Week One of your summer body boost

LET’S get started on our Summer Body Boost boot camp, an exclusive event for members of Slimpod Club, our private Facebook group. As you know, an essential part of the Slimpod programme is goalsetting so we’ll kick the next eight weeks off by working out what we want at the end of June!   

Here’s week one’s first job: setting your goals for the next eight weeks. There are two ways to do this and you’ll already be familiar with them because they’re in the handbook and part of the Gold and Silver programmes, but it’s always worth revisiting and refreshing.

The two methods are Smart Goals and a Goal Map and both work well.

If I was to recommend one then it would be the Goal Map because it really helps to connect you to your “Why” – and knowing “why” you’re doing it is essential if you really want to make your goals meaningful.

Making them public helps you to be accountable. There’ll be a special thread for you to post them up in Slimpod Club.

I’m looking forward to seeing goals from everyone! Do post them when you’ve done them.  Some people are scared to set goals because in the past they’ve failed to achieve them. If that’s you, then think of your goal as something that gives you feedback rather than meaning failure.

A goal should be something that helps to plot your course to ultimate success, rather than a big obstacle that creates fear.

Here’s a tip: When you’re creating goals, put a lot of thought into what might be the obstacles you’ll face on your journey and build them into the plan.

Research shows that if you factor in an obstacle then you don’t come unstuck. For example: Over the next eight weeks if you have a few social events that might have once meant “falling off the wagon” – just build them in so your brain knows you’re going to indulge a little.

Trust me – it has a truly remarkable effect! And anyway – you’ll know by now – we don’t do failure here! 

I will be hosting the live chat in Slimpod Club as usual tomorrow (Wednesday May 4) at 8pm BST so please join me and I’ll help you with the process if you have any questions.

We’ll also have a special guest in Slimpod Club – Mollie Millington. Mollie is “The Happiness Personal Trainer” and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition holistic health coach and UK Athletics running coach.

With this knowledge base, she can help you identify your mental blocks, set achievable goals to move more and make educated food choices, which will in turn help your body shape change for the better.

Being increasingly active, in conjunction with Slimpod, and consuming nutritious food will help you succeed.

Mollie will be answering any questions you might have on fitness and food so do make good use of her – she’s here to get you off to the best possible start

Mollie is a marathon runner and will be cycling the Ride London 100-mile course for the third time this summer so if you have questions related to endurance training do pick her brain about that, too!

Later this week in Slimpod Club you’ll also be invited to do the Red Ribbon test. What’s the Red Ribbon Test?

Well, Debbie will put up a thread with full instructions so watch out for it! It’s a really great alternative to the scales (otherwise known as the sad step!)

And that’s week one! During the course of the next eight weeks there will be a variety of activities and challenges to keep you motivated. We’ll also have a buddy system if you fancy working in pairs to achieve your goals.

Let’s get cracking!

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