Unconscious mind’s role in losing weight

I’M often asked about the conscious and unconscious minds – what they are and how they work in relation to Slimpods. Well first, what’s the difference between the two parts of our minds and what’s it got to do with weight loss?

The conscious mind’s job includes logic and reasoning. What’s two plus two? Your conscious mind works out the answer’s four. If you decide to wave at your neighbour, your conscious mind makes your arm and hand move. Start to breathe slowly now…that’s your conscious mind that’s working.

But what was controlling your breathing and your heartbeat before you decided to slow it all down? That was your unconscious mind, which works away in the background controlling about 90% of what we do each day.

The unconscious is also the place where our emotions are controlled. It’s what might make you afraid of the dark, or spiders or meeting strangers – and it’s what decides your values and beliefs, a very important part of your personality.

Right then, what’s all this got to do with losing weight with a Slimpod? Well, the Slimpod is an ingenius piece of kit – though I say it myself! – and works exceptionally well on guiding your unconscious mind towards a healthier lifestyle.

In an ideal world everyone would just trust their unconscious mind to do the job of losing the weight and they would get on with everything else in their lives.

However, because the unconscious is not a “thing” – you can’t touch it, see it, or smell it – most people are sceptical at first and find it hard to believe that a Slimpod can do what it says on the tin: weight loss without effort.

So, you know the saying “seeing is believing”? Well this is why we ask people to set goals, because when you see something happening you believe it, and goals have the added benefit of giving you direction too.

The importance of setting goals and breaking them down into small chunks is that every time to reach a small goal you’ll believe more in the bigger goals you’re aiming to achieve.

The conscious and unconscious minds can then work together to do the business. We already use both parts of our minds in everyday life without realising we’re doing it.

Our brains are learning machines and if you start doing something consciously (ie you have to think about it) and then repeat it many times, the new learning becomes an unconscious mind activity. Then you don’t have to think about that action any more.

Take driving a car as a good example.  The first time you drive somewhere you need a map or a sat nav.  You note down your destination or punch it into the sat nav.  Then you either plot your route or let the sat nav work it out for you. However, as it’s new you are very “conscious” and aware about making sure you go on the right road.

The more times you make that journey (like the school run or your drive to work) it soon becomes an unconscious mind activity and after a while you won’t even need to think about it.

That’s how the Slimpod works. It deals with your relationship to food at an unconscious level, training your brain to behave differently. One problem is that with food it’s easy to be blown off course and lose focus.

It is much more difficult than driving because with food you meet hazards on your journey which may have to be dealt with consciously (because we all have to eat every day).   Long-ingrained habits such as diets, constant awareness of food via adverts, the way supermarkets use psychology to make us buy and potential triggers of an emotional nature can all be challenging.

However, I am constantly hearing people saying “when I was in the supermarket a little voice in my head said I should avoid the chocolate aisle” – now that’s the unconscious mind helping you!

A lot of us have to cook for our family and therefore we need to plan meals in advance.  People on Slimpods usually find they begin to cook the family meals differently and serve smaller portions like Slimpod Star Tina Holmes.

She says: “I’ve cut down on portion sizes, which looking back were a lot bigger than I needed. This has had a massive positive effect on my children.” This is the unconscious at work, changing things.

So our conscious and unconscious mind work together all the time.  But of course, there are some people who like to be “in control” of all aspects of their lives so for them, trusting the unconscious mind to drive the car – or control the waistline – might be very difficult indeed.

3 thoughts on “Unconscious mind’s role in losing weight”

  1. The last paragraph feels like there should be more, an explanation how to overcome having to be in control which is very much like me…

    1. This sentence resonated with me too. I suppose we just have to let go and give in to it at least for the 9 minutes it takes to listen to the slimpod. That’s what I’m doing anyway. Just let go and hope for the best without over thinking it.

  2. I agree, I have cut down my portion size since listening to my Slimpod. At first i thought that it would be a problem as I come from a generation of having to eat everything on my plate. It is difficult to change the habits of a lifetime but I put less food on my plate to try to combat the feeling that leaving food is a SIN. This does help.

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