Boot Camp kicks off with important goal-setting advice

HEY! Welcome to my six week “Get Ready for Summer” Boot Camp! The words “Boot Camp” can sometimes be scary, so first of all I want to assure you that the next six weeks are going to be a very positive, enjoyable and motivational experience!

The only condition of joining in is that I’d like you to pledge your commitment for six weeks.

This is not like the average Boot Camp.  I don’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat.  I don’t tell you to exercise. That wouldn’t be my style.

You’ll be learning some important things that will have been holding you back from losing weight in the past and when you smash through these obstacles, there’ll be no stopping you! You’ll lose inches and have fun along the way.

It’s really important that you discipline yourself to look in your Inbox (or other places like Promotions or Updates folders).

If you’re a Slimpod Club member you can also look there for updates because no-one will chase you.  This is all about you!

So here we go!

Week One is dedicated to getting you off to a great start.

So here’s what needs to happen this week!

Three simple steps

  1. Take a full-length picture of yourself (in clothes!). Keep it safe on your phone so you can look at it in the weeks to come. This is SO important because it helps you track your progress.  If you’re in Slimpod Club – post it up there too because it’s good for everyone to put a face to a name.  We love seeing you!
  2. Measure yourself because this is far more reliable than the scales.
  3. Set good goals

Many people struggle with how to set goals so here’s a recap.

When you’re creating your goal, please make sure it’s meaningful – knowing “why” you want this goal is essential because that’s what’s going to drive you for the next six weeks.

More information on goals is in my Week One video below.

Some more ideas:

  1. Staying with this Boot Camp has to be on top of this list!
  2. A size goal – what do you want to achieve in six weeks? What’s realistic? The next size down would be a great goal and for most people that’s achievable in six weeks.
  3. A happiness goal!  This is a great goal – track how you’re feeling about yourself. When you’re feeling happier and more confident it’s hugely empowering and motivating. Slimpod will help you with this.
  4. An energy goal –  embrace the lovely long evenings and do a power walk three evenings a week. Track your progress – this is such a wonderful motivator.

BIG NOTE** A weight goal’s really not ideal because weight fluctuates for many reasons and it means you’re using the evil scales to track your progress.  Scales make you feel bad more often than they make you feel good – and we don’t want that! This is about feeling GOOD!

Remember:  The brain likes reward, so be nice to yourself and take this in small steps.  Take it week by week and set yourself small targets to achieve by the end of each week. 

Writing in your success log each day could be one of them.  Being consciously aware of your sugar intake could be another.  It’s recommended we only have seven tsps of sugar a day and it’s estimated the average adult consumes over 20 tsps!


Some people are scared to set goals because in the past they’ve failed to achieve them. If that’s you, then think of your goal as something that gives you feedback rather than meaning failure.

A goal should be something that helps to plot your course to ultimate success, rather than a big obstacle that creates fear!  Next week I’m giving you some help with fear of failure so help is at hand!

It’s a fact that making the goal public helps you to commit – so post your goal(s) under the Boot Camp post on my blog AND/OR in Slimpod Club under the post.  You can also ask others if they’d like to form a team which would help to keep you accountable.

And remember my weekly live chat (on Wednesday evenings at 8pm BST)  will be your chance to regroup with everyone and for us all to do some cheer-leading! Every little success counts!

Week by week we’ll develop this by building on your successes. This is how good habits are built.

I’ll be publishing a video every Monday!  Next week is about Overcoming Fear of Failure – so watch out for it!

Here’s to your success! And please, please do leave a comment below telling me your Boot Camp goals. I love hearing from you.

110 thoughts on “Boot Camp kicks off with important goal-setting advice”

  1. Really looking forward to the next 6 weeks, I love your boot camps they really do help me to refocus.
    It’s more than just a physical thing for me I find it mentally stimulating as well. I always feel better after a boot camp. I am more focused more positive more energetic and happier.
    Thanks Sandra, see you in slimpod club. X

  2. Keep stopping and starting. Need to feel good about myself.
    one of my goals is going to be more conscious of my Veg and fruit intake. don’t have enough.
    Think this boot camp will keep me focused.

