Three great tips to enjoy Summer without the weight gain worry

Holiday season is upon us and I know that keeping control of their weight can be a major worry for many people.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say “I’m a little bit worried about how I’m going to cope with food when I’m on holiday – I usually pig out and I love having a cocktail or two in the evening.”

If you’re already on my Slimpod programme,  remember, YOU’RE NOT ON A DIET!  This is important because the summer season throws up an all-or-nothing pattern of behaviour. 

You’ve been “good” for a couple of months then you decide it’s summer so you can relax and go totally the other way!

This then means you mentally fall off the wagon and decide to “start” again in September!  

But listen! Slimpod isn’t a diet, so an ice cream or a cocktail isn’t going to do you any harm. It’s the all-or-nothing mentality that does the harm!

People need to stop going on these cycles and it’s my mission to help you stabilise your eating habits so there’s not a constant cycle of yo-yo-ing!  

I also want to stop you feeling rubbish because you’ve “stopped” again.  No more self-sabotage or blaming yourself and your lack of willpower!

So I’ve put together a few tips to help you enjoy summer without worrying about weight gain. 

Summer puts you into a very different mindset. I actually call it a “summer diet trance state”!  In plain English, this means you’re out of routine and in a very different state of mind. 

The usual thing you say to yourself is:   “I’ll just put my weight loss on hold and enjoy myself for a few weeks. “

If you feel this is you, then please please wake up from the trance, because you don’t need to be saying that to yourself! 

You can actually still enjoy the summer and lose weight – it’s really just about being in the right mindset.  Here’s my advice:

TIP ONE:  Set yourself up for success!  Build little rewards into your life over the next four or five weeks and don’t let ice creams and cocktails etc become obstacles to your success. 

Summer derails lots of people just because they’ve had some ice cream. The trouble is, this is then a very useful excuse to eat more. 

The important thing to remember is that this is an automatic pattern of behaviour that’s been going on in the background of your life for quite a while – and I need you to be aware that it’s happening before you can do something about it.  

So if something like this is happening right now stop thinking it’s the end of the world – because it really isn’t.  Recognise it’s happening and just do something about it.  

TIP TWO:  Don’t panic about summer!  If you do, it will derail you. The panic is coming from previous years when you lost control and ate too much. 

That becomes a big disappointment.  But you don’t have to lose control.  Treat summer like any other time of year (apart from the fact you’ll be living life a bit more). 

Slimpod and Chillpod will help you stay in control if you stay calm!  Remember it’s the anxiety that derails you. 

TIP THREE:  If you’re going on a trip, rather than feeling bad and depriving yourself of the little holiday treats give yourself permission to have some. It’s truly not going to be the end of the world.

And when you give yourself the OK,  you change your mindset from throwing in the towel and struggling to being kind to yourself and honouring the time of year.

FINALLY: to help you with staying on track this summer,  we’re running a fun challenge in  Slimpod Club, our private FB group, which will help you to stay accountable. 

It’s there to help you stay on track  so each day you can post in the group.  Simply go to the Announcements at the top of the group and Lynn Haddrell gives you all the info there!  

I’ll be on our Slimpod for Weight Loss public page on FB tonight at 7.30 UK time (July 27) doing a deeper dive into how to avoid self-sabotage this summer – please join me then! 

Also please do say hello on Instagram – I love chatting to my Podders over there, too!

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    1. Hello Margaret, In the blog post there is a red link to the FB public page. Click on that at 7.30pm and you’ll be able to watch Sandra’s Live.

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