Guardian angel and my 70lbs weight loss

IN just 12 months, mum of two Karen Christmas has lost five stone listening to her Slimpod – and her weight loss is continuing! Her achievement is an inspiration for anyone who’s tried every diet going and given up hope that anything will ever work. Every day, mum of two Karen sees living proof of how much weight she’s lostwith her Slimpod. “My youngest boy weighs four stone and I’ve lost more than that in a year. I really can’t believe it.”

In January 2014, Karen weighed 19st 11lbs. In January 2015 she’s down to 14st 11lbs – a weight loss of 70lbs and she’s still shrinking. She was a size 22 and now she’s almost into size 14.

Karen’s little secret is that soon after she first started listening to a Slimpod she gave up and went back on to a diet.

Even though she’d done every diet on the planet and none had ever worked long term, it was her fallback position. Lots of people have been conditioned into that way of thinking.

So the weight loss Karen has achieved by going back on her Slimpod is a great lesson for everyone – put your trust in your Slimpod and never give up.

Karen first started on a Slimpod in 2012 and only listened consistently for a few weeks until she stopped and went back on a diet. By January 2014 Karen was still a size 22 and couldn’t stand the thought of being that size for two major events during the year.

“This was my motivation,” says Karen. Luckily she still had her Slimpod to hand so she decided to go for it.



Cheers! Karen in December 2014, size 14, and when she was a size 22 a year earlier 

Her goal was to drop a dress size by May. In fact, she dropped two dress sizes in two months! She quickly established that listening regularly was the key, “and then it snowballed,” she says. “I started getting compliments from people which spurred me on even more.

“One day I received a text from a lady who’d seen me at the school gate and it had a simple but flattering message ‘Your legs look so skinny’!

“I used to stay inside a lot but I became more and more active. One day someone said she was doing a charity run and I just found myself saying ‘Do you want me to do it with you?’ I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth.”

Once Karen had dropped her two sizes by May 2014 she decided to drop another size by July. And she did it. “Coming away from frumpy type dresses has been wonderful, and all because I made time to listen,” she says.

“Slimpod soon becomes a habit like brushing your teeth. I’m not consciously doing anything now. I just listen to my Slimpod and I know I’ll be a size 14 very soon. My target is a 12.

“The difference in my eating has been amazing. I used to eat a whole pizza but I can only eat a few slices now. The signals to stop are there and I can’t go past feeling uncomfortable.

“Even with wine. I enjoy a small drop and something tells me I’ve had enough. If I overindulge I hate it and know I don’t want to feel like that again.

“I used to buy every diet and low fat thing going but it was a disaster. I was just conditioned to the diet way of thinking.

“Now the change in my eating habits has affected the whole family because we’re not only eating less food we’re also all eating better. Because I’m saving money on the quantity I’m actually able to buy better quality. Mealtimes have changed so much in our house.

“My husband has benefited and seen weight loss, too. We’re also all far more active. Sunday mornings we used to just laze around and now we all go out and do some exercise. I’ve got 7 and 9 year old boys and we’re either cycling or swimming.

“My youngest boy weighs 4 stone – and I’ve lost even more than that in just a year. I really can’t believe my weight loss!

“When I look back though, it was no wonder I was so big. I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything and I just couldn’t move. It’s a totally different story now and the Slimpod has been like a guardian angel. It’s always there and I trust it so much.”

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