  3. Hi, my aim is to fit comfortably in the next dress size down which will mean jettisoning some of the fat around my midrif. Being lighter will help my osteoarthritis too, so that’s a bonus.
    I’m really looking forward to the advice coming my way and the comments from others. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and a control freak so rather than fail am inclined to self sabotage. I also avoid writing my goals down for fear that others will see and know that I’ve failed my self again. (This is daft cos there’s only me here to see?!)

    1. I’m the same with self sabotage Eva! And I’m not good at sharing my goals for fear of public failure (again). I completely understand what you’re saying. I’ve tried to make these goals really simple but effective so that I can feel the success! We can do this, with Sandra’s help. X

  4. Lost a lot of weight on Slimpod, now on a plateau which understandable as I lost very quickly initially which is fine as I feel so good, but my goal is to push past the plateau and loose a jeans size!

  5. Just the kickstart I need. I’m so mad with myself. I lost lots of weight a few years ago and have been letting it creep back on and I’m nearly back where I started. My goal is to get down a dress size and lower bp.

  6. This is my first Boot Camp and comes at a perfect time as the six weeks covers our 3-week summer visit to the UK in July. This is the hardest time for me as we meet up with family and friends and, guess what . . . food and drink are an essential feature of our get-togethers! I’m currently down at my target size/weight so my major goal for the Boot Camp is to still be there at the end of the six weeks! My initial goal is to be looking ‘my best’ when I meet up in early July with Ann Stirrup, who introduced me to Slimpod Club.

  7. I am delighted to be part of the boot camp.I have lost some weight, but have a good bit to go.I am going to put effort into following your advice and tips, As a I am not on Facebook, as rely on your e mail updates and really appreciate all your help. Kind regards Edith

  8. I have a wedding at the end of July I’ve already got my outfit but would like it to fit better so need to drop a dress size

  9. Jeanette Whitajer

    My aim for Boot Camp is to go swimming twice a week at least and to drop a dress size ……. maybe I’d fit into the one I have hanging in my wardrobe for the past twelve months then ?

  10. Daughter in law graduates in Six weeks. I have a dress that is a bit tight, I would like to be able to wear that with it being looser.

  11. Love this! Positive and inspiring start to the week and so excited to start a journey that is not solely focused on numbers on a scale, I think that has been my downfall previously and can be lonely and demoralising. Yes I want to lose weight, but I also want to change my mindset and feel more positive and happy. Let’s begin!

  12. My goal is to comfortably fit in clothes one size smaller. This boot camp comes at just the right time as it will take me up to my holiday at the end of July.

  13. My goal for the next six weeks is to drop a dress size and to be one of the top three achievers in my Fitbit challenges (most amount of steps in a work week).

  14. I will try to write in my success log each night, as I never get round to that. I think it’s because I find it hard to praise myself.

  15. Today this has really remotivated me to think about losing some weight as I’ve been yoyo dieting for the last few months.

  16. My goal is to lose a dress size as I have my niece’s wedding in August and have a lovely expensive dress I can’t fit into. The

  17. Sandra Brereton

    I would love to fit comfortably in to my summer dresses by the end of August and feel so much better about myself. Looking forward to getting started.

  18. Sandra Brereton

    I’d love to fit comfortably in to my summer dresses by the end of August. Looking forward to starting boot camp.

  19. At 5′ and size 14 I NEED to drop a couple of dress sizes, but my 6 week goal would be 1 dress size. I have just changed my diet to conquer IBS so have already cut out all sugar, processed foods, most sources of fat and at last the pain has gone and so have most cravings so NOW is time to trim down.

  20. My goal is to be committed to the next 6 weeks and get into this lovely Dress i have brought for my sons wedding in October i am an 18 now i need to get to a size 14

  21. I’m just back from honeymoon and starting from scratch. I am determined to change the way I eat and want to lose a dress size in 6 weeks along with getting fitter too.

  22. Reading this from an exercise bike in the gym – starting how o mean to go on! I love the lack of pressure of your boot camp and the focus on celebrating success rather than fearing failure. Bring on the next six weeks!

