Slimpod working with the NHS: My dream’s come true

I’m VERY PROUD to share the following news about Slimpod working with the NHS! Many of you will be aware that last June we started a big trial with the NHS Tameside and Glossop Hospital Trust (that’s me pictured with Angela, one of our NHS success stories).  I’m delighted to say that as a direct result of the success of the trial, the Chief Exec Karen, has decided to improve the health and wellbeing of her staff by radically changing the food environment at the hospital.

She’s starting by providing healthier food and removing sugary food and drinks from the restaurant. She will be the FIRST hospital Chief Exec in the UK to do this and I’m SO PROUD to be directly involved.

I’m telling you all this now, because today this fabulous story about Slimpod working with the NHS  is in the news and on Good Morning Britain. I’ve seen coverage around the world online!

Listen to my live interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC radio this morning:

On the back of this I’m using my position on the All Party Parliamentary Group for Obesity and the National Obesity Forum to start a national campaign urging all hospitals in the UK to improve the health and well-being of their staff by following Karen’s lead!


Slimpod working with the NHS: The success stats

Here’s the remarkable results achieved with Slimpod working with the NHS in Tameside:

  • 87% of participants lost weight while listening to the Slimpod over the 3 month project.
  • 90% reported behavioural change and said that they had reduced snacking – most of those have lost interest in sugar completely.
  • The seven case studies who have agreed to talk about their experiences in public have actually lost 206 lbs between them in six months.
  • At least three quarters of participants have carried on with the Slimpod after the initial three months as they say it is an easy way to take control and lose weight.



Here is a pic of Karen, Slimpod star Sammie Axton and myself when we started the trial last summer.

Thought I’d also introduce you to Angela, who’s the Head of Service Transformation at Tameside Hospital. She’s one of our Slimpod stars at the hospital and has dropped FIVE sizes from her waist and is about to come off diabetes medication.

This is Angela’s story about Slimpod working with the NHS:

My motivation to join the Slimpod trial was to get my health back on track. I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2013,  a hereditary problem in the family. It was out of control and making me tired and miserable. That would make me inclined to reach for a sweet snack, which is the last thing I should have been doing.

“The first changes I noticed were small ones…I stopped taking the lift and started to use the stairs, I stopped snacking…I cut down on the portions…I wanted to exercise more! I didn’t originally weigh myself so I’ve done it by dress size. It’s been amazing. Over five months I’ve dropped FIVE sizes in trousers  and two sizes in tops.

“My family and friends can’t believe the transformation. I’ve joined an exercise class every Wednesday, I’m so much happier and I have more confidence. Best of all my blood sugar levels are so low now my doctor says he will consider taking me off the medication by February. I know the weight will stay off because my lifestyle has changed.”

Slimpod working with the NHS has been my dream for eight years and I thought I’d share my excitement with you. ?

32 thoughts on “Slimpod working with the NHS: My dream’s come true”

  1. Angela looks amazing, I’ve just started and am feeling and reading things like this helps me to believe in myself and be positive. Thank you

  2. Fantastic news for Slimpod but also what a brilliant Chief Exec for the NHS, dealing with the cause and not just the effect.

  3. Christine Minnock

    Congratulations, after my own experience with Slimpod I have never stopped recommending it to anyone who will listen.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant, finally a painless, healthy, sustainable way to lose weight and no deprivation, love slim pods

  5. Catherine Hamilton

    Congratulations this is a great achievement and will give us all a great lift and encourage us to stick with it. I was sceptical at first but I am more confident now as I have lost a little weight, slowly, but it has stayed off. I have confidence that I will get there in the end.

  6. I think that it is great. You have to persevere but if you do you will lose weight. My weight loss has been very slow but I have lost a stone and I am back on board to lose more.

  7. That’s Amazing Sandra, fantastic news. So happy that it’s being recognised. Well Done for all the hard work. Congratulations. Yay!

  8. Congratulations Sandra, your belief in your work is finally finding it’s deserved acclaim. For myself I say, “thank you”??

  9. These are small but significant wins – are you ready and able to roll this approach out to a much wider audience across the NHS nationally? Potentially Slimpod could significantly contribute to the fight against obesity and diabetes, and make a real contribution to saving our NHS – so is Slimpod a crusade or a business? Or can the two go hand in hand?

    1. Sandra Roycroft-Davis

      Thanks Vivienne. I’m sure it can help to reverse the obesity crisis and that is the mission! I also believe my passion for making a difference can be combined very successfully with my business – that’s how so many successful businesses develop – because there’s a big ‘why’ at the heart of it.

      1. Great – that is what I want to hear! I really look forward to seeing the NHS taking a more innovative approach to addressing one of the most serious threats to both the nations health, and to the future viability of the NHS itself.

  10. The most fantastic news and brilliant for you Sandra, if the NHS can use this for patients to reduce weight and combat all sorts of obesity illnesses. I told my GP about this, and I have also lost a stone. What can I say other than thank you for giving me the opportunity to try a programme that actually works

  11. This is only common sense..very good common sense.
    Great leadership in health…How Slimpods will become Super Slimpods!

  12. Well done Angela, I, am going to get back on it, gave up to easy last time x glad to see people you know from the hospital, keep up the good work x

  13. I started Slim pod with some scepticism. But I was so wrong. This is good, & best of all, it’s not difficult! Sandra’ s e mails & short videos are incredibly supportive.

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