this year to be one when I am more confident and happier as well as slimmer!

  4. A motivating video. I will be here in six weeks time healthier and happier knowing I have done all I can to reach my goals

  5. Sandra,
    Very motivating talk ! I usually end up quitting diets and exercise programs before I see results, but I am quite determined to see this six weeks out and achieve my goals.

  6. Great video, thanks Sandra.
    Very motivating. I think it’s a great idea having a video every Monday.
    Looking forward to moving forward and there being less of me in 6 weeks time ! ?

  7. Having felt that slipping back feeling for the last couple of days I have regrouped this morning.
    Listened again to Sandra’s week 1 video for Jan 17 boot camp and feel so much better as I start the day today. I am so encouraged by the way you deliver your message Sandra .goals and positives are my stumbling block but I feel more motivated and positive after listening to you, what a great gift.
    Thank you.

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