  23. My goal is to drop a dress size in six weeks’ time. I am a size 14 to 16 and 5ft 7. I want to be a size 12. I already exercise 5 days a week – I regularly run, do group exercise classes, walk, walk up and down 8 flights of stairs at work. However, I don’t lose any weight. The reason I haven’t lost any weight is because I eat too much and I enjoy eating cakes and other things that are not good for me. I want to look slim, feel better, have more energy and feel less tired.

  24. it took me a while to get disciplined and listen to my slimpod every day, but since I have I’ve lost a stone which I’m very pleased with. But I’m now hovering between a size 12 & 14 so I’m hoping the bootcamp will give me the extra boost to reach that magical easy fit 12!

  25. Thanks for the postive video sandra it was just what I needed. My goal is….. Im going to lose a dress size!!!

  26. This has come at the perfect time and will allow me to focus on getting fitter and more toned for my summer holidays in August.
    My goal is to drop a dress size and increase my energy levels through exercise and healthy eating.

  27. Janette McAllister

    I started off this process so positively as the first few weeks were an incredible experience. I could not quite believe how little I wanted to eat and how amazingly active I felt. Stopped listening over 5 days away in April and completely lost track and have not been there since. Started listening properly again this morning and am looking forward to boot camp. Setting goals and hopefully get that positive feeling again. I am heading to Majorca for holidays for a fortnight starting the 1st July but plan to listen right through, bonus is a lovely pool and swimming 30 lengths every day. On a positive note I had lost ten pounds at the start and have not gained.

  28. My goal is to drop a dress size, build confidence in my body image and start training to running a 10k by autumn

  29. Hi Sandra my goal is to lose that extra tyre round my middle and drop a dress size the boot camp hopefully will give me that extra focus great idea , I need something after losing my mum recently hopefully this is it xxx

  30. Catherine Hamilton

    My goal is to listen to slimpod each day and “stick it out”. I have been yo-yo dieting for years and am now heavier than ever. I want to feel better about myself especially when I see myself in the mirror when I am going for a shower.

  31. Brilliant! Raring to go. I have been on the diet binge vicious cycle since I was 10 years of age and I am removing all diet self talk, habits and engrained negative thinking. Working on the I’ve blown it guilt trip that I’m used to but for the first time in my life I am no longer weighing myself three times a day. But Sandra, I am struggling with one aspect. What is ‘full’? I am so desensitised from my appetite that I don’t recognise it at all. I only know ‘stuffed’. Mina

  32. After given up sugar last year I have got into any size 14 which was my long term goal. For this next 6 weeks I want to lose at least a inch of my waist as I am a diabetic and have the weight on the waist and stomach

  33. My goal is to drop a dress size and fit into many of my holiday clothes before going of on holiday to Canada at the end of July.

  34. 5′ and pushing the top end of a size 14, a drop in dress size in the six weeks, with an added goal of feeling happy

  35. My goals are:
    At least an inch off my hips, that are refusing to shrink!
    Working out 3 times a week with at least one run.
    Being happier and moaning less at my husband.

  36. Elizabeth Lambert

    Taken my photo, done my measurements and set my goals: 1 Stay in Boot camp for 6 weeks, 2 drop a dress size in the next 6 weeks, 3 Look in the mirror and like what I see (this is the hardest, least specific but I kind of have a picture of Reece Witherspoon in my head, she is short but looks great but not sure that I can be a size 6 like her).

  37. I want to drop a dress size during bootcamp and that will help me feel positive about looking good in summer clothes.

  38. My bootcamp goal is to improve my physical and mental health and wellbeing leading to better energy levels and in the process lose a dress size.

  39. My goal is to cut down on my portion sizes. I’m getting much better at not snacking between meals since i started Slimpod, and I’ve been more active; now I want to learn to stop when I’m full (rather than realise I ate a bit too much. And I want to drop a dress size – I have a pair of capris which can serve as a target 😉

  40. I’d like to feel more comfortable in my clothes, everything feels just a little too tight at the moment

  41. I love it…. Need to think of me., I am important, there is only going to ever be one of me. See you all in the thread. X

  42. I got down a stone and a half last year and slipped nicely into a size 12 dress for my daughters wedding in September. Since then I have had a total hip replacement and have regained the weight . I feel so disappointed and can’t seem to get motivated, even though I’ve listened to slimpod silver every night for the past 7 weeks . Help !

