Get in shape – my super Summer Challenge kicks off today


MY super Summer Challenge starts today, Monday June 3! Get set for summer and boost your body positivity by taking part in my four-week challenge!

This could this be the push and focus you need to get into those smaller summer clothes. Take some action and max your motivation.

It’s all very simple (of course!) and free! Every Monday for the next four weeks I’ll post a blog which contains the tasks for the week.

The word challenge can sometimes be scary, so first of all I want to assure you that the next four weeks are going to be a hugely positive, enjoyable and motivational experience!

The only condition of joining in is that you stick with it!!  We’ll be doing our bit to help you with that part!


You’ll receive links to the next four blogs by email and you can take part in my Summer Challenge on your own at home or if you’re part of the private Slimpod Club on Facebook you can join in with the rest of the community and we’ll be doing some special motivational stuff in there too!

The Summer Challenge is all about having clarity about what you want to achieve and then focusing on the process which will get you there.  It’s about taking action and being accountable.

Now I know some people struggle a little with taking consistent action so I’ve found a very simple and effective way of holding you accountable and that will involve simply posting pictures or videos either beneath this blog or in Slimpod Club.

The weekly blog will obviously give you guidelines on the pictures to take – and don’t panic, they won’t be pix of yourself in your swimwear or anything (I know what kind of response I’d get to that request!!!).


However, the Summer Challenge is about body positivity and feeling good about yourself, because this is at the heart of our Slimpod system. Therefore, following the guidelines on these blogs are very important.

First week is about clarity and working out what you want to achieve by July 1. BE CLEAR and realistic about this! No wishy-washy goals please.

You must connect with your special goal in order to make it happen.

So many people worry about goal-setting because it sends them into a negative place.  But if negativity creeps in your very first task is to reframe the problem.

Look upon goals as a good thing because you need a direction in which to travel.  They’re also there to give you feedback if you don’t achieve them at first.

Use them as a positive tool to discover what needs to be done next if you don’t quite reach them.

Remember, goals are important but they shouldn’t be obstacles. Use them as something that will give you direction and feedback 

First week: Task one

Watch this video and create a four week goal-map. Post it either beneath this blog or in Slimpod Club.


First week: Task two

Post a picture of what you would like to be wearing in the Summer. I’m not saying you’ll be into this in four weeks, but this challenge will set you off in the right direction.

If you can’t manage to create a goal map – do task two. Or be really connected with your goal and do both!!

First week: Task three

Measure yourself – this can be done with a tape or better still with a ribbon (instructions are in the Gold programme – Level 3).

First week: Task four

Think of two small daily actions which will take you towards your goal. We’ll be discussing these in Slimpod Club during the next week.

Of course, you can buddy up in pairs or groups and start your own thread – it’s always fun doing this Summer challenge with others.

So let’s get some positive energy going! The idea is to keep listening to your Slimpod and stay engaged in the challenge for four weeks.

Next week’s task will be all about food. But you can start thinking about how you can make some changes with regard to food this week.

Have a think about what’s worked well in the past.

Is it when you’ve been following healthy recipes? Or eating plans?

What’s stopped you from being consistent in the past?

The answers to our problems are often inside our own minds – we just get a bit stuck sometimes!

We’ll be exploring all this next week and there will be some fun with prizes in Slimpod Club – so join up if you’re not already a member.

The Hashtag we’re using in Slimpod Club is #SummerChallenge.   Post your pics on Instagram too and add #SlimpodWeightLoss #WeightLossWithoutDieting #GetFitForSummer.

We’d love to connect up with you and support you on there too! 

Please let me know below if you’re taking part and let’s get cracking! Most of all ENJOY yourself!!

117 thoughts on “Get in shape – my super Summer Challenge kicks off today”

  1. Brilliant will definitely go for it, want to drop one dress size by September. I need the push, accountability and help.

    I am sure my buddy will be up for it as well

  2. Count me in! I go on holiday in just less than 4 weeks & this is just what I need to get focused 🙂

  3. Elizabeth campbell

    Need this as I’ve been a bit lax this past few weeks, using anything as an excuse to eat for Scotland.

  4. Annette walker

    Going away in the next four days so will not be able to join you but it looks fun and I wish you all well

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      You can still join in Annette! You’re only away for four days and all you have to do is create your goal this week! Go for it!

  5. Hi, this is definitely what I need. I am starting the Cotswold Way at the end of August with friends and the weight I have put on over the past year is causing me trouble with my knees. I can’t imagine walking 15 miles a day and not crippling myself so… my goal is to be back into my size 10 walking trousers and to be able to comfortably walk 10 miles. If both of those things happen then I will probably be around 10 stone something so this is my “Triple Ten” challenge!!

      1. Good point Sandra. Those targets are really for the end of August. So by the end of June I aim to be comfortably back in my size 12 walking trousers, comfortably walking 5 miles and be nearer 11 stone than 12.

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      Great. Nobody is asking you to take pics of yourself so that’s good then! The pics will be of the things you’re doing – like cooking great food etc!