See how Slimpod has put a magic sparkle back into Pip’s life

KNOW why I’ve got the best job in the world? Because I’m constantly meeting people with happy smiles on their faces whose Slimpod stories fill my heart with joy. One such lady is Pip, who’s from Wales.

She emailed me because in just four months, her Slimpod has made an amazing transformation to her relationship with food and exercise.

So I just had to video a chat with her which I’m sharing here today.

“Slimpod has changed everything,” she told me. “For 35 years I’ve been abusing my body with bad food…but now I’m really liberated.

“I exercise because I want to, not to burn off calories because I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t.

“There’s no shame attached to eating anything I fancy now.”

Isn’t that so very uplifting and inspiring!

Click below to watch the video…

Slimpod review

Pip said she has changed her mindset and her habits. “I’m feeling so much healthier,” she said with a smile. “Without Slimpod I’d be really miserable and a lot bigger.”

One of the best moments for Pip was when a good friend told her how noticeable her weight loss is – and added: “You’ve got some kind of sparkle that I haven’t seen in you before.”

That’s the magic of the Slimpod programme!

How has it changed your way of thinking and eating? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

I love reading them all and I know others find them super-helpful.

If you’re not a Slimpodder yet, you can try it free for 10 days by clicking here

4 thoughts on “See how Slimpod has put a magic sparkle back into Pip’s life”

  1. Thankyou Sandra for helping me with the Slimpod
    It’s a lot easier than any diet l have tried and failed at
    slow but sure I am seeing a difference many thanks

  2. Jane Thatcher

    I am only just starting week 4 but have already noticed my relationship with food has changed. I hardly eat bread or biscuits anymore (still like the other naughty stuff) but give it time and I’m sure that will change too. Looking forward to the future x

  3. Karen H Marsden

    I am really Struggling mind wise… I do think there are positives I dont really snack… I’m cutting sugar loads and not really thinking about it… so all good.. but I look exactly the same …
    I’ve weighed twice in the last few weeks and once said 2 on the next 3 off…. but I feel bigger…. I am working from home and I have a very stressful job with the police seeing difficult things…. but that’s my normal… not working from home but the work I do…..
    I get Married in 7 months (hopefully) and it’s really important I feel good about myself…. which I really do not….
    Am I just being Grumpy…. Pip was Sooooo together and looking good. Selfishly that’s what or where I’d like to be.

  4. Thank you to Pip for sharing such an inspiring story, and to you Sandra for sending it to us. I am an emotional eater due to childhood abuse, but this gives me so much hope and comfort.

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