  43. I go on holiday in 7 weeks so perfect timing for a boot camp and my goal is to fit into my bikini and feel confident wearing it.

  44. Lorraine Kilbride

    Target is to lose at least a dress size. I have my daughters’ graduations in July, a holiday at the beginning of August and finally my 30th wedding anniversary at the end of August.

  45. My goal is to lose a size.I am working on maintaining yet really improving my health,avoiding bad health numbers. I have had some knee issues-don’t want them to recur! I know I will feel better about myself and this will transfer to my family.

  46. I have been using slimpod every day for the past 3 weeks and it honestly has changed my life! I have so much more energy and have lost the constant obsessing over food. I’m a believer?My goal is to drop a dress size for an August wedding…

  47. Really looking forward to all the positive thoughts and vibes ands tips just ready for the extra boost great idea x

  48. Nikki stachini

    last week i had a long hospital vigil with a close family member and sadly a bereavement last week and the funeral was yesterday. Even though I have stilled continued with listening to my slimpod and have made the right choices, my motivation has dipped, but I am back on track as of TODAY and want to drop a jean size and be more confident in my own skin

  49. I need to drop a size so my clothes fit. Need to keep dropping sizes/weight so I can fit in to the snazzy wheelchair I want.

  50. I’m starting the bootcamp a day late as I was visiting elderly parents in law yesterday. My goal is to fit into my size 14 linen trousers at the end of the six weeks. I’m so glad to have this bootcamp. My plan is to listen to my slimpods everyday, reduce simple carbs and eat more fruit and veg each day.

  51. My goal is to feel confident in my holiday clothes especially those that are currently a bit tight!! Ready for my honeymoon. ?

  52. Hi Sandra
    My size goal is to get to 14-16 rather than 16-18.
    My activity/energy goal is to continue with three weekly exercise sessions and have a 15 minute walk every day
    My happiness goal is to feel more confident about the way I carry myself

  53. I would like to come down 1. Dress size.
    I want to fill my log in daily
    I would like to cook healthy meals for my family

  54. As others have already said, I shy away from setting myself goals in case I don’t reach them, and then feel disappointed in myself. All of which is very negative and unhelpful. So after giving it a lot of thought I’ve decided my one goal for the 6 weeks is to get to a healthy waist measurement of 80cm. This would be fantastic as not only will I be healthier, I will look much better too. I’ll see how I feel next week, if I’m ok I’ll add another goal.

  55. Hi Sandra… Thanks for a very timely and required email to be part of the Boot Camp..
    I have just returned last week from a two week all inclusive Cruise in the Mediterranean, although I feel that I did not overindulge … my waistline is telling me something different.
    I just need to get back to my normal routine which was working before, the Boot Camp will certainly help.

  56. Hi, I am a week late here, just back from holiday!
    1. I am committing to keep at this for the full 6 weeks.
    2. To lose a dress size by the end.
    3. To walk 3 evenings this week in addition to usual exercise.

  57. I need to lose a lot of weight because it is already affecting me health wise. I aim to fit to the next size down and along the way, I will add to my goals. Hopefully, by the end of boot camp my self esteem will increase and I will comfortable in my own skin

  58. I’d like to feel less bloated around the belly and hip area – my FIRST goal is to lose a couple of inches off my hips/bum/tum

  59. Marie Christine

    Christine Thomson
    My goals are
    1 Move more each day
    2 Set a routine for tasks instead of putting things off
    3 Drop a dress size

  60. Hopefully better late to start than never! My goals (other than committing to Summer Bootcamp) are to lose 2inches from my waist (which I know should come away as I have put at least 2 on recently) and to find some way to get a minimum of 20 minutes exercise per day over and above the 2miles of school runs I do each weekday. Looking forward to feeling back in control.

  61. I have not really been doing the programme so I am hoping by doing this it will help me to try to do the programme.

  62. Christine Rook

    I’m starting my journey again after a bad time. I have loads of weight to loose but I intend taking one step at a time, my goal is to get into clothes a size smaller than my 34-36, I don’t choose my clothes I have to have what fits, so I’m looking forward to some nice new clothes. Also to improve my mobility.

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