Two positive strategies to keep you well and keep stress at bay

I’M not sure about you but I’m usually a glass half full person.  I’m Mrs Positivity and Optimism and can sometimes drive the people around me mad.  Especially my husband!

But I’ve not always been like that. I’ve had to work at it. But that’s something everyone has to do because our brains naturally incline towards being negative.

So in the current situation we’re all experiencing, we need to work even harder at this because there’s SO much negativity in our environment and it’s contributing to a ridiculous amount of stress and anxiety which in turn will begin to affect our immune system and wellness if we don’t take action.

We have to work on our mental health and actively do things to support it.

I’ve been working on this a lot with the folks in our Slimpod Club and I wanted to share some of these important strategies with you too.

I can’t emphasise enough how important this is right now to keep you well.  There’s also a freebie up for grabs so stay with me!

Here’s the two important things you must do…

Protect your mind from the constant onslaught of negative news

Whether that’s on TV, radio or social media.  You must inoculate yourself from it.  The constant drip drip of negativity will add to already high stress and anxiety levels.

Let yourself off the hook a bit with your weight

And I don’t mean eat for Britain.  I just mean so many people get obsessed with ‘I must be a size 12’ that it just adds so much stress to life.

We don’t need this extra stress right now.  Give yourself permission to be human.  Stop stressing about your size and how you wish you could be and focus on taking care of the person you are right now.

It may be that getting into three sizes smaller has been your goal for your entire adult life but now is time to focus just on being healthy by eating  and let yourself off the hook for the end goal.

But guess what!  This is a really good thing if you’re on our Slimpod programme because it will allow your subconscious to take control!

Because you’re not making a conscious effort, there will be no self-sabotaging, no limiting beliefs no anxiety and no stress! This is when most people succeed, when they literally let their body get on with it.

Next up! Routine and structure to your day

We’re creatures of habit.  We like routine.  And lack of routine and structure to our day is what’s causing added stress right now – and this is a real big one because routine really helps with the feeling of being in control and it reduces stress!

This in turn helps your immune system because as I mentioned before, stress puts an enormous amount of stress on the immune system and then you are more at risk of being sick.

Try Slimpod free for 10 days

I mentioned earlier in my blog that I had a freebie for you.  Well, Trevor Silvester, the voice you hear on the Slimpod, has created a fabulous download which helps to give you inner strength therefore helps you avoid the negative effects of stress.

Our Slimpod Club community were the first to get this on Wednesday and this was one of the comments:

“Thanks Trevor!  I now feel surrounded by a golden light not unlike the Ready Brek glow, calmer and able to face the day.  If you haven’t listened to it I heartily recommend it.”

Here’s the link and enjoy!

Now you have some wellness strategies and a free download  – what’s the one (or two) things you can do over the next seven days which will help you get back to a routine and make you feel proud?  Let me know below!

28 thoughts on “Two positive strategies to keep you well and keep stress at bay”

  1. Hi Sandra, meal prep, know what you plan on eating, using the food in the house so there’s no waste, make it tasty with herbs, and tune in to the live fb hour on Wednesday x

  2. Lorraine Symons

    Hi is there a way I can download this to my I pod where I listen to the iPod library many thanks Lorraine

  3. Sheryl Whiston

    Next week I will be making a more concerted effort to move and exercise more.
    I’m also going to adhere to a strict demarcation between work and home zones. I’m WFH and have been allowing work to encroach into the house. Today I was stricter with myself and it really helped.
    Trevor’s download was fab too x

  4. Thanks for the freebie it really helps. I am just concentrating on staying home and getting some jobs done I’ve been meaning to do for a while. My husband is 83 and a diabetic so we are being extra careful.

  5. Firstly, thank you so much! I’m going to set aside time to listen to the immunity shield booster every day.

  6. Struggling with tiredness as I’m still working and a tendency to snack prior to dinner especially if I’ve worked an early shift. I’ve noticed a few changes the last couple of days but maybe I’m not being realistic the last twelve years of comfort eating are not going to disappear overnight. Thanks Kathleen

  7. I love this one…so timely for us all..l’m writing from Canada–we’re all. stressing out, keeping our distance and hoping to stay safe…united in staying apart.
    Thanks for a calming tool to add to my arsenal of protection—MUCH appreciated.

  8. Maureen Robertson

    Thank you so much for this. I am 71 and in the scary age range. I will find this so useful. Thank you for being there for so many people. Be safe.

  9. Thanks Sandra. These are trying times but I am managing with exercise and walking my dog. I have lost some weight, which I am pleased about, and will plod on. Onwards and upwards.

  10. Such an inspiring blog and actually cheered me up at this time, thank you Sandra for sharing Trevor’s blog.
    Only just seen this as was in my spam but better late than never.

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